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3 3573 00050 


RavnhamP J* 

Raynham, W/ w 

» M iW * *" 




J'Jitf'Sl' - 


Bridgezva ter-^aynham 

"KegionaL 'High Schoot 

166 Mount (Prospect Street 

'Bridgezuater 9&A 02324 

(508) 697-6902 


As our high school years come to an end, we 
realize how precious this time has been. When we 
came to B-R as freshmen, we brought with us a fear 
of the unknown. However, we soon lost our appre- 
hensions as we grew together-- two neighboring 
towns joined into one circle of friends. 

We will always remember the donkey ball games 
that made us laugh, the losses that made us cry, and 
the words of our teachers that made us think and 
learn. Above all, the friendships we've shared will 
connect us through the years. We have confidence 
that the education and values we have learned at B- 
R will enable us to face the world's challenges 
successfully. Even though we won't see each other 
in the halls, cheer together at games, or applaud our 
talented actors on the stage, for the rest of our lives, 
B-R will always be close to our hearts. 





1. Marine Biology students look forward to a close encounter 
with a humpback whale. 

2. It's always fun to get together for girl talk and gossip. 

3. Lunch time, the perfect opportunity to socialize, brings 
Deirdre Greaves, Manny Barrows, Cedric Josey, Shawn Seal, 
Elika Wiggins, Benita Kuykendall, Melanie Correia and Alana 
Pellechia together to share the news of the day. 

4. Making a clean sweep, Kenny Lomba, Bryan Stanley, Tim 
Pauline, and Greg Adams plan to scour the beach of debris. 

5. Remember sharing the fun of field day when we played 
kickball, ran relay races and threw water balloons at each 

6. The bonds of friendship are strong, as Jenn Phaneuf and 
Julie Noyes can attest. 

7. Having some karate fun, Cheryl Silva, Tammy David, Jen 
Courcy, Meg Conner, Janel McGrath, Jen Almeida, Torrie 
Badger, and Sarah Pohl practice the fine art of self defense. 

Through the years 

8. Enthusiasm for school develops early, as 
these second graders, gathering together to 
rehearse for their school play, clearly show. 

9. Remember the fun of looking forward to the 
Easter Bunny's bringing his special treats? 

10. Changing identities on Halloween never 
loses its charm as Minnie Mouse (Lori Gaskill) 
and the cheerleader (Jenny Wilson) prove. 

11. Snapping picture preserves our happiest 

1 2. For Lindy Ciliberto, Becky Cruckshank and 
Jen Jones, friendship grows through the years. 

1 3. Benita Kuykendall asks if she can take Ms. 
Shadley's picture for the yearbook. 

1 4. Students celebrate the end of middle school 
and anticipate the excitement of high school. 

T» wcr-— r — 

Students experience a wide variety of oppor- 
tunities at B-R. Academics stimulate the mind 
in the classroom. Field trips help students 
explore the connection between what they 
study in class and how it applies to the world 
around them. After school, students discover 
the pleasures of athletic competition. They 
develop their love for music in the band and 
chorus or star in drama. Students sing in the 
school musical or design sets. For those who 
love science and math, the Math Team, Sci- 
ence Olympiad, and TJ 2 provide opportunities 
for competion. Through the years, students 
discover a wide range of possibilities at B-R. 

4 5 

1. "The Benigni kids!" 

2. Chicken nugget day rules 

3. Mike Sullivan plans to defy gravity with his electric plane. 

4. Drawing precisely, Brett Nowlin labors over his drafting 

5. Katie Powers helps Jim Kirkcaldy research his English 

6. "Hey, Sarah, look out!" warns her teammate. 

7. Ms. Robbins is pleased with Jessica Rodgers progress in 
Word Processing. 

8. Laura Churchill, Bob Sharland, Katie Ellis, Peter Dinapoli, 
Nikki Mazenkas, Ashleigh Fischer, and Courtney Keane color 
a temperature inversion poster. 



Student Life 

9. Cathy Otto shies away from the camera. 

10. Chris Murray concentrates on using his 
compass accurately. 

11. Corrina Collin waits to have her student 
portrait taken. 

12. Eric Rich and Sean Lennon set sail in 
search of Moby Dick. 

13. Jen Courcy colors posters for SADD. 

14. "Lunch is our favorite subject!" agree 
Christina Tatro, Liz Thompson, Diana Tatro, 

14 Dan Smith, and Michelle Dempsey. 

friends, but through the years we've 
laughed and cried together. We remem- 
ber surviving childhood calamities like 
chicken pox and injuries from falls. We 
groan when we remember how we loved 
the New Kids on the Block, as we share 
our new enthusiasm for Oasis and Pearl 
Jam. We've laughed all night at sleep 
overs and tried to avoid sunburns at the 
beach. Whether working together or 
playing together we've developed friend- 
ships that will last through the years. 

1. Nathaniel Sesin, Bill Prince and Dave Lacerda enjoy some 
laughs after the prom. 

2. Erica Jaspon and Lauren Maltby celebrate the end of the 
school week. 

3. Lauren Maltby, Sarah Gonyea, Katie Tarentino, Elaine 
Sullivan and Katie O'Brien eagerly await the start of the 

4. Josh Cabral and Keith Gironda boogie down at the Junior 

5. Moe, Larry, and Curly, AKA, Alex Karahalis, Gerry Auger 
and Brad Pilling peer out at the audience. 

6. Ready for their field trip, Matt Toksen, Neil Roza, Brian 
Maclay, Mike Johnson, Dan Caple and Adam McGovern 
prepare for adventure. 

7. In a show of strength, Joe Lomba, Doug Bessette, Alex 
Domingos and Brian Fahey give new meaning to lifting Abe 
Bascon's spirits. 



8. Set for Halloween hijinks, Christine Smith, Elaine 
Guasconi, Christine Lavin and Andrea Estes yell. 
"Trick or treat!" 

9 Through the years, Becky Cruckshank, Jess 
Tracy and Jen Schleicher have remained friends. 

10. Jen Flannery, Michelle Holmes, and Candace 
Croteau work on their friend's election campaign. 

1 1 . Katelyn Driscoll and Amy Fisher swing into view. 

12. Brenda Zakrzewski and Rita Marcinkiewicz 
flash their perfect^miles. 

13. Ray Martineati and Dave Fortune share a 
moment at the prom. 

14. We're feelin' groovy at the Retro Dance. 


•-*. 71V* I 

The core of our days at B-R is spent learning. 
We learn about slopes in Geometry, and sines 
and cosines in Trig. We study the periodic 
tables in Chemistry, and the world around us 
in Earth Science. Social Studies shows us 
how we relate to each other as individuals and 
as citizens of the world; and Foreign Lan- 
guage classes teach us to say "Hola, mis 
amigos!" Our English classes help us to 
understand the beauty and power of our own 
language. Business, Home Ec. and I .A. pre- 
pare us for the practical side of our future; Art 
and Music help us find our creative side. Even 
after we leave B-R, learning will continue 
through the years. 



4 5 

1 . "Wow, what a great surprise ending!" comments Mark Pero 
about a story written by Vicki Mordas and Jen Griffith. 

2. Tracy Haynes and Jen Stack check the list for the faculty 
pages . 

3. Katie Barber and Kate Delgado learn to do research on the 

4. In World History, the class discovers facts about ancient 


5. Melissa Hetherington reminds Renee Carrthat precision is 
the key in chemistry lab. 

6. Deidre Greaves points out an assignment to Nick Barnes, 
and Chris Conroy in Word Processing. 

7. Mrs. Smith instructs Nicole Nihan and Adriana Carnali how 
to hem. 

8. Fingers fly on their calculators as Ryan Derosier, Chris 
Daniels, Tim Lawton, and Mark Porell work in Chemistry. 



9. Joe Wenson and Mike Johnson stroll to 

10. On her way to success, Kelly Buczek 
labors on her vocabulary test. 

11. Mimi Takeno shows off her abstract hu- 
man form to Danielle Lally. 

12. Giving our planet color are Stephanie 
Knight, Meghan Lynch. Katie Parlow, Mary 
Berube, and John Daly. 

13. Sarah Kowalewski experiments in clay. 

1 4. Nick Yafrate maintains complete concen- 

Special Moments can be found every- 
where at B-R, at lunch, in class, and even 
just passing in the halls. Whether study- 
ing together or playing on teams to- 
gether, these are our good times. 
Through the years, we celebrate at 
proms and semi-formals, we giggle at 
our after school get-togethers, and we 
hang out at the mall. Even those quiet 
moments we spend with our friends just 
exchanging news create unique memo- 
ries. These shared experiences will be 
the highlights of our time at B-R. 


1. Daniel Lally paints her own magic kingdom. 

2. ' Look at us! Don't we look beautiful" . exclaim 
Michelle Marshall and Kristin Halay at the Junior 

3. Alex Domenico and Gerry Auger share an 
uplifting experience, as Chris Lindberg looks on. 

4. Working together. Jill Shapley and Shelia Tho- 
mas measure grams in Chemistry for their lab 

5. Lunch is our favorite part of the day" agree 
Rebeckah Sergi. Heather Connoly. Melissa Li- 
ncoln and Laura Churchill. 


Special Moments 


6. At the fireworks, Andrea Estes and April 
Wright can't wait for the show to begin. 

7. Meghan Callaghan, Julia Marcenkiewiz, 
and Laurie Urvinelei share a group hug be- 
tween classes. 

8. Abe Baskin and Jovon Jones party the night 
away at the Junior Prom. 

9. At the end of the day, Chris Marvel, Alana 
Pellecchia, Brian Marvel, and Elika Wiggins 
hang out in the hall. 

10. Rich Farnham, Greg Lusky, and Laura 
Scarlet determine the mass of bubble gum. 


Sports play an important role in our lives. 
Through the years we've gone from T Ball to 
youth soccer and Pop Warner football, and 
enjoyed the thrill of competition. Finally in 
high school we've developed pride in our 
ability to compete with the very best teams. 
We've earned respect for our own outstanding 
performances in athletics. We've learned that 
winning or losing is less important than doing 
our best and playing for the love of our sport. 
We see the value of hard work and developed 
self-respect as we perfected our skills. We will 
always share in the pride of Trojan power. 

r " 



1 \ 



1 . Mike Johnson and Adam King congratulate Shaun Sullvan 
for scoring a winning run. 

2. The pitch is thrown, and Amy Innocenzi bunts to bring the 
runner in. 

3. Jen Schleicher, Allyson Machado and Allison Innocenzi 
meet for a high five after a great play. 

4. Tim Pigeon and Franklin Furr give their all in the final sprint 
to the finish. 

5. With her power forehand, Tamsin Zimbone returns the 

6. David Ozug shows off his chip shot. 

7. Cheryl Cote and Kim Anderson warm up with a practice run 
before the meet. 



8. Captains Tim Pauline and Mark Nixon with 
Coach Buron look forward to victory. 

9. Elaine Sullivan blocks another shot. 

1 0. Ryan Casey steps into the ball with a back 
hand swing. 

11. Going for the big kick, Brad Piling keeps 
his eye on the ball. 

12. B-R's Field Hockey family is a tight knit 

13. Melissa Cuellar leaps for success. 

14. And they're off! 




campaigns. The Unitas, the Regional Sound, 
and other special publications give students 
the chance to learn communication skills as 
well as see their names in print. Color Guard 
and cheerleaders give energy and color to our 
games. Drama and Rainwater Players enter- 
tain us. Student Council, SADD, Future 
Teachers of America, the Diversity Group, 
and World Affairs Club, and Foreign Lan- 
guage Club help us to look at social issues and 
learn from each other. Ski Club has us flying 
down trails and falling over moguls with 
friends. Through the years, B-R students are 
never at a loss for their creative outlets. 

1. Hope Springer, Kristen Long, Jen Jones, 
Nicole Chouinard, Sarah Clapp, Tara 
Gannon, AH Correia, and Elise Ohrenburger 
are "just chillin'" on a ski club trip. 

2. Energetic supporters of our athletic teams 
are cheerleaders Nichole Chouinard and Me- 
lissa Weatherby. 

3. The class of 1998 gives encouragement to 
toss those Tigers! 

4. In support of US First, Candice Croteau, Jen 
Flannery and Michele Holmes vend chocolate 
for big bucks at Parents' Night. 

5. Jen Myers and' Reggie Miles scour old 
yearbooks in search of caption ideas. 



Through the years, our lives have been touched by many 
special people. One in particular has influenced many 
students both inside and outside the classroom. The Class 
of 1998 is pleased to dedicate this year's Unitas to Mr. 
Edward Porter. Mr. Porter is known for his dedication to 
students and his support of students. Mr. Porter is famous for 
his dry sense of humor. One of his students describes him as, 
"A cool guy." 

Mr. Porter's enthusiasm for math has inspired and enriched 
his students' lives. In addition he teaches the computer 
course in the Math Department, preparing B-R students for 
the twenty first century. He encourages his students' efforts 
to learn. His effect on his students lives is immeasurable. 


Mr. Porter explains out the mysteries of the 
computer to his student 

As Jeff Oman listens attentively, Mr. Porter reviews the lesson. 

!A 'Tribute 

tfter eighteen years of public service to Bridgewater and 
teynham students, Mr. Arthur N. Wyman is retiring from the 
chool committee. He has long been known as a dedicated 

Iind enthusiastic supporter of students and education, 
te a school committee member, Mr Wyman worked behind 
| le scenes to improve education for B-R students. An astute 
businessman, Mr. Wyman's fiscal and management skills 
•enefited many students. In recognition of his hard work, he 
\/as selected to serve on the prestigious honorary State 
>chool Committee. Mr. Wyman also participated in other 
ireas of B-R life. 

ie served on the Athletic Advisory Committee and was active 
i the Interscholastic Wrestling Association. In addition, he 
yas a strong supporter of the World Affairs Club, serving for 
nany years as auctioneer at the WAC's annual fund raiser, 
l/lr. Wyman's fairness, intelligence, warmth and good humor 
«/ill be missed by all who knew and respected him. While we 
ire sorry to say good bye to such a distinguished man, we wish 
fim long years of health and happiness in retirement. 

Mr. Arthur N. Wyman displays 
his skill as auctioneer. 



Through the years our teachers have 
opened our minds to different perspec- 
tives of the world. They have inspired 
us, while challenging us to learn. 

1. In Junior English, Ms. Burton ob- 
serves Brian Maher and Matt Haggerty 
discuss the colonial poet Anne 

2. Ms. McGuire checks out the faculty 
picture list for Ray Perkins. 

3. Mr. Hyman looks on as Mike Gillis 
finishes his test. 

4. Mrs. White and Mrs. Steeves look 
forward to working on this year's musi- 

5. Mr. Casabian asks Mr. Peabody, "Do 
you have the key to the boys' room?" 

6. During hall duty, Ms. Dumas checks 
Katie O'Brien's pass. 

7. Rachel Carter, Jon Laubinger, Mark Whitman, Keith Ledin, 
and Mr. Cox hang out together in the hall. 

8. "Did you grow another two inches last night? " asks Ms. 
Swann of Chris Murray. 

9. The three witches of the office (Ms. Perron, Ms. O'Neil, and 
Ms. Peddie) wait for Macbeth to arrive late. 

10. Mr. Morrison and Mr. Cheverfils are proud of their award 
winning TJ 2 . 

11. Mr. Phaneuf helps Becky Aldin and Paul Levasseur wtih 
their latest art projects. 



Mr. Robert Mclntyre 

Mr. Alan Peabody 

Ms. Carol Adams 

Ms. Alice Akins 

Ms. Patricia Anania 

Mr. William R. Barber 


Ms. Mary Benign 

J 4* 






Mr. Maurice Botelho 

Mr. Michael Botelho 

Ms. Bette Bridges 

Ms. Cathy Brogna 



Mr. Robert Brogna 

Dr. Linda Brouillette Ms. Joanne Brown 

Ms. Shirley Brown 

Ms. Elizebeth Calef Ms. Diane Callahan 

Mr. Phillip Capen 


Mr. Ed Casabian 

Ms. Joan Casabian Ms. Lorraine Castro Ms. Yvonne Chadwick Mr. Roland Chevrefils 

Ms. Patricia Childs Dr. David Chuckran 

Mr. Frank Clasby 

Mr. George Cleary 


Mr. Paul Conroy 

Mr. Alan Coughlin 

Mr. Daniel Cox 

Mr. William Crane 


Mr. Gerald Cunniff 

Mr. John Dillon 

Mr. Alan Cushing 


mm m 


1 V *** 



^ WF* 

Mr. Scott Dolan 

Ms. Evelyn Ferioili 

Ms. Carmela Ferioli 

Ms. Patricia Foster 

Mr. John Fournier 

Mr. Larry Fisher 

Ms. Suzelle Fisher 

Mr. Neil Frank 

Ms. Leanne Gannon 

Ms. Kathleen Cribben 

Mr. Emiliano Diaz 

Ms. Jean Farry 

Mr. Paul Folan 


Ms. Marcia Gill-Bass 

1. Ms. Swann watches Becky 
Briggs practice sine curves in 

2. During Spanish, Ms. O'Brian 
smiles with Carol Race. 

3. Ms. Gill-Bass discusses col- 
leges with seniors Erica Jaspon 
and Stacy Bullock. 

4. Starting an in class activity, 
Ms. Botelho hands Erika Findlay 
a compass and protractor. 

5. Mr. Folan watches carefully 
as Nicole Grosso and David 
Noone calculate densities. 


Ms. Louise Home 

Ms. Linda Martin 


Mr. Ralph Goslin Ms. Diane Guilbault Mr. James Harrington Mr. Stanford Holmes 

Mr. Gary Hyman 

Mr. James Jackson Ms. Kim Jenkins 

Ms. Lorna Kane Ms. Susan Kaszanek Mr. John Kearney 

Ms. Jennifer Kelly 

Mr. Tom McDavitt Ms. Diane McGuire Ms. Melanie Morgan 

Ms. Donna Holt 

Mr. Mark Jones 

Ms. Nora Mantell 



Mr. Glenn Morrison 

1. The class waits in anticipation as 
Mr. Moscardelli takes attendance. 

2. Checking balanced equations, 
Mrs. O'Donoghue looks over 
Meghan O'Brien's work. 

3. In the library, Mrs. Guilbault 
shows Zack McGovern how to cre- 
ate a spreadsheet. 

4. "Espahol es muy divertido!" ex- 
claim Katie Powers , Mrs. Holt. Mrs. 
O'Brien and Lori Doris. 

5. Mr. Brogna teaches History to 
Jeffery Jackson-Lonergan. 


Mr. Paul Moscardelli Ms. Mary-Ann Mozzone Ms. Barbara Murdoch Ms. Barbara Norman 

Mr. Kevin Pare 

Ms. Mary Perry 

Ms. Laura O'Brien Ms. Sheryl O'Donoghue Ms. Helene O'Neil 

Ms. Wendy Oliver 

Ms. Dolores Paterna 

Mr. David Pavao 

Ms. Barbara Peddie 

Mr. Jack Phaneuf 

Mr. Edward Porter 

Mr. John Powers 

Ms. Debbie Robbins 

Mr. Anthony Roza Mr. Steven Sarantopoulos Ms. Mary Ellen Sargent 


Mr. Thomas Nyhan 

Mr. George Pacheco 

Ms. Dale Perron 

Ms. Sally Reid 


Ms. Diane Scheffler 


1. Ms. Burton ssuggests possible 
research sources for Erin Fitzgerald 
to check for her medieval term paper. 

2. The students of Mr. Roza's P.O.D. 
class listen intently. 

3. "What is the rhyme scheme of this 
sonnet?" Ms. McGuire asks Jess 
Campbell in Senior English. 

4. Enthusiastic students gather 
around Mr. Chevrefil for an electrify- 
ing demonstration. 

5..BR's "most wanted" secretary 
poses for her mug shot. 


Ms. Linda Shadley 

Ms. Brenda Shepard 

Ms. Mary Ann Silva 

Ms. Janet Smith 


Ms. Joanne Smith 

Ms. Priscilla Smith 

Ms. Kathleen Swann 

Mr. Richard Stanton Ms. Jane Svelnis 

Ms. Judy Sylvia 

Mr. Paul Urban 

Mr. Nicholas Vardack 

Ms. Lisa White 

Ms. Natalie Winsor 

Jamie Fleck, Cedric Josey, and Brian Buiel 
proudly pose with their mentor Mr. deCastro. 







- 7 

1. Trying to identify with characters 
who've lost limbs, Jim Kirkcaldy subjects 
himself to the power of "The Blade" 
wielded by Ms. McGuire, as the Honors 
class looks on. 

2. "Great Work!" Ms. Shepard observes, 
as she checks Rene Fay's classwork. 

3. In the holiday spirit, Ms. Martin and her 
Jack o' Lantern beam a Happy Halloween 
to all. 

4. Ms. Dooley goes over the Work Study 
schedule with Tara Gannon 

5. The cafeteria workers pose for a pic- 

6. Mr. Morrison hammers home his point. 

7. As Ms. Brown looks on, Dawn Estano 
puts the finishing touches on her painting. 



After leaving our separate junior highs, we as 
freshmen were quickly forced to blend into one 
group ... one class... the Class of 1998. During 
these past four years, years adults deem "the 
best and worst times of your life." each of us 
has undergone a major transformation, Noone 
is leaving BR as the exact same person who 
entered. How could we? We shared and 
experienced too much: making and losing 
friends; getting drivers' licenses; finding that 
first job; having and breaking up with that first 
boy or girl friend; hearing the unforgettable roar 
of the BR crowd in the stands or on the field; and 
being inspired by some of the most remarkable 
teachers. But now it is time to say good bye. 
Through the years these memories of BR will 
never be forgotten. 

1. Michelle Marshall is "Queen for a Day" in 

2. A trip down memory lane, takes Richie 
McLaren, Dan Caple, Mike Johnson 

andAdamMcGovern back to elementary school recess. 

3. Friends Andy Folmar and Kim Anderson share a laugh in Spanish class. 

4. Mr. De Castro and "the Boys" take time out during lunch. 

5. "Is there something wrong with this rewrite?" asks Megan Donovan. 

6. Wearing proper safety equipment, Jarred Aranda carefully maneuvers 
his jigsaw. 

7. Erin Pierson puts the finishing touches on her art project. 

8. Bob Buckley gets kicked out of English again? 

9. This gang of Raynham eighth graders celebrates their graduation in 

10. Nate Sesin is all set to take off at the sound of the bell. 

11. Lauren Dowd and Lindy Ciliberto crop pictures for the yearbook. 








Jennifer Almeida 
•Jenny May" 
444 Orchard Street (R) 
FH 1.3 + 4:CL1-4: SB 2-4: 
LM.s 2-4: S.G.'s 2-4: GT @ 
GW + the Cabin: GT + GF. 
J.M.. E.S.. S.G.. S.P.. CM. 
Wait! J + A. Alfred's mine 
Pizza @ 2 am.: S.P.. Aug. 2 
Swim w/ S.G.: Halloween @ 
K.C.: Jr. Prom w/S.H.; Traffic: 
2 Bad: A.L + J.M. Cat? E.S. 
Seinfeld days: TY, ILY. Mom 
+ Dad: GL Eric + J.P. 

Lori Atkins 
87 Flagg Street (B) 
GT w/ GF: you know who you 
are. CM.. BF: Feb vacation: 
Who's a girl? B.B.. I will never 
forget you; GT @ 160: NYE 
Soph. yr.. Aftershock: Cook- 
ies! Buffetw/ J.C: GTw, E.D.. 
TY: Hug a tree: Florida w/ 
B.B.: L.C.. -W: S.L, my other 
1 2: B.M.. My bud: Apr. vaca- 
tion w/ S.L. + T: Goodby 5: 
S.B.. Beach: GL S.M.. LA.. 
J.B.. Mom. + Dad. ILY, TY. 


Nabiha Khan Abid 

"Biyo or Nabobano" 
62 Union Street (B) 

NHS 3-4; GT + GF w/ K.H., 
J.M.. J.C. U.M., K.S., A.S. 
Z.O.. M.M.; Singing in the 
Garden; Party; Hangin out w/ 
Snappy Crew; Success is 
counted Sweetest by those 
who never Succeed. - 
Dickinson: Dream Guys; 
A.K.: I.K.; Whatever; Kabhi 
Kabhi? Friendlys; ILY. Mom, 
Pops. Zee, Ta. and Kid. 

Jarred Aranda 


33 Nicholas Road (R) 

Wr 2-4; Fb 1 -2; Bkb 1 : Pump- 
ing iron w/ Mr. Lennon 1-4; 
GT @ the range + @ the 
beach; GT w/ the group + all 
close friends especially B.S. 
+ D.O.; Too much fun @ 
Fleck's; 10/31/97; It's insane: 
A.P.'s summer '97; Too many 
GT to list @ B-R 1-4; TY, 
Mom, Dad, Rachel, Joe, + all 
family and friends; ILY all! 

Kimberly Lai Anderson 
472 Conant Street (B) 

CC1-4, Capt 4; Wtr 2-4 + Str 
Clear! Joe, Think we can make 
it? M.D.: M.P.S.. want some? 
A.F., I hate Scream! K + J's 
Ex. Adv.; Nuthatch '97; C.C. 
all by herself; L.K. Ruby Tues.; 
GW '97; Jingle Bells Run 3+4; 
M.V. '96oink! Batman; Boyds, 
goats, + monkeys; ILY. Mom 
+ Dad; GL, Hoover! 

Gerald Auger 

341 South Main Street (R) 

Wr 1-3; A.K.. Team Texaco. Jet 
Moto + Tekken:Tailgating @ B-R 
Fb; Skating w/ Luke. Steve + John; 
Warp tour w/ bro.: 280Z! 
R.B..Kabuki Honey. ILY 11/22/ 
95: Roseland; Canada Trip; 
Pididle: Nauticals; Jr. Miss; Kemo 
+ Brutus; Mwow; Swurl; Star 
Wars: Dunks; "Humorbrings hap- 
piness." Thanks, Dad + Fam, 

Gregory R. Adams 

73 Center Street (R) 

Golf 2-4, Capt.; Mu 3-4; Dunks 
2-4: Buffett w/ Bren + Greek 
311 w/Hi-Ho; Nine @ Bren's: 
Impressions: Thanks tc 
Chuck; The Lady. Kathy; GL 
Tara, ILY; Phish w/ Alex; Jay 
Gov, Tara: J.R. + Me @ 
Jess's: GT w/ Alex - Where's 
my face. E's: Mike @ Furthur: 
Great Went; Mom + Dad, ILY; 
GL, J + D. Set the Gearshift. 

Allison Asacker 
308 Bridge Street (R) 

Richard M. Benoit 


506 Vernon Street (B) 

_Y, Jenny always + forever, 

M., K.B., N.S., + everyone 
Ise; 71 Torino; Star Speed- 
way; 79 street stock Nova; 
ield bombing; Florida on the 
each! Bourne; Thanks, Mom 

Dad, I finally made it! Good 
jck, Renee; See ya! 

Juliana E. Bacon 

"Hulia - Goddess of War" 

PO Box 302 (B) 

Band 1-4, Drum Major 3+4; 
FTA 3+4; YB 4; Mu 2-4; GT + 
GF: M.R., N.C., C.G., B.C., 
D.R.,J.M., + Hi,toyaall; Drum 
Major Academy '97; Rally; 
Chem. Crew; Summer nights; 
King Richard's Faire; Did you 
know!?! Pan on my Head! Little 
Kitty Mew Mew; Never forget 
anything; Never Change; ILY 
all, It's been surreal!! 

Keith Reynalds Barber 
119 Elizabeth Drive (R) 

3oc 1-3; Ski 1- 4; Computer 
reaks 4 life - Costas, Brian, 
\ndy + me; TY to all my friends 
family; J. P. + K.B. in 
Montreal; Spriteboats at 
EPCOT; Saving Plymoth 
^ock; Sitting on the sidewalk 
n Maine; Riverside; My yo- 
'o; Man on the Mountain; BTV 
:bl8; ILY, Justine 4/2/97; 
: UBAR; "See you on the other 


Nicole Marie Beatrice 

"Mouth, Beaty" 
11 TiticutRoad (R) 
CL1-4,Capt; YB 3; GT+GF; 
L.M., my best friend, I'll miss 
you, GL; D.G. 12:30 fun! Your 
car got towed! Why is your 
face red? TY+ILY; G.W.,TY 
for everything, I'll miss you; 
D.G. Driving around, TY for 
everything! Where's the beef? 
J.O., so many problems! To 
my family, TY + ILY. 

Amy Badgio 
1370 Pleasant Street (B) 

Abe Bascon 
437 North Street (B) 

FD 3,4; STr 3; Bosstones @ 
GW; R.T., L.C., K.B., J.B.; 
Superbowls 3,4; Springbreak 
3; GF: M.N., D.H., J.L, J.L, 
T.A., T.L, J.C., S.Q., J.R., 
AT., A.M., T.P., D.B., D.G.; 
5th Period; Study 3; Blue 
Bomber, fan; Indian Run; GL 
+ GT, M.N., T.P., V.P., D.H., 
R.W.; Sleeping in Impalla; TY, 
friends + family + Doug "E" 
"G" + "A". 

Bill Bithell 

200 Walnut Street (B) 

J.G., GT w/ my buds, B.M., 
B.B., 160 Cherry, all night! 
Flying in the van, S.C., R.C., 
CM., J.M., F.M.; B.A. in the 
snow! A.C. 1-4; Words from 
my Conrad! GT @ C.P., play- 
ing in the trees? Hectic! 
Mightymax; road trip to 
Brandice! Have fun M.D.! GL, 
S.C.; TY, Mom, D., R.M.; 

Jill K. Bellavance 
121 Wilbur Street (R) 

WTR 2+3; NHS 3+4; J.W.; 
Sherbourne; 3-hour tour; 
Roxbury; Labor day; M.A.; 
Lambchop; Catalano is mine; 
A.W.; Backpack? TY, Mom + 
Dad, ILY; "The best way to 
prevent the future is to invent 
it." Alan Kay; "It is never too 
late to be what you might 
have been." George Eliot. 




Rachel E. Boyden 
"Rach. Gumby" 

590 High Street (B) 
Mu. 1-4: Gym 1-2: YB 4: 
Montreal 3.4: bike and sk8 
adventures which way? 
Where's your pedaJ? BLAH: 
Movies w/ LP.: R.B. + E.F. = 
best friends: SNL 11/22/95 I 
will always love you. Gerry: 
•_: = - =:se =-:' S:a-. V : 
Dance forever Miss scary 
driving; Miss your smiles: TY. 
ILY. Mom. Dad. Matt. Marty, 
Kemo + the gang. 

Robert Buckley 
35 Deerfield Drive (B) 
FB 1 : WR 1+2: GT+GF: yoi 
know who you are: L.A.. ILY 
Living @ S.H.. TY; Triple Ray 
Self Destructing w/ Murph 
Florida w/LA.: J.C. - old lives 
GT @ 160: Living @ LA/s 
GT w/ B.M., pedaling w/ 
Costa; Donovan's w/ F.M.; 
TY, M.M., B.M., Cuilla, B.B., 
LA.. S.L. T.G., Mr. D.: GL 
Teddy, Jill, Mom, + Dad. ILY. 

Regina Marie Blanchette 
"Gina. Brack" 

543 Cross Street (B) 
GT + GF: Florida w/ J.M., the 
plane; Chemistry w/ J.B.. 
V.M., J.G.. D.L; Math group 
w/ LP.. R.P., J.M.; BBW ; 
Nicole, you will never get the 
Italian; J. E.. Behave yourself! 
GL to all of my friends: Brack. 
Ill miss you next year! TY, 
Daddy, Mom + Grandma. ILY; 
ILY, Tim, Kym + Joey; GL, 
J.J.J.. K., M., + J. 

Nicholas A Briggs 
182 Lakeview Drive (R) 
GT+GF w/ A.S., A.M., D.T.. 
T.T.. C.T.. B.B.. D.S.: The 
Group Ski Trips; Parties at 
Artie's house; A.S.. are you 
ever gonna gratuate? GL. 
C.T., A.S.. D.T.. B.B.. A.M., 
D.S.: TY. Mom + Dad: 7/28/ 
97; ILY. C.T. 

Evan Brack 
35 Glenmore Lane (B) 

Kellie Buczek 


108 Village Gate Drive (B) 

Sb 1-4; FH 1; Ski; GT+GF: you 
know who you are. twins? 
Watchout for mailboxes-K.D + 
S.P.: Foul ball: GT © GW: Angel; 
Followed; Best friend. S.P: Chats 
w/ Kate: Fiesta "96: Mud: X-man: 
Learn how to drive! Soccor Poles 
Run! Prov. w/ K.D.. A.F.; Disney 
w/ J.W.; TY + ILY. Mom + Dad: 
GL Chad + Casey: Bye. B-R! 

Jennifer A. Boyd 


17 Harriet Drive (B) 

GT w/ J.A.. + E.W.. school' 
GT + GFW/M.C..A.M..V.A 
TY. V.A., 2/1 9/96 who wouk 
I have? GT w/ M.C.. @ mall 
GL w/ J.P.: Singled out w 
M.C.. GLw/C.O.; GL w/ ev 
erything. Lil' Sis. A.M.. ILY 
TY + ILY. Mom + Dad: ILY 
Dave: ILY always + forever 
Dana, my love 2/20/96. 




Crystal Brocato 


GT-GF: M.C.. M.C.. A.RI 
T.B.. J.C. C.C.: Six Flags) 
M.C.: Summer '95: Nev 
Years. Days Inn '96. M.Ci 
T.B.: T.B.. Don't Forget t< 
Stop. Drop, and Roll! M.Tl 
think of me driving a stan 
dard! M.C.. can you drink otf 
ange juice yet? ILY. Randyf 
1 9/96: Thankyou. ILY. Gn 
Mom. and Dad: GL. Jeremy 


Joshua Cabral 
45 Kathy Circle (B) 

Jessica A. Campbell 

144 Laurel Street (B) 

Dancin' Queen; River Rave, 
DMB, Hootie, SMB, Horde @ 
)apt. M.; Sarah, get off my 
hair; Jumping @ MV + turtle 
v/L.C; Rally trip; Dunkin'7th; 
Roches; Bosstones; the 
.akes, Walter! Lauren's; 
-lorseneck; TY, family, ILY! 

Brian Buiel 
74 South Street West (R) 

J.P., S.L, J.F., R.W., R.M., 
J.H.,J.H.;OCL Champs, Wr 
+ Fb, Superbowl; Fun trips w/ 
J. P., + S.L; Fight night w/ 
J. P. + R.M.; TY, De, Lois, 
Stump, + Holmes; ILY, Mom; 
GL, J.P., R.W., R.M.. + J.F. 

Daryl Cahill 
317 Cross Street (B) 

GT + GF; A.K., W.M., C.C., 
J.M., J.S., LC, D.B., J.W., 
N.S., M.M., 9th grade Dime 
W.M.; Torturing Ms. Breit + 
Ms. Ferioli in Math class w/ 
N.S., + "Portagee"; TY, Mom 
+ Dad + D.K. for everything. 

Leanne Caffelle 
762 King Philip Street (R) 

GT w/ C.L, S.W., T.C.; Re- 
member T.C., + S.W., camp- 
ing; the beach w/D.W.,T.C, 
+ J.R.; GT @ Pepperonis 
S.W.; TY, LC, for everything; 
C.L., you are a true friend; 
TY, Mom, Dad + Christina; 
GL, Ricky; You will always be 
in my heart! ILY + TY. 

Jennifer M. Candito 
37 Stetson Street (B) 

Bkb 1? GT w/ GF; GT @ 
160-TY; My house-summer 
96? '95-L.A. a rebel is born; 
'96 NYE- Aftershock! 
R.L.-TY; GL-E; D.C.-Later 
Poh; Jimmy B-w/ L.A. + T.G. 
S.M. -Always in my heart 
Hug a tree! BUDS-G.L 
Gram-IMY; D,S; Mom - Dad 

Stacey Bullock 


354 Conant Street (B) 

B.M. + E.R.; Lisa's House; 
S.C., get out of the sand! G+J 
w/ A.L.; Shopping w/ N.D.; 
Beach trip w/ L.A.; Crash w/ 
K.T..E.J. + D.F.; Erica'shouse 
'97; Broken windows w/ S.L.; 
Fight w/ B.C. 9:00 movies; 
Slumber at Bill's house; Late 
never forget you. 

Lindsay Cahill 

2 Brookside Drive (B) 

CC 2-4; GT+GF: R.G. thanks, 
you're the best; M.S., L.K., 
CM., Chillin w/ my girls; you 
know who; Summer '97too 
much fun; L.A., "W" Beck's 
house he-he; Rosta man; "Ad- 
ventures" ya-ho.; Jr. Prom uh- 
oh! lunch w/J.A.+P.Q.; per. 1 
"lessons"; 1 000; beach; Nugs; 
ILY Jason! Thanks, Mom, 
Dad, Ben; GL, Sean, it's your 
turn. Bye, B-R! 



Dan Caple 
166 Union Street (B) 

Soc 1-4; Steel Hill Rd. "97; 
T.G., you owe me.; J.C., Later 
Poh Poh; Spirits on 12/31/97. 
GT+GF @ GW @ Allmans 
1+2, 311, and further; GT @ 
37 and Raynee's: Friends 1 -4 
@ 166. I've had some good 
times w/ some good friends 
but now it's all coming to an 

Lauren Canha 
68 Gatsby Drive (R) 

WTR 1 -3; STr 1 -3 Jumping @ 
MV + Turtle w/ J.C.; Pem- 
broke Nights; GT @ Lupos + 
Strand; Partying up @ my 
house S.M.- Get off the chair; 
Capt. M; Sunset @ Lake Rico; 
Bosstones; DMB, STP, 
McDonalds @ DMB; Liz- I'm 
a bad Larry; S.M., J.C., A.M., 
E.F. - It's been fun; TY, Mum, 
Dad + the rest; Eliza- stay out 
of trouble. 

Brendan Carney 
189 Darrington Drive (R) 

BSB 1-4, Capt 4: BKB 1-2; 
Running 3+4; Accident w/ J. 
+ friends; Sausage party; Bowl 
w/ A. S., K. P., J. N.; K.C.'s; 
TY, lady; GT w/ J. N., K.P., 
G.A., J. T., L.C., J.M.; GT @ 
Donovan's; GT @ BC w/ B. J., 
T.R.; Run home from J.L.'s; 
Thanks, Mom + Dad; GL, 

Kerri Carlson 
145 Elm Street (B) 

GT+GF; D.D., 9-04-97 "Crash 
Into Me" E.P. + A.B. The 
accent; J. P., GL in Hawaii, A. 
K., still my best bud; L.T., ILY; 
Mom+Dad, TY, ILY; GL, Ian. 

Rachael Cantelli 

"Rach, Mouth" 

45 Riverview Drive (B) 

Sb 1 -4; Ch 1-3; Musicals 1-4, 
Dolly! Summer Sb '95 + '96; 
To my Florida chickens ILY! 
GTw/ GF you know who you 
w/K.P., S.S. no regrets! M.H. 
games, talks + tears! BC High 
boys ILY all! Mom.TY for ev- 
erything! Dad, ILYUoe, be 
good! Jen, I believe in you! 
Bye. B-R, Thanks for the 

Mark T. Caron 
1 30 Legge Street (B) 

GT @ GW; BR golf team; 
Frosh period 7 study; GT, in 
scooter; LOOK OUT M.C; 
Golf team 1-4, Capt. 4; 
GT+GF w/ the Legge 
Appletree and Bayberry crew; 
GT @ Mobil; Wierd time at 
Scream; GTw/theOSLcrew; 
Playing hoops in Biddie; 
Yohan; GT @ Phish concert; 
GT @ Steve Miller @ GW. 

Ryan William Casey 
71 Scott Drive (R) 

Tennis 1-4, Capt. 3-4; Soc 1- 
4; Hoc 3-4; Talking Simpsons 
w/G. A., A. K.,+ S.J.;Fbvs. 
Bridgewater; NCAA 98 
League w/ A. K..B.C + K. P. 
Wakeboarding summerof '97 
BC Fb games K. P., + B. C. 
Skiing; Pong; Notre Dame; GL 
in high school, Brendan 
Thanks for everything, Mom + 


Jennifer Cavalieri 

12 Liberty Road (B) 

CG 1-4; Band 1-4; Florida 96; 
P.C.'s; GT w/ GF, you know 
who you are; Cape Cod 97 w/ 
B.M., can you believe there 
were 64? Crepes; Fast Run- 
ner @ Post Office; The yard; 
KOOL-AID w/ K. B.; Frosh 
Fan Club; Kingswood; It's 
been fun, GL, everyone; 
Thanks, Mom + Dad, ILY. 


Lindy Ciliberto 
66 Bridge Street (R) 

Sod + 2; WTM-4; STM-4 

iCapt.; M.F. "Stay Gold" GT 

@ D.G. Party; N.L., Punkin 

1 "Valley Princess; M.C., Hit + 
Run; E.H., period 4 Jr. Study; 
N.D., Lost in Brockton; A.A., 
Midnight walks + sleep overs; 
_235w/J.C. + A.P.;ILY, Mom 
+ Dad; Good Luck, Kayla; 
ILY, Mike 2/97. 

Christopher Conley 

Nicole Chouinard 
151 Birch Street (B) 

FH1-2;CL2+4;GT + GF;7/ 
4 Dippin' w/gang; K.M. food? 
V.A. w/ M.W.; Best friends: 
GUYS; after Jr. prom; K.L., 
my best friend I will never 
forget you; TY, B.C. + N.L; 
C.W., for ever in my heart, 
TY; GW w/ T.G. + R.M. 95; 
Thank you, Dad, Mom I LOVE 
YOU and miss you; GL, K.C. 

Julie Cockerham 
54 Phyllis Road (R) 

Sarah Clapp 
15 Hunters Drive (B) 

Soc1-3;W + STr1-2;GTw/ 
the girls; E.J. + D.G.; Cape w/ 
E.S.; Thanks, Stacy; The 
Lake Summer '97; Scottie's 
house, tip it; GW 94-98; D.F. 
311;T.G., GL; E.J. + L.M.'s 
house; Lauren, President; 
E.J. Porter; Chris, never for- 
get you, ILY; Thanks, M + D, 
Justin, Craig, Kaiser, T + M. 

Margaret M. Connor 


291 Ramblewood Drive (R) 

Soc1-3;GTw/M.M., S.L., M.C., 
S.W.; Dancin'; The hotrod; We 
crashed! N.H.; "s" words; The Ra 
& Ace; Stop Pickin'! Let's hang 
on; The water can; A.L, I tell in! 
Mo, Mike!! S.W., yeah; TY, Mike, 
I'm luckier; Ruby's; Keep sneezin; 
What movie? Open wide! TY. 
Mom, Dad, Kim, Tom, & Sam! 

Phillip Andrew Cifuni 

35 Bayberry Circle (B) 

Fb 1-4; Fatboys; Superbowl 
'96 + '97 @ B.U.; Fire; OCL 
Champs '96 + '97; Indian Run; 
Good Luck, Mike and Rick; 
GT + GF: 8, 11, 20, 65, 62, 
45, 22; Fun in NH; Ski 1-2; 
Newport Beaches, Lake 
Winn.; Good luck to all of my 
family + friends; Good-Bye, 

Michael Cole 


602 Park Place (R) 

GTw/C.P., B.P., ST., Bridge- 
water Friends + Raynham 
Friends; Rage @ GW; C.P., 
Big Game; Football with 
friends; Superbowl Tailgate 
in parking lot; M.C., wrong 
way; GT @ Semi + Prom; 
S.J., J.M., that's just not cool; 
TY + ILY, Mom, Brad, Travis, 
Dad, Mari, + family; GL, Brad 
+ Travis; GL, to all friends. 




Elizabeth B. Coulter 

606 Hall Street (R) 

FH 1-4, US1 2-4, NHS 3-4, 
MT 2-4; Mario's; Got milk? 
Skating; Bush; Steve Miller; 
Buffet; Wily; Trench warfare; 
Jeopardy; Pears; US1 trips; 
Midnight carnival; Safe radio 
in the fox; 80's music @ FH; 
Kindergarten friend; Lids- 
Mark + Chad; Modern Euro- 
shoes; To all my friends - I 
love you and GL! 

Bradford Craig 
74 Martin Drive (R) 

Darrell K. Copeland 

15 Oliver Place (B) 

FTA 3 + 4; FLC 2+ 4; Dr. 1 , 2 
+ 4; Soc 4; Big D. GT + GF: 
J.E., J.D., N.C., J.M., J.B., 
M.R.; GT @ Grenoble w/ 
Hugues + family; Good-bye 
B-R; Volunteering @ the V.A.; 
Swimming @ FL. Meeting 
Jess, I love you more! 7/1/96, 
Jr. Prom @ Lantana'sw/J.E.; 
Camping under the stars. 
Thank you, Mom + Dad for 

Nicole M. Coyman 

857 High Street (B) 

Band 1 -4, DM 4; YB 1-4, Ed 4; 
RS 2-4; US1 3+4; Pit 2-4; 
J.B., Polish? I have no legs! 
TY, ST., ILY; Parties @ J.W.'s 
The Academy w/ J.B., C.P., + 
K.D.; Movies w/ ST. + D.S.; 
Bus rides! Per 2+3 w/ JAM; 
Semi '97 w/ D.B.; GL, Every- 
one; ILY Mom, Dad, + Chris; 
To err is human, to forgive is 
divine. It's been phenomenal. 

Allyson Eve Patrick Correia 


251 Pine Street (B) 

Forever remembering crazy 
times @ 160 Cherry St. w/ 
T.G.; DBL Trouble w/ j.c, 
best friend, my dad, and my 
beautiful mom, ILY both.; 
Gammy + Papa, TY + ILY. 
Tara, good luck sister. To 
Derek: I won't everforget you. 
Don't think twice, it's all right. 

Jennifer Anne Courcy 
"Jen, Bean" 

501 Judson Street (R) 

CC 1-4; WTr 1-3; STr 1; Sb 
3+4; Ski 1-4; SADD 2-4; FLC 
2+3; GT + GF: K.G., L.N., 
E.G., N.Y., L.D., R.K., + ev- 
eryone else; Best buds - L.N. 
+ E.G.; LN. + K.G. - what 
sign? Jr Prom; The CC urge! 
DMB @ GW spring '97; LN. + 
E.G. - row H! K.G. - ILY al- 
ways; Mom, Dad, Biffer, Laura 
- 1 love you guys! Good luck to 

Dennis M. Coyne Jr. 

75 Oak Ridge Lane (B) 

Str 1-4, Wtr1-4, NHS; Band 
1-4, WAC 1-4, FLC 1-4, Ski 
1-4; Mock Trial w/LN., L.CJ 
G.P.; Roid rage @ Wendy's; 
U2w/M.G., R.F., E.F..B.D.; 
Sally; Jeopardy w/ Powers; 
GT @ model U.N.; Cards @ 
S.S; Got Milk? Madden w/ 
R.F., M.R., S.S., E.F., R.F.; 
House of Sin; Fb Vs. J 
Raynham; Fenway; Thanks, 
Mom, Dad, and Mon. 

Tonya Cranston 
26 Plentywood Lane (R) 

L.K., GT @ the swamp, 4:20 
again. GL, A.F., thanks for 
being there. L.C., high times 
@ the cape + over the sum- 
mer.; B.C., GT @ Massasoit. 
S.W., it's been real, summer 
was mad cool. GL to every- 
one + thanks. 


Rebecca Cruckshank 

*86 Elm Street East (R) 

|H 1-4; Darrow; Jr. Prom @ 
.C.'s - carwash w/ M.D.; 
lalibu Shores w/ M.W.; Semi 
M.D.; 2/14/97; Newport w/ 
.0. +M.D.-Curb? GT @ 
I.P.'sw/J.T., K.M. + M.D. - 
[annafight? GTw/N.C; M.D. 
jips @ D.M.; A.S. Joe Who? 
10/31 3-4; TY, Jess my 
jst friend; Mark, ILY; TY, 
lorn, Dad + Bud; Keep Smil- 


Ashley Davies 
Redwing Drive (B) 

Vince Cranston 


26 Plentywood Lane (R) 

Good Luck, Friends. 

Maureen T. Cronin 

Mo. Moby" 

86 Overlook Drive (R) 

S.L., S.P., N.T.,L.M.-my 
P.O.D. pal; Sa- ooh great; 
Boston w/ S.P. + CO. - ooh 
Powers; Lie- U rock; M.C. + 
S.L.,stoppicking; M.B.+ B.M. 
crew 9/3/97; Baby M, GL w/ 
D.D., Win the Game; CO. - 
5.7, sum '97; Crash, Larry 
M., Brockton; CO. + M.O. - 
TY+ ILY Mom + Dad. 

Melissa Cuellar 
1 Meadow Lane Apt. 1 (B) 

Bkb1-2,STr1-4,WTr4;GT + 
GF hotel party w/ J.C, E.H., 
A.P., J.F., Busted; R.G. one 
fourth + lost in the woods; 
LM. + V.B. capts., GL; GL, 
LO; J.B. , singled out, GL w/ 
Dana; GT w/ D.D. crew; ILY, 
Chris, you're my best friend, I 
will never forget you; TY for 
everything, Mom, Dad, ILY; 
GL, ILY, Shell + Jen. 

Julie Marie Cusack 

2025 South Street (B) 

PL 1 , 2, 4; GT + GF; Fleck's 
Mom's w/ E.H., A.P., D.G., 
J.A., J.B.; Hotel Party w/A.P., 
E.H., Fleck, D.G.; Beach w/ 
Fleck and everyone; J.A.'s 
house w/ A. P.; 9/18/94; 
Through GT + bad we made 
it; ILY; TY, M + D, ILY; GL, 
Gary in everything you do, 
ILY; Jaime, you will never 
know how much you mean to 
me, ILY. 

Tabitha Cutting 

P.O. Box 491 (R) 

Chris + Colleen "Good Times": 
Desiree, wanna go to B.V.? 
J.B.+ J.W.,cool pumpernickle; 
N.P., che che; M.P., N.B., + 
N.K., GL; The summer of '97, 
How phat was that? Mandy, 
Moonyeen! Do you want a 
box forthat? Beth, choochoo! 
Jen, the dirty bird; Thanks, 
Mom, Dad, + Bruse, ILY. 

Jean Elizabeth Davies 
289 High Street (B) 

Chorus 1 +2 Florida '96; Good 
luck to all my friends! (I will 
miss you guys!); E.N., Re- 
member the summer of '97! 
G.W., look out for big trucks! 
P.L... you're a great friend! 
GL! L.B., February vacation 
'98. Mom + Dad, TY for every 
thing you've done, ILY! GL, 
D.J. and Katie. I love you 
guys! I made it! 


Jason Den Besten 
81 Brookside Circle (R) 


Jennifer Dolan 

"Nej, Mooch" 

198 N. Main Street (R) 

Gym 1 +2, Wr Mgr 3+4; GT w/ 
GF; K.C., A.K., D.C., P.P. + 
B.F. ILY; '96 sum. Stoughton 
guys, Nub! Jr. Prom w/ D.C.; 
Washing my hair; Dates to 
remember: my party 3/1/97, 
1 1/8/97, 7/21/97- 8/5/97 Las 
Vegas; Phish! Mom + Dad, 
thanks; Geof, you're the best; 
Shan,GL + S.D., ILY always. 


Brian A. Day 

" Day, Dayboy" 

12 White Street (R) 

STr 1- 4 & Capt.; Soc 1-3; 
SADD; E.G., how is the JFish 
sting? Planes @ G.W.; 
Coolattas! E.C., watch out for 
the balcony! S.J., How's the 
season? R.C., I DON'T HAVE 
A LINK! J.M.,New#s Man! 
Ms. B, got a bat? USVI is 
where? ILY all, you know who 
you are! Mom+ Dad, thanks 
for pushing me! It's been great! 


Ben Donachie 
90 North Sreet (B) 

P^^^T* 1 " 

Michael F. DiNapoli 


5250 Laurel Street (B) 

GT+GF: M.S., S.O., A.W., 
M.T., L.K., L.G.; FL w/S.O.; 
Tubing w/ M.S., S.O., L.K.; 
Green Eggs + Ham @ A.W.'s; 
After school w/M.T. w/D.D. + 
J.S.; Cancun? I guess! M.S. 
+ S.O. many GT + good luck! 
S.O., get your license, huh? 
Chrissy, Jimbo, Peter+Tony, 
TY, ILY + GL! Thanks, Ma, 
you're the best, ILY! 

Meghan J. Donovan 
391 Water Street (B) 

CC 2-4 Capt. 4; WTr 1 -4; STr 
1+2; Class pres. 1 , 3 + 4; Jr. 
Prom w/ A.D. + B.C. - 
carwash; Newport w/ E.O. + 
B.C. - curb? 2/14/97; D.H.'s 
w/K.M. + J.T.;M.P.'sw/B.C, 
K. M., + K. T.- wanna fight? 7/ 
4/97 NO DIPPIN; E.O. - 
laughs; Talks w/ J.N.; K.A.- 
want some? Semi 97; TY, 
Dad, Mom, Bill, Erin, Ryan + 
Kelly, ILY! 

Michelle Payne Dempsey 

"Muffin, Shelly" 
25 Brookside Drive (B) 

Stagefright! Fab 5; Flash blur 
Sgt. Oxner! Ray P! Pickles- 
O- word; Ms. C; Bzz. My baby 
Beware of Broncos! goats; 
wet my pants; Sobee! Brown 
Men! Hub + Jon, TY! Artie 
frisky? 3am.; "Sounds as it 
spelled." Life is so short, 6* 
what makes you happy 
These days have been th 
best of my life"; TY, BR • 

Nicole Doherty 
39 Mt. Prospect Street (E 

Katelyn O'Shea Driscoll 


50 Aspen Drive (B) 

w/GF;A.F.,J.F., Bestfriends 
always; Detours; NH - need 
help into the boat? -oops! Bar- 
gainTues.;UHI; Soccerpoles 
- Run! Chats w/ K.B.; Mail- 
boxes - Crash; Lost in Prov. 
w/ A.F. + K.B.; Thank you, 
Mom + Dad, ILY; GL, Pat + 
Meghan; GL, Class '97. 

Jennifer Ellis 

"Jennee, Niter" 

189 Pine Street (B) 

GT + GF:C.W.,T.W.,D.W., 
J.M.,B.T.,S.W., + therestof 
the gang; Fun @ B.K. + D.D. 
w/ the crew; Fun w/ the 7 all 
the time; B.T., where's S.D.; 
10/14/97; Good bye + GL, to 
all of my friends next year; 
TY, Mom, Dad, Aunts, Donna, 
ILY; GL, Mike; See- ya later, 
sis; Chris, ILY. 

Danielle DosReis 
1505 Old Pleasant St. (B) 

GW 95-97; ILY guys: A.F. 
Pep-rally 97; L.G. Bisquat; 
K.C. crash; J.D., D.G., M.D., 
K.A., T.H., S.O., K.G., J.G. 
Stranded w/ the guys; 
TraciTime;GTin Spanish; R.I. 
nights; TY, Mom, Dad, Kim, 
Henry, Dave, Kris, Jared, K.M. 
+ CM. - ILY; GL, Dave. 

Bonnie Dunne 
35 Maura Drive (B) 

Bkb 1 , cover your zone; Str+ 
Wtr 2; CC 3+4, MT 2-4, NHS 
3+4; The reading, how many 
stars? Trench warfare; Did you 
jump or choose? S.H., she 
probably would! GT @ 
mixfest; Beware of malaprop- 
isms; Look at that drawing! 
"Another study hall?"; ILY, 
Mom, Dad, Pat, Kelly + Kim; 
GL to all my friends; TY, all! 

Nichole Dunlop 
32 Eleanor Road (R) 

Jessica L. Ellis 

1474 Old Pleasant Street (B) 

Thank you, B-R; FTA 3+4; 
Thanks to everyone who helped 
me to get to Senior yr.; GL, 2, 
H.M., L.H.; Darrell, you have 
changed my life. You mean the 
world a lot to me. 7/1/96, I love 
you More! You + me together 
forever! Thank you, Mom + Dad: 
Good Luck, Katie. 

Lauren Katherine Dowd 

9 Anna May Circle (B) 

FH1-4;SB2-4;Ski1-4;GT + 
GF; You know who you are; 
Dave + Steve @ GW; 7620AZ 
- what a night! Darrow- RIP; 
Vineyard w/L.M. + A.F.; "I've 
got the camera!"; Wizard of 
Oz; Jr. Prom w/ A.F. - Perfect; 
Mario's; "They killed Kenny!"; 
Fiesta '97; Folmar!! GL, John, 
Dan, Lora - You'll live; TY, 
Mom + Dad, ILY. 

Bryan Dupuis 


65 Amherst Avenue (B) 

CC1-4;Wtr1,3;GT+ GF:J. 
Bonneville chases; Rage, 
Metallica, Steve Miller, 
Deftones, Ozz Fest; Jumping 
@ GW; Panda ride; Playing 
pool; Slow game; Covert mis- 
sions; Saco trips; Ski trips; 
B.S. + Ex. Campouts; Quit- 
ting Papa Gino's; Playing 
Paintball; N. 64. 


Andrea L. Estes 

445 West Pond Street (B) 

3-4; NHS 3-4: Ski Jr. H. hay- 
ride, jabawaki. Flo; I've been 
hearing things: Beargoats: 
Maple Pk: Summers @ GW: 
Bowling + catch: Jr. Prom; 
E.G.. A.W.. B.D. + all; GL, 
everyone: I Love You always. 
Doug E.: Thanks. Mom. Dad. 
Wendy. Brian. I love you. 

Molly Kathleen Flaherty 

119 Ramblewood Drive (R) 

10/17,97: Bicks: Lupos: Jimi + 
Janis. nervos- YKWYA: K.W.. 
K.H.. CO.. A.M.. J.C. - ILY guys: 
M.M.. coffee talk forever: GLnext 
year E.C.M.P.. P.M., AP.;LC.- 
billards. ILY: GL- A.R.. S.M.. J.D.. 
A.P.. K.M.. J.S.. J.O.: Sarah, best 
friend. ILY: N.B.. Cape. Prov: 
Brend. ILY: Mrs.White-TY: Mom. 
Dad. Sean- TY, ILY. 

Douglas Alan Erbeck 

8 Cedar Crest Drive (B) 

CC1-4;WTr1;STr1; Hoc 3; 
NHS 3-4; US1 3-4; PCC w/ 
J.G. +T.R.;GT + GF;B.D. + 
N.Y.; Remember Metallica 3/ 
4/97 + C.C.? I love you for- 
ever, Andrea E.; Don't forget 
skating 4/12/96; Bowling, 
concerts @ GW; Sox + Bru- 
ins; Skiing; Maple Park: TJ 2 ; 
Semi. Jr. Prom; Pooh + 
Honey: TY + ILY, Mom, Dad, 
Ali, Noni. 

Erin P. Fitzgerald 

"Fitz, Fitzy" 

40 Aberdeen Lane (B) 

FH 1-4; SADD1-4; FLC 1-4; 
GT w/L.P., J.C.. A.M., S.M., 
L.C.: New Year's eve '97; 
River Rave, Dave, Hootie w/ 
J.C.. A.M., L.P.; The rally trip; 
Darrow: Dunkin'7th; Lauren's; 
80's; Papa's; Cruzin w/ L.P.; 
Blockbuster nights; Friendly's 
chics; Quicksilver; Squids; A 
car is not a toy; TY, Family, 

Amy Fisher 


50 Jane's Way (B) 

Soc; SB; GT w/ GF YKWYA; 
Detours! 10/25/97; GT @ 
Rinnie's: Dolphins? Prov. w/ 
K.D. + K.B., where is it? " 
Yeah Barf Mardi Gras! JP w/ 
CM; K.D. What about UHI? 
BT day; Lunchtime Nostal- 
gia; GT @ GW; Semi; TY + 
ILY, Mom, Dad, Chris, Kerri, 
Mark, Jill, Dilly, Jana... An- 
other chapter begins... 

Jaime Fleck 


70 Laurie Lane (B) 

Wr 1-4; Julie 1-4; Semi w/ 
Julie; My mom'sw/M.M.JA, 
B.S., T.F., J.C, J.C, S.M., 
E.L, J.P., B.D., D.D., J.H., 
Dover ricet uno; Our house 
D.D., M.D., J.H.; TY, 
Donachies; Love you, D, for 
taking me in; B.B.. J.P., T.G., 
J.M., 007; ILY, Mom + Greg, 
D+ Lois; ILY, Julie forever. 

Dawn Estano 


176 Wilbur Street (R) 

D.J., H.M., R.P., B.K.. S.M. 
Hood McD's C-Mass '97; Riv- 
erside + Lk. Rico '97; Lupo's 
'97. parties, night walks, 
swims, + skates; Water Coun- 
try, the spa, D.M., concert, 
S.M. '96 GT+GF: Wareham; 
TY. M.S.. P.F., love + memo- 
ries last forever! ILY, my 3 
angels 94-98. 

"■ 'i-m 

Joy K. Flaherty 
15 Candy Lane (B) 

Soc 1-4; Rocky, where's my 
team?! J.T. penalty shot? 
Florida w/ H.S.-boing! prom 
w/ E.L; O.J. @ K.M. am I 
gonna die? Summer '97 
where are they? R.M. you'll 
never be forgotten, TY for 
everything; My best friend, 
Hope, memories last a life- 
time, GL; Thanks for being 
there for me, Mom, Dad, + 
family. ILY. 


Robert Barry Francis 

79 Laurel Street (B) 

Bsb 1-4, Capt4; 1997 OCL 
Champs; "Wild Cat killer"; 
laying ball w/ Johnny + 
.enno since Jr. High; Hoc 1- 
[; GT w/ GF Goose, Port + 
Ooin; Sox games w/the boys; 
i : latrip '97 w/M.R.; Days @ 
he beach; J. P., Reconais- 
,ance? TY, God, Dad, Mom, 
Oranie, + Meg; GL, Brian; 
.ook me up at 1600 Penn. 

Lori Beth Gaskill 

"Little One" 

613 High Street (B) 

SD 1-4; Sb 1-4; US1 3+4; 

ummer of '94; Operation 

oom; XTC; ME w/ J.W. + 

B.T.; GT + GF: K.M., T.D., 

P., J.D., M.D., S.J., T.H., 

D., S.B., H.B., T.M., M.T., 

.P., A.M., A.B., L.F., N.P., 

-Y; Jr. Prom w/T.D.; Semi w/ 

».H.;ICP. Got on stage, M.D. 

lancun! TY, Mom, Dad, Lisa, 

'.L, A + B.H.; BISQUAT! 

Andrew James Folmar 

375 Cherry Street (B) 

Wr1-4; OCL champs '97; 
GT w/ GF; prom w/ L.D.; NH 
D'Angelos; Dancing police w/ 
L.D.; Horror w/ K.A.; Iowa w/ 
D.G.; Florida wr; 7620AZ; 
Moaning; Rally '97; S + B; 
They Killed Kenny; OZ; "I've 
got the camera"; Vinyard; GL, 
Wr. team; ILY, Mom + Dad; 
TY, Eric; Keep running, Bruce. 

Andrea Frith 
108 Maple Avenue (B) 

Bkb1 ; Div 2-4; RS 3-4; To my 
two best friends H.S. + T.C. 
GL in life; + to all my other GF, 
GL; To my Mom, TY for help- 
ing me get through the tough- 
est years of my life + I hope 
you will be here w/ me as I 
start the next chapters of my 
life. To the Wu-Tang Clan I 
will miss you guys, much 
love. I MADE IT! 

Maria Franzis 
434 Laurel Avenue (B) 

Tomyladys: Wiggs, DeeDee, 
Wheatie, Lima Bean, to my 
twins, and the rest of my 
friends - Thanks for a great 
year; George - ILYA; Thanks, 
Mom, Dad, and Family for all 
your support. I'll miss you all 
- love ya! 

Shawn Gawle 
74 Macy Street (R) 

David John Fortune 

205 Forest Street (B) 

Flat in Harlem w/R.M. + S.H.; 
Cuffed w/ S.H. 7/9/97; Crash 
w/E.J.,S.B., + K.T.; Walkw/ 
E.J., K.O., + K.T.; Harrasing 
E.J.; Wearing masks w/ E.R. 
+ B.B.;9-7w/N.B.+Towels, 
GL; Jack, I miss you; TY, 
Mom, Dad, + Family, ILY; GL, 
Bryan; GL, Hope, I will never 
forget you. 

Tara Gannon 
160 Cherry Street (B) 

FH 1+2? GT w/ GF; GT @ 
160; Summer '96® J.C.;12/ 
31/95 - Aftershock; Sopho- 
more year w/ B.M.; Cape; 
A.C., 2AM; April w/ L.A. + 
S.L.; D.C.- 1 owe you; I'll miss 
you E.R. + A.M.; Table 
dancin'; Ain't no fun; N.C.- 
My best friend; R.C., crash; 
S.C.-GL; T.J. -TY, for every- 
thing; TY Mom + Dad, ILY; 
GL, Adam + Shep. 


Erin Kathleen Gillen 
25 Clarence Avenue (B) 
Summer '96+ 97.GT+GF: 
Horde: College + Eblert. 
Canada: Clamnuggets @ 
Ptown: Cheese burgers @ 
PCC: Prom 97 (Picture Line 
97):GT in Spanish: Oz: 
7620AZ: YA bart! Twister: GT 
© Rinnie's: Peppermint @ 
Semi: 12 31 97: Work w/ 
Hope: Lunch: GL in the fu- 
ture, Dan + Liam; Thanks. 
Mom + Dad. I love you! 

Sarah Gonyea 
190 Cross Street (B) 
FH 1-4: CL2: GTw/ GF E.S.. 
C.M..J.A.,J.M.:GT@ GW + 
the cabin: Semi 2: Swim w/ 
J.A.: LM.'s + E.J.'s house: 
Darrow; W.Y.T.: MV @ J.M.s; 
FL w/ CM.: Traffic games w 
E.S.: Keys? K.O. + E.S.: too 
bad: Beach days: Captains at 
1 90: TY. Mom + M. Dad + M.: 
GL. Adam. Kit. Audrey. Matt, 
Jess. + K.M. 

Jeff Germaine 
165 Satucket Trail (B) 

B.B., B.M., B.B., R.C.; Black 
Aliens 1 -4: Zooting in the Bliz- 
zard: Conrad, Ronald, 
Cheerio. Stankovich. and 
Kenny; GT w/ my Buddies; 
Drama w/ Deka, the Cuckoo 
Nest; The Battle Wagon; Tata 
+ Bren: Beetle J. C; Playing in 
the Trees; Brandice; I.D. 1-4; 
Senioryr.w/M.L: Good Luck, 
Adam. Later. 

Keith Gironda 
"G. Geronimo" 

100 Ashtead Road (B) 
Soc 1 -3; Wr 2: SADD 3.4; Mu 
1-3; Dave w/ GF: D'Angelos; 
Men in Black; Grounded! BF 
Josh + Lauren; Prom 3 + Semi 
4; Copperfield @ Foxwoods; 
Summer '97; Haunted House; 
007Goldeneye: Paintball; TY, 
Mike + Mary, ILY; GL, S.H. + 
E.H.. ILY; ILY. Jen, I will never 
forget you; GL. everyone; I 
am outta here. 

Mark Giovanoni 


1155 South Street (B) 

B.P.. T.T., N.S., M.P., J.W.: 
Bonneville chases; U2 Con- 
cert; Sleeping in POD; To- 
paz: Rage Concert '97; Ski- 
ing at Ragged; W.B. Mason; 
White water rafting '96: Papa 
Gino's; Churchyard; Conies: 
760; Golf balls; Rav4P.O.S.; 
Slow game; Missy: Jen's 
house: J. P. absent; TY, Mom 
+ Dad. 

Thomas Gibson 
131 Wilbur Street (R) 

Heather L. Glynn 


Pine Street (B) 

Set Crew 2-4: GSA 2-4: Art 
Club. VP 4: Blair's: Roseland; 
Lolla '94: Spam: Bick's: Jolt; 
Shrink Expos: Concussion! 
Lupo's: TV w/ N.P., A.B., + 
M.P.: Sweet Petite w/ M + J. 
T.. D.D.. M.T.:Taco: Nine Inch 
Nails @GW;B.J.'s Party: TY, 
Fam: ILY, Mike + Louisa; 
"Something forgets us per- 

fectly" L. Cohen. 

Karen Goodwin 


Renee Y. Grenier 

319 Winter Street (B) 

y/GF:LC., "Hey, Mr. Rosta 
j/lon"; Did you forget some- 
hing?J.C.;A.P.;MC One Half! 
.ost in the woods; CM., 311 
»n East Coast; Bl A; Long talks 
junning; C.B. @ Driver's Ed; 
f/I.C,. "I can see what's hap- 
pening!" J.B., "Not you, the 
at"; TY, Mom + Dad; GL, 
(Jeily, Neish; Bye, B-R, ILY! 

Elaine Kristen Guasconi 

183 Union Street (B) 

4; NHS 3-4; Maple; 
abawaki; Beargoat; Hayride; 
/lanning; Storky; MV ' 96; 
)ink! GW'97; Chinese? 9/6/ 
7; Batman; Hey, Bean...muh! 
m a nut! Marios; you guys 
otta plant? Jim, ILY; GT w/ 
>F, J.C., N.Y., B.D., L.N., 
k.E., Igs, R.K., R.M., T.C.; 
1om + Dad L+D, TY, ILY + 
L; No regrets:) 

Jennifer Gorman 

93 South Street (B) 

1 YB; 4 SADD; D.D., TY for 
being my friend. Friendlys' 
will miss us! ILY + GL, D.L.; 
glad we are still friends. GL + 
ILY, always.; I'll miss you K.G.! 
GLw/D.P.; M.D.,TYforthe 
Yoga tips + GL, in you future. 
To BR senior class: Best of 
luck + TY for the memories; 
I'll miss you! 

Dana Grenon 
"Grenon, Fast-Forward" 
22 Paliemri Circle (B) 

+ GFw/E.H.,A.P. ) K.G.,J.C., 
N.B., A.F., L.D., J.C., J.C.; 
Driving to boat; TY, D.G. for 
helping me; GL, Nick, Kyle, 
Cliff; GTw/A.F. in Iowa, N.H.; 
Free food; TY, Mom + D.+P. 
4 putting up w/ me; 
H.E., glad we stayed friends; 
ILY, N.B. 

Nicolas Greenhalge 
2105 Pleasant Street (B) 

Dale Grenon 

188 Daverson Drive 
Unit 33, Laconia, NH 

PL1-4;SADD1-4;GT + GF 
N.B., J.S., D.G., A.F., E.F., 
A.H.; N.B., we hit the box! 
The car is smoking! Throw- 
ing the food out! A.H. math 
class; J.S. shopping at the 
mall; A.F. hanging out in N.H.; 
D.G. and N.B. going to the 
Christmas Tree Shop! GL, 
Mom + John, GL, everyone. 

Kristen Halay 
107 Ann Street (R) 

GT + GF:M + M;Help!GT@ 
the Cape; Footloose; Prom; 
thank you for being there! 
CO.; Profile rock w/ Dots; 
Petty @ GW; S.S.; Freedom 
fest; Loon; GT @ K.W.'s + 
J.B., I will never forget you; 
GL: A.P., S.A., J.W., D.B., 
P.L;LY,J.O;TY, Mom, Dad 
and family! GL, Class of '98. 

Jennifer M. Griffith 

"Phil the Grifflet" 

114 Pierce Avenue (B) 

GT + GF: A.P., K.M., M.O., 
M.L, J.L., M.T., M.M.; crazy 
chem w/ V.M., D.L., G.B.+ 
J.B.; "Monkeys eat tacos!" 
Bathroom buddies J.W. + 
K.S.; Dr. is CUCKOO! ILY 
Dunkin' Crew! " Swishy" for 
$7; NO! GT @ AZ; INSANE 
vampires; My baby C.B. 
Killer; ILY, Mom, Tony + Dad 
Peace out yo! 


Laurie Hayward 


1622 High Street (B) 

Alice in Chains, Sound Gar- 
den, Pearl Jam, The Admirer; 
"Down in a hole and I don't 
know if I can be saved, see 
my heart I've decorated like a 
grave" I'd like to thank all my 
friends + family for being there, 
most of all Mr. Alan Warner, 
"Open mind, pierced heart, 
tortured me, so picked apart." 

Erin Heafey 
100 Ashtead Road (B) 

Bkb 1-3; Soc 1-3; GT + GF; 
Fleck's w/ J.C., A.P., E.W., 
D.G., J.A.; Hotel Party w/A.P., 
J.C.,M.C.,J.F.,D.G., Busted; 
4th period gossip w/ N.D., 
L.C.; A.P. house 7/28/97 laun- 
dry room; Jr. Prom w/ R.W.; 
and Dad, ILY; Shannon, you 
are my bestfriend, ILY; Keith, 

Daniel Healey 
69 Edward Road (R) 

Tom Holmes 


293 Cross Street (B) 

NHS 3+4; Ski 1-4; FLC 1-4; 
GT + GF: S.S., D.C., R.F., 
M.R., R.F., E.F.; Hi, Mike + 
Michele; Thank you, Mom + 
Dad, I love you; Good Luck to 
all; Peace. 

Lora Michele Hill 

100 Briarcliff Road #3 (R) 
Drama + Art Club; ILY, Dad + 
Mom; Tanya Lasagna, Cassie, 
Jen, Greg, Troy, Poorboy, 
Jermie, Micha, Ollie, Congrats, 
Nick + Alicia. Trails, Sugaray, 
burns, Watertower, Boston, 
Sessions, Ska-shows, Lot 3; Li'l- 
Compton, skating, mirrorballs 
+ Pretend Stanleys. All us bunch 
of Jamokes!!!! 

Scott Richard Hile 


1473 Vernon Street (B) 

STr1-4;Wr1-2;GT + GF;TY 
TSD; ILY, Mom + Dad; GL, 
Marilyn, Kat, Kris, Shannon, 
Kevin, Grandma, Grandpa; 
"Sir, I look upon every day to 
be lost, in which I do not make 
a new acquaintance." - 
Samuel Johnson; For all my 
friends that have been there 
in good times + bad, TY + a lot 
of luck to all of you. 

Kimberly D. Howe 

15 Virginia Drive (B) 

FLC 1-3; YB 3; GT + GF; 
Road trips w/ L. W. ; New Years 
'97 - '98; GT in Florida w/ 
everyone; ILY, Mom, Dad + 
Chris; GL, Dave + Mary; Have 
fun @ BU, N.A.K.; Thanks, 
Mrs. Brown, always remem- 
ber the hedgehog!! 

Alicia Hockenberry 


Plain Street (B) 

My house '97; Nic's House w/ 
N.L., A.L, R.M., K.G., + '97 
Guys! Camping w/R.M., E.G., 
+ W.N., Busted! 2 hr. mara- 
thons! Semi w/ W.N.; I will 
always love you, Willie! 6/14/ 
97 + 11/26/97, never forget 
that! Oh ya, who are you? 
Beef? Math '97! Jr. Prom w/ 
G.S.; GL, N.B., J.S., D.G., 
miss you M.P.; ILY, Mom, Dad, 
+ Stacey. 


Steven M. Jacques 

"Big Fella" 
6 Athea Street (R) 

3aseball 1-4; ILY Mom + 
Dad. TY for everything. GL 
Kerri in HS. Tailgating @ 
Superbowl w/ J.M., M.C., 
V/I.R., ST., C.P., R.F., S.S., 
r.H.; 200 Club w/ J.M., + 
Z.P.; Karaoke 97; "Anybody 
seen Franny's pants?"; 
BSA's in English 12; Settle 
bown Flex Pickett; Sony 
stock still going up S.S. 

Michael Johnson 
1765 South Street (B) 

Samantha Hoyo 


576 Vernon Street (B) 

Soc 1-4; ILY, Mom + Dad; 
Thanks for everything; GL: 
A.,R.,K.,L., V., it's your turn 
next; GLtoA.W., C.L, C.L, 
T.B., C.S; Eat, Dream, Sleep 
Chem! J.W., L.C., Let's not 
forget Girl's State, coffee 
fribbles; F.T.B. @ W.M. w/ 
Coll + Chris; B.D. "She prob- 
ably would" 

James Januse 
314 Titicut Road (R) 

Nathan Jamoulis 


1396 Plymouth Street (B) 

10/10/97 ILY, Angela; Fun @ 
Friendlies; GL, PatUSAFU/ 
96 crashed 'stang; Brazilian 
Jui Juitsu w/ L.K., S.D., M.S., 
J.C., J.A.; Pats AFC Champ 
Game vs. Jags; U2 @ 

Jennifer Jones 


207 Walnut Street (B) 

Soc 1-3; STr 2-3; GT +GF, 
you know who you are + 1 love 
you all! K.Q., w/ J.N.; Great 
times @ Rinnie's house.; 
Mexico 1996 + 1997, "Don't 
eat the cheese!"; Prom 1 997; 
Bill, ILY +TY; Bean, will you 
just pick one! Sue-z-Q, TY 
+ILY, Mom + Dad, Thanks for 
everything + ILY. 

Tamah Hunt 
80 Austin Street (B) 

Ch. 1-4; Mu. 1-4; US1 2-4 
Florida + New Jersey w/ L.C. 
B.O.,L.G.,C.C.,K.H., + B.D. 
GT + GF: M.D., A.S., A.M. 
J.W.- I will never forget you 
Concerts w/ ST.; Thursday 
night w/ GF; Jr. + Sr. Proms; 
Monty Python; TY, family! 

Erica Jaspon 


1405 Vernon Street (B) 

GT + GF; Cape Cod w/ E.S; 
Lake George; Fight w/ Sarah; 
GW winter; RT. 18w/AI;L.M., 
S.G., + my house, camping; 
Up; Rays; walk w/K.O.,KT., 
D.F.; Bomb; food fight; Cam- 
era; Craft w/ Katies; Bretton 
Woods; Porta w/S.C; Crash 
I hate you, Dave; Window 
Train 4 cars; Fresh @ D.C. 
TY, Mom, Dad, + Brian, ILY 


Lisa Beth Kaczor 


2001 South Street (B) 

GT + GF: J. P., K.C.. MP.. 
A.D.. C.G.; Won't forget 18, 
B.W.; The Crew '96: 22; 
Arties: Plymouth beach; M. P.: 
Uptown; Cammys! Boot 
Camp '97; My men! Miss you 
Jen P.: Mudd! All nighters: 
Killa! TY + ILY, Kristy + Mom! 
GL, M.O.;J.G.; All I know is I 
did it! 

Lucas Klim 


45 Jennifer Circle (B) 

GF: J.M., M.S., S.D., G.A., 
M. D. , N.J. ,C.L, J. M.; Angels: 
SO., S.L.: GT: Pantera, 
Green Eggs and Ham!! Tat- 
toos, 1 8?, "Dancing" @ all the 
shows, Squad car Vs. the 
Pike! Mariokart and the base- 
ment, Skating, Cancun; LYA 
"Princess", GL in N.Y., call 
me; "25"; TY, M + D. 

Cedric Josey 
40 Deer Run Drive 
East Bridgewater 

Alexander M. Karahalis 

"Alex, Al, Greek" 
604 South Main Street 


Hoc 1-4, Capt. 4; Summer 
1996 @ GW w/ G.A., A.S., 
B.C., K.P.; G.A., rockpicking; 
Partys over G.A.'s; Roller 
blading around Boston; Tail- 
gating @ Fb; Hangin out @ 
Texaco + playing Tekken. 

Andrew Kenealy 


145 Boxwood Lane (B) 

Michigan - Soc 1 , Wr 1 , Bsb 1 ; 
GT w/ R.S. + crew; W.M., 
Cavalier, C.C., the Van; J.M., 
D.C., J.O..J.C, D.B. + J.W.; 
Volvaciovs; Gothic Sage; Jr. 
Prom; J.D., Sr. Prom; Sum- 
mer help; GW, Ozzfest, Steve 
Miller, Concerts w/ J.D. + the 
Boys; Julie, Megan, Mom, 
+Dad, ILY; Best wishes to all. 

Peter Kolentsas 

200 Boxwood Lane (B) 

Darlene Marie Jusseaume 

234 Robinson Street (R) 

FH 1-3; Summer of '96; 
Wareham; 4 car accidents; 
TY, R.M., D.E., C.F., S.M., 
M.K., D.B., B.C.; Jr. + Sr. Prom 
'96 + 97; Fought the sickness 
96 +'97 Plymouth, 7/5/97 
Onset; Canobe + Watercoun- 
tryw/R.M., D.E., B.K.;TYfor 
the memories + C-Ya MOE!! 
TY + ILY, Mom, Dad, Keri. 

Ryan Kerrigan 
315 Ramblewood Drive (R) 

CC 1-4, Capt. 3-4; WTr 1-4, 
Capt. 4; STr 1-4, Capt. 4: 
SADD, Ski, FLC + NHS; Bro- 
ken Vending Machines; NB 
Championship Brown; Pop. 
Pop, Superpop; J.E., Tauntor 
Meet; spiked @ OCL's; T.C., 
Locust St.; J.W. Rocky Song: 
L.C., 5/3/97; GL: J.E., J.D.. 
T.C., K.C.; Bye, J.C., E.G. 
K.A.; F.B.; TY, Mom, Dad. 
and Kate. 


Nicole Kucinski 
600 North Main Street (R) 

Benita V. Kuykendall 

"Bonita Applebaum 

593 East Street (B) 

Str96, 97, 98, OCL's Wtr 98; 
Div 96, 97, 98 @ Fleet Cen- 
ter; TY, Ms. S.O., for keeping 
the peace; To all my peeps, I'll 
C-Ya when I C-Ya; Much love, 
N.D., J.L, M.W., T.W., S.S., 
N.R., P.R..C.M., B.M., + any 
one else I forgot; To D.K., 
they will recognize the talent 
soon enough; To M.M., J.O., 
it's on to bigger and better 

David Joseph Lacerda 

32 Crescent Street (B) 

r b1-4;WTr3-4, capt.;STr2- 
l OCL Champs 2+3; Ski 1-3; 
Superbowl 3+4; Camavalier; 
Rage @ GW; GT+ GF: J.W., 
I.P.,J.W.,C.L,K.G., + every- 
)ne else; Signs; Axle; Pasta + 
ndians; Flipout760- B.P.; Red 
Shorts; Cough 3-4; Ditch; 
hanks, Doug! Purple rims + 
tripes; Chemistry; Thanks 
rfom + Dad, ILY. ;)~. 

Danielle Lally 
615 Oak Street (B) 

GT w/ A.B., J.K., J.H., J.M., 
Mary; Oak St. sands; Sum- 
mer of '97; Ms. McGuire's 
class 3+4; Keep it real, Eric; 
Thank you so much, Gail, 
Kevin, Karen, Nana; Love of 
my life, Andy; See 'em, bye; 
ILY, M.H. and S.H.; Mornings 
w/ Britt 4. 

Michael Lavinge 
30 Wildwood Place (B) 

Shannon Lee 


1 V 

*• ^ 



1 1 


Jason Lembo 
65 Norlen Park (B) 

Christine Marie Lavin 

"Chris, Trouble" 

35 Running River Road (B) 

T.C., S.H.; Vacations w/ Coll; 
G.B. w/B.P.;F.T.B. @ W.M.; 
B.P. flipout; TY, Coll, you'll 
always be my best friend, ILY; 
B.P., you'll always be in my 
heart; L.C., l'msoproud;T.C, 
TY for the "good times"; TY, 
Miss Ferrioli,Mr.Conroy,Mr. 
Lennon; TY, Laurie; ILY, Mom 
+ Dad. 


Sean Lennon 
235 Conant Street (B) 

Christopher C. Lindberg 
1643 South Street (B) 

Fb 1 ; TY+ GL, to all my friends; 
Draft w/ M.S., L.K., A.D..+ 
Moe; Physics group "No 
Kitty"; G.A. + Holy Grail (nee, 
nee); GWsummerof '97: Jam 
w/J.W., A.B., M.F. + J.M. in 
SWURL; GL to GF at youth 
group: T.L., ILY forever + a 
day; TY + ILY, Mom + Dad: 
TY, ILY, + GL Mel + Jon; 
Jesus Christ changes lives. 

Allyson Litos 


569 Center Street (R) 

FH 1-4; GW 1-4; GT + GF; 
Cape: Rt. 18; Lake; Golf: L.M. 
+ E.J. house; Mom on phone: 
Papa's; S.G. house; E.S.. shh: 
S.B. red light + G+J; Window; 
Deal w/ it; Time me: J. A. + 
J.M. cat? Dark; Truck driver: 
Grendel; Darrow: L.M. re- 
member? TY, Mom. Dad. 
Michelle + Mark: GL, Jess + 

Rebecca Linhorst 

100 Norlen Park (B) 

"Natures first green is gold. 
Her hardest hue to hold. 
Her early leafs a Flower; 
But only so an hour. 
Then Leaf subsides to leaf. 
So Eden sank to grief; 
So dawn goes down to day. 
Nothing gold can stay." 
By R. Frost 

GT + GF, GL, ILY, All; 
Thanks, Mom + Dad + Step; I 
love you, Jon + Pat; GL to my 
brothers, Boogers. 

Paul Levasseur 
60 Spring Street (B) 



Colleen Marie Lindquist 
"Coll, Collsplean" 
44 Pine Street (B) 

"Good Times with Good Tea 
on theTTrain";GT+GF: Chris, 
Sam, Leanne, Dave, Becky + 
Steve; Void Rocks; F.T.B. @ 
W.M. w/ Chris + Sam; GT @ 
Dunkin w/ GF: What? Fun @ 
Bermuda, Cape, Disney x 2, 
Las Vegas, Pleasure Island; 
Chris, TY for everything. You 
are the best friend ever; 
Thanks, Mom, Dad, + Kelly! 

Sarah M. Lorimer 
927 Judson Street (R) 

Soc 1-3; US1?; NHS 3+4; 
M.C., S.W., Mo; 2/9/96; 
Bumper Boats; Susan! GTw/ 
Helmet; Santa Baby; GT 
MB; Dingo; Latin 3; Q + D; 
Jacko! Cricket! M.C., we're 
married! My horn; Mike's 
phone; Bert; ILY, J.M.; Grave 
Yard;N.U.! Growl; Tempo; 9/ 
2/97, NF; TY, Mom, Dad, + 
llda; GL! I'm Done with this 

Christina Lipus 
522 South Main Street (F 


Jason MacGibbon 
180 Main Street #3 -306(B) 

Brian MacLay 
46 Stephanie Lane (B) 

Rachel E. Maloney 
41 Michaels Road (B) 

he Cure; Switchblade Sym- 
hony; Lunch; Cibomatto; 
:ureboy; Goth Nite; Art Trip 
D NYC; + such; WAAA;T.S.'s 
Jig Boots; E- mail; Ayudame; 
lisdboy; It's ruff; Zines; 
Skinny Puppy; "The City of 
ost Children"; Um, e-mail 

Rebekah E. Madden 
59 Spruce Street (B) 

GT/GF; Soph year = sick! GT 
in New York, $ one hundred 
down the hatch; S.L, N.D., 
Semi '96 lost? Bryant w/J.M. 
thanks for everything; Rita wet 
the floor; Breakdown @ 3 
a.m.; Cape '96; Chris, I will 
never forget you! Mom, Dad, 
Jen + Chris, ILY; Rhi, Thanks 
for always being there. 

Heather Lynn MacLeod 


189 Dean Street (R) 

To all my friends + family, ILY. 
Ozzy! Concerts; Lupo's '97; 
Road Trips; Lake Rico; Prov. 
Nights; TY to my best friends 
R.B., D.E., S.S., T.B.; Love to 
Dad, Mom, Doug, D.M., B.G., 
E.G., + K.C.; Good Luck to 

Lauren R. Maltby 
2035 Pleasant Street (B) 

FH 1-3; GW + Cape 1-4; My 
house 8-12; GT + GF: ILY 
guys; Lake; E.J., Ray + S.G's 
houses; food fights; Fire; 
Haunted houses; Labor day 
toast; Lights? Keys? How do 
you know? Boxing; E.S., 
Shhh; The window; Who do I 
love? Want a haircut? Shot- 
gun? Mom + Dad, ILY + TY, 
Missy, Todd + Erik; GL, Bran- 
don + have fun! 

Christie L. Mackinnon 

20 Alexander Drive (B) 

Gym 1+2; FH 1+3; LA., Best 
Friends since 5th grade, TY 
for always being there; R.M., 
Dumb + who? 31 1 road trip w/ 
R.G.; Florida w/ S.G., E.S., 
S.G., J.A., J.M., so many GT, 
ILY guys; Juniors! D.D. w/ 
R.G.; TY for everything, Julie 
you are my B.F.; P.O. after 
S.L.; S.L. + L.A. bananna! 
Mom + Dad, TY, ILY; GL, 

Kelly Maddock 
15 Bobwhite Lane (B) 

Soc 1-4; BKb1-3; GT + GF: 
you know who you are; Scare- 
crow w/ J.T.; CA w/ J.T.; GT 
@ D.H.w/M.D. +J.T.;7/4@ 
M.D., Dippin' w/gang; Jr. Prom 
w/A.S.;Clubw/M.W.+ N.C; 
Reg came home; The win- 
dow; M.P. w/ B.C., M.D. + 
J.T.- wanna fight; 25 w/ E.O.; 
Papa's; Semi '97 @ M.D.; 
N.C., food? TY, Mom, Dad, 
Bob+ Bridge, ILY. 


Michelle L. Marshall 

"Shelf, M & M" 
97 Dean Street (R) 

GT + GF: K.H., N.S., M.S.. 
D.B.. J.W.. J.D.. K.B.. D.C. + 
Red: Hangin @ Nate's: K.W.'s 
moving party: It's my turn! 
Summerof'96@ D.B.'s:K.H.+ 
midnight jokers. BONK! 
Riding @ in sven, I miss him; 
Coffee talk: New Year's '96: 
Hangin @ Jay's: NHRA Ox- 
ford: Pink Floyd '94: TY. Mom. 
Dad: ILY, Nick (You have no 
legs); BF. K.H. 

Adam McGovern 
75 Woodland Drive (B) 

Athan Mantalos 
1579 South Street (B) 

MU.1-4;GT + GF;C.T.,A.S., 
N.B., M.D., A.L, M.R., miss 
J.B.; Lovey! Little Man; 
Camping; Hello, Dolly; Phil- 
osophy; GL, Matt; ILY, Becky; 
The Freezer; D.R., R.L, T.H. , 
Ms. B., TY; G.P., J.C., Love 
Fool; Good Bye + Good Luck 
to everyone! I'm outta here; 

Will Mattie 


14 Worcester Street (B) 

GT w/ D.B., A.O.K., C.C., 
S.C., B.M., J.M.; Hoc, it's so 
addicting; Hot Clam Chow- 
den GW w/ O.F., S.M., K.G. 

Ray Martineau 

"Boom Boom" 

15 Aberdeen Lane (B) 

GT.Wr 1,2,3,4; BSb 1,2; TY, 
Mr. Holmes + Stump; thank 
you, Mom; Good luck, Kristen. 

Janel T. McGrath 
77 Nottingham Drive (R) 

FH 1, 3+4; CI 1-4; Sb 1+2; 
STr3+4; GTw/GF: you know 
who you are; U.T. - all right! 
S.G. + L.M.'s; Too bad, 
Grendel "E" wait your turn; 
Jen, Falmouth road race 
96+97; Halloween @ K.C.; 
A+J, Alfred's mine; Boston - 
Wong; MV w/ Mo; Roadkill; 
The bug; GT @ GW; The 
cabin; Mo + CD., I'll miss 
you; Mom + Dad, ILY, TY - for 
everything, GL, J.+J. 

Rita A. Marcinkiewicz 

1495 South Street (B) 

CC 1+2; Cat, TY; Bren, m; 
Best Friend! CM. Dumb - 
who? B.F. @ 12 w/ 2 guys 
B.Z. sneaking! B.B. + J.G 
Corruption? 2 = better 
Double Trouble; Humpty's 
'97 Horde, 311; E.J., wann; 
play? B.M. WHAT' 
REBUNKA! Leo's! Collegi, 
Drives! J.G. 4 B's! B.B. ,TYfo 
GT's! M+ D, TY, ILY! Lau, 
miss you! Hools GL! bye. BP 

Shannon McGoogan 

"Demonica, Shan" 

75 Temi Road (R) 

M + M Pink Floyd; M.F 
Thanks for everything; NE- 
Collective Soul, Phish. 
Spring, Fiong; Stoughto 
Paul; Prom night: "Let rr 
wash your hair."; Novemb 
8,'97. TY; B.P.. TY; Prof 
Rock: B.S.. ILY; GV 
Metallica; Les Miserable 
M.M.. GL; Mom + Dad, I loi 
you! Good bye. everyone! 


Richard McLaren 
938 High Street (B) 


Alicia Meaney 
590 Vernon Street (B) 


Dancin' Queen; UMass - 
11; Jess stay out of the 

idge! DMB, SMB, Boss- 
ies, River Rave, Horde, + 
lootie w/ J.C.. S.M., L.C., + 

.F.; S.M., get off the chair; 

apt. M.; GT @ Horseneck; 
lew Yrs. Eve 97'; The Lakes; 
langing @ L.C.'s; Roche 

ros.; TY, Mom + Dad ILY; 
pL, Lynsey. 

Elizabeth McGuire 


1500 South Street (B) 

Band 1-4; CG 1-4; Mu. 3-4; 
US1 4; GT + GF; Florida '96; 
Band Camps; Summers @ 
Cape Cod; Night driving - 
Where are we? GT @ the 
yard; Worst weekend; 64!! 
Stay off the seawall! Crepes; 
Remember the stairs? TY, 
Mom + Dad, I never could 
have done it without you! ILY, 
Jeff - My little pal; GL, Julie! 

Sarah E. McLellan 
1510 South Street (B) 

Soc 1-4; WTr 1-4, Capt.; Str, 
Capt.; GT w/ GF, Hootie + 
River Rave w/ E.F., DMB; SM 
Band; HORDE @ GWw/J.C, 
L.C., A.M.,; Bosstones; Which 
way? J.C., A.M., My dancin' 
Queens; Nights out @ Lakes; 
L.C., What's that noise? Sun- 
rise; J.C., Let's drive in neu- 
tral! Walter! GT @ Horseneck; 
TY, Mom, Dad, Andy; GL, B- 

Leslie John McLaughlin 

1 10 Deerfield Drive (B) 
Soc 1-2; STr 2-4; NHS 3-4; 
Ireland '96; Thanks for your 
help, E.G. + J.J.; Watch out 
for the cow, J.J. + J.N.; M.C., 
my P.O.D. pal; Laughs w/T.M. 
in Physics; Captain Mel; 12/ 
Shawn, you're my best friend; 
GL, Ali + Doug; ILY + TY, 
Mom, Dad + Joan; ILY + miss 
you Jess. 

Alicia R. Moore 
30 Tabway Lane (B) 
C1 1-4; GTw/GF;CA 95+97; 
UT- All right; NYC -Oh sure; 
Dunks; Boston; Jr. Prom; 
Semi 97'; Stefano - Twins? 
Sa, trampoline, stars, remem- 
ber my house? Friends R Us; 
J+J, Alfred's mine; Mo, you 
rock; E.O., oh dear; George's; 
E- Sauce; Garth- row 1 ; Wong; 
Purple roses; Bluey; Ed + Will; 
Mom + Dad - TY, ILY; M - be 
good; T - GL. 

John McKinnon 

"Johnny Mac" 

395 Oak Street (R) 

Bkb 1; Bsb 1-4; Baseball @ 
the Dome w/S.J. + C.P. (Bob); 
Tailgate Party w/ no lighter 
fluid; Hangin' out @ J.H.'s w/ 
T.M. + B.P.; Popponesset 
Crew; Home Run Derby @ 
Reid Field; Lifting w/ M.H.; 
Skating w/the Boys; Plumb- 
ers' Supply; Harry's; GL to all 
of my friends; Thank You, 
Mum + Dad! ILY! 

Timothy McRae 


120 Francine Road (R) 

Soc 1,2,3,4; B.P., Navy 
SEALS; CO., Sagamore? 
J.M. - "One Week"; Hangin' 
with friends in J.H.'s back- 
yard!! 4th of July 97; Laughs 
in Physicsw/ L.M.! ..."MEL!" 
GT + GF...B.P., J.H., S.P., 
CO., J.M.,..M.C!! Good 
Luck to all my firends !!!!!!!! 
Thanks, Dad, Mom, Heather 
+ Amy! 


Michael Morley 
151 Pleasant Street (R) 

Erica Newby 
40 Maura Drive (B) 

I remember the way we 
parted, the day and the way 
we met; we left, not broken 
hearted, but knowing we'd 
never forget. 

GL, everyone; GT + GF; TY + 
ILY, Mom + Dad;J.D.;TYfor 
being there for me through 

Sarah P. Moore 

"Smoore, Shortie" 

54 Flag Street (B) 

FLC. 1+2; GYM. 1-3; US1 
3+4; GT w/ GF; Parties at 
Wareham; FL. w/ TJ 2; Draft- 
ing w/ D.J.; Summer of '97 on 
canal; Chop chop in biology; 
Corn nuts; TY + GL to every- 
one; Thanks, Moe! THANK 
YOU, Mom, Dad, Dave, + 
Tim, Good Luck, Kathleen + 

Jennifer Anne Myers 

"Jenny, Myers" 
696 North Street (B) 

YB 1-4; RS 1-4; I want to say 
GL + ILY, to all my friends, I 
will never forget you. To my 
big sister, J.E., TY, for the 
extra sibling. Prom, I was a 
dancing queen. TY, Ms. 
McGuire, Mom + Dad, GL, 
Mike; ILY, Jason 3/22/95; I 
have no legs! Let me be re- 
deemed for I am free. Bye- 
bye B-R + TY. 

Shaun Murphy 
24 Titicut Road (R) 

Charlotte Nihan 

353 Elm Street (B) 

Bowies pet shop' 97; Senior 
year Honor Roll! I made it! 
Thanks to my teachers + 
friends; I'll miss BR; I've 
learned a lot; Class of 1998 
rocks; Florida + Can; '97 
school dance was a blast; 
Perfect attendence 4 years + 
Pres. Fitness Award '97; ILY, 
Mumsie, Grandpa, Grandma, 
Uncle Steven, + all; TY, Dad, 
Mom C.N. + N.N. 

Victoria A. Mordas 

"Vicki, Rigga" 
45 Hubbard Lane (B) 

GT+GF ; And we thought il 
would neverend; Chem. crew 
Dr. 3-4 , Cuckoo; Monkey 
fun; Hey, Beavis; Need morei 
sugar; Until we meet again... 
GL, everyone + stay insane: 
B.H., E.S., M.P., K.M., too: 
ILY + TY, to my family 4 
friends; Later, B-R. 

Leigh Nicole Nathan 
20 Kenneth Drive (B) 

+ GF; J.C., What sign? LC 
Cheez wiz, Steeve! A.M., blun 
pens; D.Q. w/A.W.; No, I don' ( 
Swedish fish; Ski trips; Mode* 
U.N., got milk? J.C. + K.A: 
The green blanket; The bead; 
(Newport?); Trench warfare 
Rich, you're the best; ILV 
Mom + Dad; GL, Jeff + Josh 


Erin Noyes 
183 Oak Street (R) 

Mark Nixon 
35 Cherry Street (B) 

FB 1-4, Capt w/ T.P. OCL 
Champs 3-4; Str 2-4, OCL 
Champs 2-3; Hootie w/ B.C., 
D.H.; J.P. thedog did it; GT w/ 
D.H., J.P., R.W., @ Garth; 
GT + GL A.B., J.P., R.W., 
D.H., T.P.; Cruising w/ D.F.; 
Indian runs w/ FB team; 
Sleeping in the Impala; McD's 
w/R.W. + D.H.;S.C.,ILY;GL, 
Bill, 79, 51, 48, 42, 24, I'll miss 

Catherine O'Brien 

"Kitty, Cat, Carol, Bob" 

12 Yoke Road (B) 

Going to Lupos; getting auto- 
graphs at Strand; Profile 
Rock; Motorcycle man; Sa- 
lem; Running through foun- 
tain; I don't like CL; Fireworks 
@ Nate Doggs; Skiing w/ 
K.W., A.M., J.M.; Petty; K.W. 
ya face! MOO, I'm a cow; TY 
K.H.,S.S.,P.L, K.M., M.F., 
A.B., B.L; ILY, Mom, Dad + 

John Noblin 
730 Pleasant Street (R) 

Julie Noyes 


85 Ashtead Road (B) 

"Rainbow stripes 
and equal rights." 

Katie O'Brien 
36 Murray Circle (R) 

CI 1-4; GT+GF ILY; Keys? 
E.J.,L.M. house; Cape; GW; 
K.T., A.L., Mom on phone; 
Craft; Rays; Sidewalk; Case; 
R.P., V.N.; Late night; Golf; 
Winter; Walk w/ K.T., E.J., 
D.F.; Secret w/ E.J.; Bretton 
Woods; M.O., K.W., window; 
K., J., M., K., ILY; Josh, GL, 

Jamie O' Connor 

Christine O'Neil 


326 Forest Street (R) 

FH 1-3; Mu 1+2; GT + GF; 
A.M. - Calif '95+97; NYC - Oh, 
sure; Stefano; Fatty; Garth; 
Sa- pues; Vermont; Summers 
w/ B.P. + T.M.; Tea; M.C. + 
C.G. - ILYG; M.B. + B.M. - 
Cult; Larry Murphy - 99; 
Brockton; Boston w/ M.C. + 
S.P.; Ohhh Powers; J + S; 
5.7; Paco - flowbee; What- 
ever; Chuck; Workin'; TY, 
Mom + Dad; ILY; GL, Nick. 



Jeffery M. Oman 
10 Brent Avenue (B) 

Bkb 1 : GT w/ the neighbor- 
hood crew + A.S.. A.K.. J.D.. 
N.B.. J.S.. G.W.: Jr Prom + 
New Years 96 @ A.K. s: 
Stranded in Plymouth w/ 
LeBarron: 2 hours to get to 
Salem? N.B. aka Mouth: Hal- 
loween '97: 311 @ GW: GW 
7/11/97 J.O. + A.S.: The 
Volvacious: Thanks. Mom + 
Dad: Good Luck. Amy: Jon 
too: ILY .Andrea. 

Gina Marie Palumbo 

26 Michael Road (B) 
CC 1-4: NHS 3-4: WAC 3-4: 
Swimming: Photography: 
L.N. -whatever, polyphemus. 
flea! Mock trial 3+4: B.D.- 
peaches! French chocolate? 
K.A.-cc camp. feet, leery, he 
looks like Scott! A.F.-Stevie- 
G!M.R.- what's on the board?! 
Boston W/B.D..A.S..M. R.. - 
S.H.:A.S. -clubs? Cable: GL. 
J.L..TY. Mom + Dad. Larry! 

Susan Oakes 


892 South Street (B) 

PC dance; GT + GF M.D.. 
M.T..A.W..T.H..D.D.: Disney 
96: get my license? tubing 
w/M.D. + family; Petty @ GW 
'95: thanks. Havier: senior 
prom w/ Rob: dork: Jr. miss 
97: Rob 4-ever in my heart. 
ILY: TY. J+M; Mom + Dad, "I 
know wasnl easy, but we did 
it!" TY + ILY; "the memories 
are forever." 

Sandra Pacheco 
252 North Street (B) 

FH 1; STr2-4; FLC 1-4: YB 
3+4; Ski 2-4; River Rave @ 
B.H.: Bushwhacker! Got any 
water? D.L., Do you see any 
blue lights? Roches; Fiesta 
96: Computer Boy: Sarah Lee: 
Poncho: N.Y. w/ K.B.: Aruba 
'97 w/ A.F.; Mailbox: Kel. you 
are my B.F.: ILY + will never 
+ Dad. 

Kevin A. Pacheco 


830 Judson Street (R) 

Soc 1-4;4Capt.; Bkb 1-4.4 
3+4; GTw/GF: GW; K.C.'s; 9 
@ Bren's w/ Ralpho; The 
Lady; Sausage @ Chuck's: 
G.A.: Semi +7/4/97 @ M.D.'s; 
Jr. Prom: Running w/ GF ; 
Dunks 2-4; Many more GT to 
come; GL, K.P.; TY. Mom + 
Bud. ILY. 

\ \ 1 A 

Timothy Pauline 
57 Parkwood Drive (R) 

Elise Ann Ohrenberger 

379 East Street (B) 

Soc 1-4: WTr 1-4. Capt: STr 
1-2: GT + GF: JP w/ Abe; 
Newport w/ M.D. + B.C.; 
Cape: @ Megs 7/4/97. 12/ 
31/96. 2/14/97. Semi: M.W.- 
Jams: M.D. - Laughs: N.C. - 
My Angel: A.M. - Oh Dear; 
Jules - Talks: K.M. - 25: 
Dunks: 6/11/97 - J.N. - you 
are my everything - ILY; Mrs. 
C. - 1 miss you: TY.Meg + Jay 
- ILY; Mom + Dad. TY - ILY. 

Robert Packer 


5 College Road (B) 

Bsb 2: FLC 2+3: A Greattirw 
in Montreal: GT + GF: T.Fj 
D.P.. W.M.. J.C.; spending 
the summers working at ttv 
bogs: Saco river in 96: IWIU 
Tennille. 12/21/96.Remerrri 
ber 2/23/97? I love and mis* 
you. Grandpa. 7/11/9ffl 
Thanks for everything Mortal 
and Gram! 


Angela Person 

258 Whitman Street (B) 

3T + GF: M.T., L.G., J.G., 
<.H., K.M., J.S., CO., S.A., 
\/I.D., B.G., M.M., P.L., J.L.; 
MO! Swishy; Gabe's house; 
: ruitybum; Vampires; Skulk; 
SD; Bugga, KORN; Physco; 
.upos; Boston; K.W's; TSD 
ournament w/ Tim @ An- 
hony; GL, D.P. + K.S.; TY, 
\/lom, George, + Dad; Love 
Shack, ILY, P.S.; Love ya, 
Dub bye! 

^^ - 

Scott Pittsley 


885 Summer Street (B) 

kb 1 ; I'm Finally out of here! 

iT @ Bumpy's w/ D.B., A.V., 
D.W., J.C., J.L., M.P., A.L; 
The summer was awsome, 
especially down @ the Cape; 
-\ey, S.L, "What's the deal 

n the heavy clam bakes to- 

ight?" TY, Mom, Dad, + Sis; 
.ong live the mighty Malibu + 

hicken nugget day; GL, 

Alana Pellecchia 


44 Paddock Road (B) 

GT+GF: hotel party w/E.H., 
J.C., M.C., J.F. + D.G., busted; 
My house, Laundry room; 
Party @ Dre's; Fleck's mom's; 
235w/J.C. + LC.;Jr.Promw/ 
M.D.; J.A. Almost made it; 
Marvels; E.W. - Where's the 
E + J?E.H.,ILYIikeasister, 
you are my best friend; I miss 
you, H.R.; TY, Mom, Dad, 
Nana, +Carlene, ILY; G + 
ILY, Nicholas + Justin. 

Christian Pickett 
457 Robinson Street (R) 

Jennifer Phaneuf 

"Jenn, Jenna" 

503 South Street (B) 

Softball 1-4; GT + GF: ILY all; 
Julie, you will always be my 
best. Jonesy, what can I say! 
Rinnie, your house! Amy, it's 
been so long. TY, for every- 
thing; summer softball 1-4: 
some of the best times of my 
life (so far); 

"You have to laugh at your- 
self, you'd cry your eyes out if 
you didn't." 

Josh Poh 
44 Clarence Avenue (B) 

Fb 1-4, OCL Champs; WR1- 
4, OCL Champs; Thanks Mr.D 
for everything; Thanks, Katie, 
I love you, honey; TY, Mom 
and Dad, ILY. 

Mark Pero 

"Funky P" 

77 Pond Street (B) 

GL, Vicki; The Original Dy- 
nasty (1994-1998); I'm not a 
wolf! what the Dillyo? Hoyts' 
M.H.,R.P.,S.R.,D.S.S., and 
Mr. Popcorn himself - wiley 
kiley; Beefcake legacy; 
Doobie Doobie Doo; T.V. w/ 
H.G.,LS.,N.P.,andMidgy + 
he ELF (He's one cool Foot- 
stool), bye, Spencer! 

Erin L. Pierson 


464 Vernon Street (B) 

I just wanna' laugh! J.B., I will 
neverforget you, 4/1 6/95; Hangin' 
w/ H.P. in E.B. (trouble); Vans, 
Warped Tour '96+'97 w/ my soul 
mate R.P.; Hey, dude, it's BJORK 
time 2/14/97; GT + GF, A.B., 
Shrimp, M.K., R.P., H. P.; and any- 
one else I forgot; Hey, Desi, 
memba the long snowy trip? 
Thanks, Mom + Dad, Amy, Brian, 


Sarah B. Pohl 


972 Pine Street (R) 

FH 1 -4; Mu 1 -3; Purple Roses; 
Boston; Bluey; J+J - M.V.; Ver- 
mont - CO.; J.A, + J.P.; En 
Vogue; Trampoline, stars, + 
do U remember your house? 
Bob; Tim's house - summer 
95 + 96'; 10/31/97; Piggy + 
Sharky; Tea; V - day; Wong; 
Mo- 9/96 + UN trip; ILY, Mom 
+ Dad;GLJ.P. - ILY. 

Natalie Porto 
44 Fairbanks Road (R) 

Ten 1-4, Capt; Jammin' w/1 
Chrissy; Keep on kickin' it w/ 1 
mad flava; Swing kid! J.W., 
breakdancin'; Stalker boy; 
BOO! H.G., Smutville; A.W., 
mom's hiding in the bushes; 
T.C., Gloria Estefan; Cheche; 
GT w/ L.C.; GL to my III 1 waldo 
buddies! B.G., C.S., S.S., 
A.W.; Rock on fatty! Thanks, 
Mum + Dad ILY. 

William G. Prince 


605 North Street (B) 

STr 1 -4 OCL Champs, CC1- 
4; GT+GF ww/ N.S., J.W., 
M.G., B.D., J. P., C.L, C.L,, 
D.C., R.C., M.B., M.M., R.D., 

M.P., M.M.; Flip out on Dave; 
Yardsale; Hook me up; 
Bonneville chases w/B.D.; 
Nat; I200 golfballs; Mt. Snow, 
in the woods; U2 concert; 
Washing cars w/Chris; Free 
coffee; J. P. abs; Jack rules; 
TY, Mom + Dad. 

Anne Reed 
498 Leonard Street (R) 

Gym. 1, Ski 1; GT + GF; T.B., 
C.B., CO- pennies; Tacos, 
Joe's, Fest'97, Boston; M.C.- 
freezer, McDonald's; C.C., 
J.C.- Globe! Norton Woods; 
E.W., J. A.- chase, Brockton; 
Ski '97-Trip there! M.C.T.B.- 
Be strong, summer '95, of- 
fice- Truck! Thanks, Mom + 
Dad; GL, Brian, Melissa, Kera, 
Maria; Lucy! 


Melissa L. Ranney 

"Mel, Meliss" 

461 Pleasant Street (R) 

Bkb 1; Ten 1-4; NHS 3+4; 
US13;MT2-4; Photo 1-4; GT 
w/A.W.,G.P.,B.D. l LC.,S.H., 
J.C., J.M.; Mix Fest '97; Draw- 
ing Derivatives; Marshmallow 
Bunny; Pickle; "AnotherStudy 
Hall"; London w/ L.L.; T.B.P.- 
N.C.+J.S. Halloween! Help- 
ers; Pez; Poker; Bumpus; 
Sweaters; IWALY, D.J.; TY, 
Mom + Dad; GL, Everyone! 

Laurie Principe 
115 Cherry Street (B) 

WTr 1-4; Mu 1-4; Ski 1-4; 
4; PL 1-4; YB 4; Cruzin' w/ 
E.F.; Squids; 80's; Block 
nights; GT w/GF: you know 
who; Sneaks burgers E.G. 
Twister; Sand Beach 
7620AZ; 'They killed Kenny" 
OZ; Go-Carts; Movies w/R.B. 
the Rally; Dad, Mom, Denny, 
Mollie, My Heros,TY for ev- 
erything, ILY GUYS. 

Patrick Registre 
6 Forest Street (R) 

Mary Reardon 

"Joey, Darth" 

48 Michael Road (B) 

Band 1 -4; FTA 3-4; GT+GF: 
J.B., B.C., D.R., J.W., C.G., 
D.B..M.K..N.C.; Cable is the 
best; Marc + Scott's bunny 
hop; Only once and awhile, 
huh, Brad; Derek, hunny, be- 
have; Julie- little kitty mew 
mew; Interesting car rides; 
Thanks for everything, Jay; 
GL to all my friends; It was 
phenomenal; C-ya, B-R. 


Michael Roman 

645 North Street (B) 

Hoc 1 -4 Capt.; STr 1 -4 3 OCL 
Champs; TY, Mr. Crane + Mr. 
Lennon; Fenway w/ S.S., 
Fran, + D.C.; U.N. w/ every- 
one; GW s/ R.G.; Disney w/ 
iFran; Tailgate @ Fb games; 
[Fireruns w/ the Team; Best 
year Frosh Hockey w/ Tom; 
iSummer's over S.S.; Roid 
rage @ Wendys; Thanks for 
•everything, Mom, Dad, Dave 
+ Tom! 

Dave Russell 

HmissGT + GF atB-R;P.E. 
:lass; Work study; Thanks to 
ny teachers, especially Mr. 

haneuf + Mr. Brogna, GL 
:lass of '99; Men's Prayer 

roup; Supermen! Monad- 
lock Thanks to Mom + Dad 
or everything, ILY; Honor roll 
I; Perfect Attendance only 3. 

Elizabeth Rexford 

126 East Street (B) 

Chorus 1+2, FTA 2-4; Bkb, 
Oliver; Roche w/ R.P., J.C., 
Deli w/T.W.; Semi 1 -4, Junior 
Prom; Dome w/ E.P. L.H., B- 
day @ hotel w/ GF + Rene; 
Deleware w/J.B. Chillin @ 
mall; GT w/ GF, you know 
who you are! Senior poster 
party, GL class of '98 I'll miss 
you! DAVE ILY forever! TY, 
Mom,ILY,TY, Dad, GL, Jess! 

Neil Roza 
209 South Drive (B) 

Eyes I dare not meet in dreams 

In death's dream kingdom 

These do not appear: 

There, the eyes are 

Sunlight on a broken column 

There, is a tree swinging 

And voices are 

In the wind's singing 

More distant and more solemn 

Than a fading star. 

T. S. Eliot 

Shannon Rosenfield 
490 High Street (B) 

Summer '94, '95; GTw/ J.K., 
D.L,S.C.,J.J.,J.P.,4th July 
weekend at J.T., unforget- 
able; GT in the cube Dec. 5, 
97; Bourne Bridge, Hot tubs, 
J.P., J.B., M.T., J.T., M.T., 
4:20 ya know! I love you man; 
I thinkyou're great owe it all to 
Mom + Dad! I love you Mark, 
you turned out all right! 

Jeffrey P. Ryan 

431 Vernon Street (B) 

Bsb 1; GT + GF: Best of 
Friends w/ E.S., M.S., D.B., 
J.D., N.S., Skinny, J.W., Good 
Luck, Class of '98! Thanks, 
Mom + Dad. I did it because I 
am HE-MAN! Iron man is out; 
Chevy 350 79; Field bomb- 
ing, Race Track, Skinny's 
going away party, Good Luck, 
Skinny! 4 Wheeling, Bob's 
Chevy blazen, burn, baby, 

Eric Rich 

50 Ashtead Road (B) 

GT+GF, D.C., A.M., M.S., 
J.C., T.G., A.C., R.L; GT @ 
160, 166, 37, + 420; Phishin 
1 -4; Alman Brothers @GWw/ 
D.C., A.M., M.S.; Gov 
Hershey! It ain't no funT-dog, 
Kara, ILY, I'll neverforgetyou; 
TY H.+ D., GL w/ T.S.; TY, 
Mom + Dad, ILY always; keep 
it real, Shep! 

Amanda Jean Rudolph 
31 Roberts Road (B) 

ArtClub President: GT @ CP; 
The Cemetary; GT w/ J.K., 
M.D., K.L., B.L., K.W., T.O., 
M.T., J.B., M.R., B.R., K.H., 
M.B., J.S., P.L., M.F., CO., 
N.M., J.L.; Product; VFW, 
NICKEL; The Rock; TY Ms 
Brown + Mr Phaneuf; TY 
Mom, Dad + Sis; ILY Mark. 


Mark Ryan 
21 Darlene Drive (B) 

Jennifer Sampson 
"Sammy, Speedracer" 

115 Village Gate Drive (B) 

Motorcycling, skimobiling; RR 
tracks, parties, concerts; Jr. 
semi w/ T.D. GT! GT @ Sr. 
prom w/ CD., Doors 5-1; On- 
set; Jenstock '97, 2 Red: 
POOPS; Sr. X-mas party, GT 
C.O.ITYM+ D + Brett, ILY! 
Corey TY + ILY! Shagadelic, 
Baby! GL everybody, miss 
you! Peace + Love! 

Nathaniel P. Sesin 

5 Kathleen Road (B) 

STr 1 -4 OCL Champs 96-97; 
WTr1; FLC1;Ski4;GT + GF 
B.D., J. P., J.W., B.P., D.C., 
M.G., + M.P.; Canoe Trip 97; 
Mt. Snow out of bounds; 
Yardsale Bill; Bonneville 
chases; 1200 Golf Balls; 
D.S.T., Jack Rules; TY for 
everything Mom, Dad, Aaron, 

Nicholas Saccone 
1373 Vernon Street (B) 

Geoffrey Schmuck 
15 Sunset Lane (B) 

GF: B.W., A.W., D.S., M.H., 
M.W.,M.M.,J.M.,R.C, P.E.; 
GT: PHISH 97, camping w/ 
GWw/GF, studio 12, T.S.R. 
goodbye M.P.,SOC,WTr,TY 
Mom + Dad. 

Jennifer Lee Schleicher 

9 23 N. Main Street (R) 

Soc 1 -3 Capt 4; Bkb 1 -2 Capt. 
3+4; SC 2-4; Class Treasurer 
2-4; J.T + E.N.- I'll drive; A.I. 
Sliding on ice; E.M.-2/22/95 
ILY; A.L.- Long rides; D.B.- 
1 1/28/92-1/28/93, 1 will never 
forget you; R.S. GL + ILY; 
Mom + Dad, TY + ILY; GL to 
everyone+ TY for a great four 

Brian Shimkus 
305 Plain Street (B) 

GT w/ friends @ my house; 
FFb; Jr. Prom; GW Rage + 
Wu; H.S. Girlfriend waste of 
time; GL, M.R., J.G. it's been 
a blast; Biddy Bkb; Senior 
Babe Ruth M.R., J.G., J.M., 
B.S. we really hit some 

Stephen P. Scopa 
"Poopie or Poop" 
22 Starr Road (B) 

LollaPalooza '97; Boom '£ 
Bean; Snowboarding at Lo 
Mt; Tacobell; Lost highway 
K.L.'s House; Bickforc 
FAYgo; Lupos'; Freedom Ft 
96+ 97; Powdered doughnu 
T.S., K.L, N.F., R.B.; We' | 
had some great times; TV 
GL, everyone; TY, Mom 
Dad for everything; ILY, M. 


Seth Silver 
60 Ashtead Road (B) 

Ski: GT + GF Lupo's 97; Skip 
days; Trips w/ US 1 ; Massasoit 
Drive Home; 10/26/97; Lunch 
Jr. yr; Summer of '97; Semi 
'97; Candy Bars; JW/NECI 
Fireside; Jr. Prom; Sr. Party 
DeCastro class; TY+ GL 
Julie; Dawn; Heather; Sarah 
Brad; Darlene; Eric; Jeni; P.F. 
J.S.; V.M.; Da Da Da, 

Erica Lee Smith 
43 Flaggstone Place (B) 

FH 1-4 Capt.;GT + GF: Cape 
w/ Crew; Why's it so dark? 
L.M.'s 8-12; Secrets; Labor 
Day Toast; 2/26/94 - closed; 
Shotgun? Shh; Bob's 5:30 am; 
Lake; Skiing; Erica's + S.G.'s 
houses; Friday errands; GW; 
Food fight; Tip; Tree; Let's go 
swimming! Raynham escort; 
Thanks, Scottie + Al; V.N.; 
ILY, Mom; GL, Matt. 

Adam Silva 


311 Forest Street (R) 

SOC1-3;WR1-4;J.N., K.P., 
G.A.,B.C.;GT + GF;3112-4; 
the Cape w/G.A., J.N. , B.C., 
K.P.; The Girls, E.O., K.M., 
J.T., M.W., N.C., B.C., M.D., 
ILY; 4th of July at M.D.'s 
Thanks to the Lady, Chuck's 
and Kathy; Joe says we're 
finally out of here; GL, Jon, 
Amy + Dave, Thanks, Mom + 
Dad, ILY; Good Bye! 


Christine M. Smith 

950 High Street (B) 

Soc 1-3, WTr 1-4, Ten 1-4; 
Biking + blading adventures; 
Billy; Swords; Dunks + Mega- 
Broom; Driving troubles; 
Squidling; "My pedal fell off !"; 
Grade's carriage; "Blah!"; #8; 
Gerald Ford @ Wal-Mart; 
swingsters; Canada; R.B.- 
Funway; Road trips; ILY + 
TY, Mom + Dad; GL, C, D., + 
J.; Never say goodbye. 

Shane Patrick Slater 
20 Legge Street (B) 

Soc 1 -4 OCL Champs 95; STr 
1-4 OCL Champs 96-97; Bkb 
4;GF + FTw/M.R. "Goose", 
Fran, D.C., T.H., E.F., R.F.; 
Madden @ Fran's; summers 
@ Horseneck; 'Roid' rage @ 
Wendy's; Tailgating Fb 
games; Fb vs. the Raynham 
boys; Thanks for everything, 
Mom + Dad! Good Luck, 

Jennifer L. Sousa 

"Savage Susa" 
39 Phyllis Road (R) 

SO 3+4 Capt. 4; RS 2; Jimmy 
Moore 6/18/96 Library, ILY 
always; S.M. + J.B. bio chop- 
chop! K.H. marine bio shark 
attack- Petey; Jr. Prom + 
Semi; So, J.M., D.S., J.L., 
B.S., M.W., lightsaber base- 
ball - GT + GF; Flyboy Jim; 
Mustang Mike; T.S. my law - 
coffee is hot! To my friends - 
GL! To my family - TY for 
everything, ILY. 

Cheryl B. Silva 

124 Titicut Road ( R) 

CC 2-4 Capt. 4, WTr 2-4, STr 
2-4;GT + GF:K.A.,LK.,lgs; 
Boyds, Nimbus clouds + 
plashy runs; wouldn't it be 
funny if we all had the same 
dream; NO TIME; Friendly's 
runs; Quarter in sun; Badmin- 
ton accidents; Ice cream + 
knives; Good Piggy; E.S., Red 
Bag; Race you home; TY, 
Mom, Dad + Jen; GL, Cathy + 

Daniel C. Smith 


981 South Street (B) 

4 years Foreign Language 
Club + Spring Track; 3-4 Na- 
tional Honors Society; 
Montreal '96; Thanks for the 
memories, Chris, Diana, 
Tersea, Nick, Becky, Artie + 
Liz; Love you all; Jr. Prom '97; 
Sr. Prom '98; Keene State; 
Love you all; Thanks most to 
Dad + Nancy; Good Luck to 
everyone in college. 


Bryan Stanley 

Heidi Swale 
"Hilda May" 

1540 Broadway #29 (R) 

Gt + GF: you know who you 
are. Hey, Andrea, remember 
the fun times in Freshman 
math class. Can't forget 
Romper Room 3-4. GL to all. 
TY. Mom + Dad ILY. ILY 
.Matt a.k.a. T-balls. Bye. 
eveyone. TY. Aunt Kathy. 

Jennifer Mane Spagone 

90 Bayberry Circle (B) 

PL 1-4; SADD 1-4; Dance; 
GT + GF: A.M., N.B., D.G., 
M.T., GW w/ Moe; Luther '97; 
143; Cole, the car is steam- 
ing; Wareham + Rov; 26; 
Times @ the office w/ A.M., 
J.C., M.R.; Trips to Coyte; 8/ 
15/97; Indian Point; Jr. Prom; 
Semi '97; ILY + I'll miss you, 
Alan; TY, Mom + Dad; GL, 
M.J.;GLtoN.B., D.G., A.M. 


Elaine M. Sullivan 
47 Fox Hill Road (B) 

FH 1 -4 Capt; Wait your turn! 
"G H , Jen, Sara, CM.; K.M.; 
B.F. for 18; 2 bad! Darrow; 3 
Irish chicks; Keys? w/ K.O. + 
S.G.; Juniors! L.M. + E.J. 8- 
12; S.G. BOOM! Traffic 
games; GT @ GW + the 
Cabin; CAPTAINS! Pizza @ 
2 a.m.; Seinfeld days; Little 
Girl Graduates! Thanks, 
Mom, Dad, + John; GL, Kara! 

Eric Steidinger 
50 Alice Road (R) 

It was fun while it lasted, but 
I'm glad it is over! GT w/ GF: 
C.S., V.M., C.L, Good luck in 
all you do. Thank you, Mom + 
Dad + Robin. 



Luke J. Taber 


22 Laurel Lane (R) 

New Years '97, OP. is gone; 
GT@GWw/S.T. + B.B.;GL, 
Boys; Am I late; OP., I will be 
over; When are we going to 
the gym? Hey, M.B., I like 
L.K.; GL, Meg + Derek; 
Thanks, Mom + Dad; Did I do 
it? TY for everything. 

Hope M. Springer 
1 Bob White Lane (B) 

GT in Spanish w/ Mr. Faria 3- 
4; Pink toilet paper: Bush @ 
Florida w/ J. F. -911; ANGEL 
+ GODDESS; Junior Prom w/ 
D.F.; J.F. - No matter where 
you are, you will always be my 
best friend; D.F. - You will 
ALWAYS be close to my heart! 
TY for everything Mom + Dad; 
GL, Brandon, ILY. 

Michael F. Sullivan 

75 Deerf ield Drive (B) 
WM-4; FB1+2; Drafting 1-4; 
Junior Prom, Mark 8; GT + 
GF: M.D., L.K., J.M., S.D., 
G.A., C.L., L.O, + the Crew; 
ILY M.A.; Pantera + The 
Shows, 3 Kicks; Tattoos: 
Brawlers; Camping w/ M.D.: 
Luke's House; TY, ILY Mom, 
GL, Chris. 

"At least we have each other and 
we can rely on one another." 


Seth Silver 
60 Ashtead Road (B) 

ki:GT + GFLupo's97;Skip 
lays; Trips w/ US 1 ; Massasoit 
)rive Home; 1 0/26/97; Lunch 
r. yr; Summer of '97; Semi 
>7; Candy Bars; JW/NECI 
ireside; Jr. Prom; Sr. Party 
)eCastro class; TY+ GL 
ulie; Dawn; Heather; Sarah 
Srad; Darlene; Eric; Jeni; P.F. 
S.; V.M.; Da Da Da, 

Erica Lee Smith 
43 Flaggstone Place (B) 

r H 1-4 Capt.; GT + GF: Cape 
v/ Crew; Why's it so dark? 

M.'s 8-12; Secrets; Labor 
Day Toast; 2/26/94 - closed; 

hotgun? Shh; Bob's 5:30 am; 
.ake; Skiing; Erica's + S.G.'s 
louses; Friday errands; GW; 
"ood fight; Tip; Tree; Let's go 
swimming! Raynham escort; 
Thanks, Scottie + Al; V.N.; 
LY, Mom; GL, Matt. 

Adam Silva 


31 1 Forest Street (R) 

G.A.,B.C.;GT + GF;3112-4; 
the Cape w/ G.A., J.N., B.C., 
K.P.; The Girls, E.O., K.M., 
J.T., M.W., N.C., B.C., M.D., 
ILY; 4th of July at M.D.'s 
Thanks to the Lady, Chuck's 
and Kathy; Joe says we're 
finally out of here; GL, Jon, 
Amy + Dave, Thanks, Mom + 
Dad, ILY; Good Bye! 

Christine M. Smith 

950 High Street (B) 

Soc 1-3, WTr 1-4, Ten 1-4; 
Biking + blading adventures; 
Billy; Swords; Dunks + Mega- 
Broom; Driving troubles; 
Squidling; "My pedal fell off!"; 
Grade's carriage; "Blah!"; #8; 
Gerald Ford @ Wal-Mart; 
swingsters; Canada; R.B.- 
Funway; Road trips; ILY + 
TY, Mom + Dad; GL, C, D., + 
J.; Never say goodbye. 

Shane Patrick Slater 
20 Legge Street (B) 

Soc 1 -4 OCL Champs 95; STr 
1-4 OCL Champs 96-97; Bkb 
4; GF + FT w/ M.R. "Goose", 
Fran, D.C., T.H., E.F., R.F.; 
Madden @ Fran's; summers 
@ Horseneck; 'Roid' rage @ 
Wendy's; Tailgating Fb 
games; Fb vs. the Raynham 
boys; Thanks for everything, 
Mom + Dad! Good Luck, 


Jennifer L. Sousa 

"Savage Susa" 
39 Phyllis Road (R) 

SO 3+4 Capt. 4; RS 2; Jimmy 
Moore 6/18/96 Library, ILY 
always; S.M. + J.B. bio chop- 
chop! K.H. marine bio shark 
attack- Petey; Jr. Prom + 
Semi; So, J.M., D.S., J.L, 
B.S., M.W., lightsaber base- 
ball - GT + GF; Flyboy Jim; 
Mustang Mike; T.S. my law - 
coffee is hot! To my friends - 
GL! To my family - TY for 
everything, ILY. 

Cheryl B. Silva 

124 Titicut Road ( R) 

CC 2-4 Capt. 4, WTr 2-4, STr 
2-4;GT + GF:K.A.,LK.,lgs; 
Boyds, Nimbus clouds + 
plashy runs; wouldn't it be 
funny if we all had the same 
dream; NO TIME; Friendly's 
runs; Quarter in sun; Badmin- 
ton accidents; Ice cream + 
knives; Good Piggy; E.S., Red 
Bag; Race you home; TY, 
Mom, Dad + Jen; GL, Cathy + 

Daniel C. Smith 


981 South Street (B) 

4 years Foreign Language 
Club + Spring Track; 3-4 Na- 
tional Honors Society; 
Montreal '96; Thanks for the 
memories, Chris, Diana, 
Tersea, Nick, Becky, Artie + 
Liz; Love you all; Jr. Prom '97; 
Sr. Prom '98; Keene State; 
Love you all; Thanks most to 
Dad + Nancy; Good Luck to 
everyone in college. 


Bryan Stanley 

Heidi Swale 

"Hilda May" 

1540 Broadway #29 (R) 

Gt + GF: you know who you 
are. Hey, Andrea, remember 
the fun times in Freshman 
math class. Can't forget 
Romper Room 3-4. GL to all. 
TY, Mom + Dad ILY. ILY 
,Matt a.k.a. T-balls. Bye, 
eveyone. TY, Aunt Kathy. 

Jennifer Mane Spagone 

90 Bayberry Circle (B) 

PL 1-4; SADD 1-4; Dance; 
GT + GF: A.M., N.B., D.G., 
M.T., GW w/ Moe; Luther '97; 
143; Cole, the car is steam- 
ing; Wareham + Rov; 26; 
Times @ the office w/ A.M., 
J.C., M.R.; Trips to Coyle; 8/ 
15/97; Indian Point; Jr. Prom; 
Semi '97; ILY + I'll miss you, 
Alan; TY, Mom + Dad; GL, 

Elaine M. Sullivan 
47 Fox Hill Road (B) 

FH 1-4 Capt.; Wait your turn! 
"G", Jen, Sara, CM.; K.M.; 
B.F. for 18; 2 bad! Darrow; 3 
Irish chicks; Keys? w/ K.O. + 
S.G.; Juniors! LM. + E.J. 8- 
12; S.G. BOOM! Traffic 
games; GT @ GW + the 
Cabin; CAPTAINS! Pizza @ 
2 a.m.; Seinfeld days; Little 
Girl Graduates! Thanks, 
Mom, Dad, + John; GL, Kara! 

Eric Steidinger 
50 Alice Road (R) 

It was fun while it lasted, but 
I'm glad it is over! GT w/ GF: 
C.S., V.M., C.L, Good luck in 
all you do. Thank you, Mom + 
Dad + Robin. 

Luke J. Taber 


22 Laurel Lane (R) 

New Years '97, C.P. is gone; 
GT@GWw/S.T. + B.B.;GL, 
Boys; Am I late; C.P., I will be 
over; When are we going to 
the gym? Hey, M.B., I like 
L.K.; GL, Meg + Derek; 
Thanks, Mom + Dad; Did I do 
it? TY for everything. 

Hope M. Springer 
1 Bob White Lane (B) 

GT in Spanish w/ Mr. Faria 3- 
4; Pink toilet paper; Bush @ 
Florida w/ J. F. -911; ANGEL, 
+ GODDESS; Junior Prom w/ 
D.F.; J.F. - No matter where 
you are, you will always be my • 
best friend; D.F. - You wilH 
ALWAYS be close to my heart! 
TY for everything Mom + Dad; 
GL, Brandon, ILY. 

Michael F. Sullivan 


75 Deerfield Drive (B) 

Wr 1-4; FB 1+2; Drafting 1-4; 
Junior Prom, Mark 8; GT +( 
GF: M.D., L.K., J.M., S.D., 
G.A., C.L., L.C., + the Crew;, 
ILY M.A.; Pantera + The^ 
Shows, 3 Kicks; Tattoos; 
Brawlers; Camping w/ M.D.; 
Luke's House; TY, ILY Mom, 
GL, Chris. 

"At least we have each other and 
we can rely on one another." 




Scott L. Tarentino 
41 Scott Drive (R) 

Summer @ NewPortw/C.P.; 
ennis Balls w/C.P., + B.P.; 
Songs in Chem. w/ R.T.; Con- 
;ertsw/L.T., + M.M.; DDruns 
ber. 2; Good Times w/ E.D.; 
pog track w/LT.,C.P., B.C., 
- M.C.; Sun. Night Specials 
b Gap w. E.C.; GL in Flor. 
IP.; TY, Mike, Mom, + Dad, 

Jessica Tracy 
69 Hickory Drive (R) 

lb, Bkb, Soc: 1-4, Capt. 4; 

.M., scarecrow; S.L. + N.B., 

eg came home; Cape w/ 

.C. + M.D.; Erin + Cuz @ 

.V.; 311 w/ B.C. + A.S.; 

|ocky @ Soc; CA w/ K.M.; 

IS., You drive; Needham 

■ame?GT@ K.C.'s w/D.H.; 

I.A., Impressions; Junior 

rom w/ B.S.; TY, Becky my 

test friend; TY Family, ILY. 

Jessica Tamulevich 


510 Hayward Street (B) 

GT in the Bowl w/ everyone 
who's been in it; Fun times in 
thecube; Summerof '97; 4:20 
w/S.R. + M.T. yaknow! Hove 
you man; I think you're great; 
Take a picture, Nanny, Moe, 
+ Rutundra; Mom, O.B. + 
Alyse I love you; thanks for 

Travis Tebbetts 
480 Pleasant Street (R) 

Christina L. Tatro 


56 Douglas Drive (B) 

Band 1-4, Disney '96; GT + 
GFw/A.M.,D.S., B.B., A.L, 
R.P., J.W., A.S.; ILY + GL 
"Gizzy"; 9/28/96 + I will al- 
ways love you, Nicky; Every- 
one else - you know who you 
are; Skiing '96; Thank you B- 
R for 4 great years; Most of all 
thank you Mom, Dad, and T" 
also good luck "D". Thank you 
+ Good luck to all. 

Leah Walbourne 
90 Charles Street (B) 

Life is a journey on which only 
you know the way.; Love to 
Michele, Nic, Sam, Stina, ev- 
eryone I've known and every- 
one I'll meet in the future; To 
my family, thank you for all 
the love and support, I love 

Katie Tarentino 

"Katie T" 

965 Locust Street (R) 

C1 1-4; GT+GF: Lake George; 
GW; Cape; Never forget E.J. 
+ L.M.'s houses; K.O. + A.L. - 
Mom's on phone; S.C. beach; 
walkhomew/E.J., D.F., K.O.; 
Winter; S.G.'s house; 8 of us; 
Keys? Crash; Freshman year 
@D.C. + R.M.;Skiingw/J.M.; 
Jamin; E.J. 90 people; J.L. - 
best friend + cuz; TY + ILY - 
Mom, Dad, Matt. 

Marianne L. Terruso 


265 Whitman Street (B) 

TSD Karate; BGSL '93 - '97; 
GT + GF: L.G., A.P., J.W., 
M.D., S.O., J.S., K.H., M.M., 
R.C.P.; Boston '94 w/ L., 
T.W.F.; Jimmy, it's all Greek 
to me, Baby! TY, C, O., Mom 
+ Dad; GL, Jim! 


Jennifer Waterman 


639 King Phillip Street (R) 

WTM-3;NHS3 + 4;FLC2-4 
J.B., stranded @ Roxbury 
Sherborn? Summer of '95 
K.B., Mr. Potatohead; Disney 
Nothing to do; A.C., It's called 
abug;Camping-J + M; Neow; 
N.P., Stalkerboy; The note- 
book; S.H., Coffee fribble; 
M.T., Sesame; Thanks, Mom, 
Dad, A + T; A.C., one year 
left; GL, Patrick + Ryan. 

Sarah Wessels 
144 Forest Street (R) 

Horseback Riding 1-4; GT + 
GF: S.L., M.C.; ILY, Joe; TY 
my family, GL Class of '98. 

John Walsh 


67 Flagg Street (B) 

CC1-4;WTM-3;STr3;GT + 
D.C.M.P., M.G., C.C., S.P., 
760; Bonneville chases; Golf 
balls; Highway paintball; Yard 
sale Bill; Canoe trip; Nate 
Rules; Down with B.K.! Jack 
Rules! Rav4; Grand Prix; Skip- 
ping Track; Bill flip outs; Rage 
concert; GL, K.W., D.C., 
S.B.,+ C.M. 

Kate Marie Weingartner 
1195 Vernon Street (B) 

CO., J.M., A.M., @ Killington; 
Party @ M.F.; K.H., Crab; 
CO., Venus, Lupos; Run the 
fountain; Nate Dogg ;l hugged 
D.B.; Bicks; Billiards; GT in 
GA; Fest '97; Car songs; Flat 
in Rl w/ S.R.; Boston Lady; 
ILY, Adam, J.J., Andy, Ma, 
Pa, Memere; GL, Attorney 

Greg Wasik 
574 Walnut Street (B] 

Melissa Jean Weatherby 
1074 Pleasant Street (B) 

FH 1-3; CI 2+4; NHS; GT + 
GT: You know who you are; II 
4dippin w/gang; VAw/N.O; 
Darrow; Clubbin' w/ N.C. + 
K.M.;JPw/T.K.;N.C.'s after 
prom; E.O. jammin'; Cape w/ 
N.C. + E.O; Semi '97; Romeo 
+ B.C.;Mrs.C.-TY,ILY;N.C 
- MBF; T.K. I will never forget 
you; Mom + Dad - TY, ILY; 
GL, Corey, Joe, Dan. 

Lauren M. White 
175 Hay ward Street (B) 

MU 2-4; US1 4; NHS; C.L., 
Driving lessons; K.H., Art Mu- 
seum; K.P., Sunroof; "Let's 
go to Maine!" Martha's Vine- 
yard; Subway stations; Eu- 
rope '96; Lunchtime discus- 
sions, R.L.! "I'm not a bad 
driver!" TY + ILY, Mom, Dad, 
+ Mary. 

Joseph Wenson 

459 Rockland Street 



Jenny Wilson 
2103 Plymouth Street (B) 

Dicky, ILY always + forever, 
713/95; GT w/ D.B., L.G., 
Red, K.H., J.D., N.S., M.M., 
).R.,W.M.,M.D.,C.C., + oth- 
ers; Ozz Fest '97, GW; Rac- 
ng@ N.H.#16;Fightw/J @ 
\/lcD, Shakes; Maine w/ L + 
\A, CPR.; 4 wheeling, rolling; 
A\ casa; TY for everthing, 
yiom + Dad,ILY;GL,R.,M.,+ 
>kinny; Bye. 

Ashley Wright 


516 Pleasant Street (B) 

en. 2-4; WTr 2+3; FLC 1-4; 
ki 1-4; NHS 3+4; GT + GF; 
r. Miss; Cancun, I guess? 
iurope '96; Yes, I do! Luke's 
Jasement; Gracie; swords; 
Sargain Mania; Billy; Pickles; 
ireen Eggs + Ham; Beach 
rips; Thanks for everything 
/lorn + Dad, ILY; GL, Brett; 
lillary, reach for the stars; 
.uke, I Love You! 25. 

Elika B. Wiggins 


75 Paddock Road (B) 

Div 1 -3; We miss you, Bo; GT 
w/ Dee; J-Me; Ann, picture us 
rollin' in Brock. + Boston; Me + 
my car prob. 9/12/97; J, you 
almost made it; D's fight in the 
cafeteria; Luv to Lana, Tash, 
Mrs. F.,J.B. I J.C.,B.K.,C.C. ! 
Marvs., P.R.; I laugh in y'alls 
face who said I won't make it! 
Mr. Clasby, TY for the confi- 

Ray Wilcox 
90 Stephanie Lane (B) 

Adam Winger 
90 Hubbard Lane (B) 



Zs - 

Gemma Marie Woolley 


51 Easy Street (R) 

Chorus 1+2; Gym 1+2; Dr 4; 
Florida 96; Mom + Dad, TY 
for everything, ILY! J.D., X- 
Mas '96; E.N., GT @ Cape 
Cod! GL to all my friends! GL 
to my little brother, hang in 
there, kiddo! We did it guys 
it's over! I love you, Rob! 

Nicholas James Yafrate 


89 Nottingham Drive (R) 

NHS; GF + GT: K.B., B.C., 
ST., J.C., E.G., R.C., R.K., 
K.A., B.D..D.E., J. E. + Every- 
body else; Metallica; Karaoke; 
TY, teachers. Thanks + I love 
you, Mom, Dad, Chris, Laura. 
Je t'amie, Kim. Thanks forthe 
memories. I hope for many 
more. Thanks, BR + class of 
'98, I'll miss you! 

April Wright 
39 Burrill Avenue (B) 

AP Chem; Math parties; L.E., 
A.B., relays; M.R., bibs; GT + 
GF @ bowling; K.M., E.L„ 
S.C.,Camp;GT + GF @ Ire- 
land + Scotland; A.C., best 
friends; GL, Ally + Bryan; ILY 
Mom + Dad; TY, for being 
there for me; I'll never forget 
you, B-R! 


Christopher Zahar 

Tamsin Anne Zimbone 
73 Hewitt Drive (R) 

Soc 1-3. Ten 1-4. FIRST 3+4: 
Ireland '96, Disney '97; Great 
Woods; Best Friends: J.S., 
L.M.. H.E.. N.P. + S.L.; 
Slushies; J.S. snowboarding 
'97: S.L.. "BFI": Parties '96; 
Tennis w/ N.P. + H.E.; Ber- 
muda w/ Jen; Bagel Shop 
Spring Break '98: GT + GF 
ILY Mom + Dad. thank you 
GL. Wendy + Randy; Carpe 
Diem! :-) 

Fran Baillargron 


176 Forrest Street (R) 

BSB1-4:US1 3-4:FLC3:So 
4: I love you. Mom: Thanks 
for everything; Thanks, Mr. 
Mosca; Thanks. Ms. Calef; 
B.C., Where is my $20? S.J. , 
Here is another stupid sports 
analogy for you: Rogaine: 
R.K. "She was touching her 
face"; Thanks for the memo- 
ries, See ya! 

Michael Gilmette 

There is no borderline be- 
tween one's personal world 
and the world in general. 

Brittany Locantore 


180 Main Street 

BldgD, Apt. 101 (B) 

About Time; GTw/ Everyone: 
ILY J.N. : TY Mo B.: GL little 

Sean Harding 

196 Tea rail Road (R) 
Varsirty Hockey, to all my 
teammates, G.L.; thanks for 
the good times on and off 

Mitzie Crowther 

"Mitz, Shorty" 

675 Hill Street (R) 

GT w/ GF; A.R., T.B.. C.B.. 
M.C., J.C., C.C.: Lost in Bos- 
ton; GT in Brockton + Boston: 
Tacoridesw/GF: Summer'95: 
D.G. parties: Jr. Prom w/ A.P. 
1 1/12/96; T.B.. be strong: 10/ 
31/97 w/ A.R.; Joe's Diner; 
C.B., Six Flags; Fest '97; ILY, 
DaveC.; ILY, Mom, Dad, Mike 
L., + family; GL. Mark-John + 

Daniel J. Harding 


283 Cherry Street (B) 

FBI 1, 2, 4; STr 1-4; 
Superbowl! GT @ Garth w/ 
J.P., + T.G.;T-Bird crash; St. 
Anselm w/ M.N.J. P., + T.A.; 
G.A. - the ABLE card; Half 
Day w/ J. P.; A.S. + S.H. - Frog 
Smack: Thanks, Mr. D., you 
are well appreciated.; Thank 
you. Mom, Dad. + Drew, 
you've always been there. 

Robert DiBenedetto 


216 Overlook Drive (R) 

1; MT 2-4, Capt.; NHS 3-4; 
FIRST3-4;Li'IAbner;FLC 1. 
Bye, Mr. Mosca, Mrs. Calef, + 
Ms. Bridges. Bye, R.K., F.B., 
N.S., D.C., B.P., J.C., J.S., 
D.E.,Thankyou, Mom + Dad. 


Karla Morsehead 
197 Bridge Street (B) 

Saying goodbye has never 
been so easy before; See 
y'all later! I will always re- 
member GT w/ GF: A.P., 
+ M.F.; I will miss y'all! GT @ 
G W w/ all my buds at Ozzfest 
'97; TY, Mom + Dad; GL, 
Danielle, see you on the other 
side! ILY, Mike, always + for- 
ever, babe! I WNF 12/23/96! 

Brenda Zakrzewski 

720 North Street (B) 

You are my best friend, Rita 
TY for everything; Zack At 
tack; I do not have ugly feel 
Good Luck, Shaun, I will mis: 
you;Howisyour"relationship v 
Pantyhose; Sneak'n outj 
sleep'n at Superwash; TY 
Mom + Dad, Dan + Karen; 
love you; two guys @ BF 
Goodbye, everyone @ B-R; 
will miss you; Chix in black! 

Stephen Charles Dorr 

152 South Street (B) 

WR 1-4 States Fresh. Yr: 
What happened to your room, 
Eric? Pantera, No U-turns on 
the pike, John! SOIA@ W- 
tour, Pike strikes again; VOD, 
Madball, 7th rail, Rebound @ 
E-bar; Do you like green eggs 
and ham, Mike? "Non est ad 
astra mollis e terris via." 

Jaime Leigh O'Connor 

1315 Plymouth Street (B) 

Chorus 1+2; M.P.; J's pool 
hall + summer 96! T.D.; TY 
for being you; L.K.; O.K. Lisa! 
Cammys! Artie's; miss + LY; 
Jen; M.F.; Dunks! To all my 
GF.GL + ILY!Killa!TY,Mom 
+ Dad for everything: My Bro 
Dave; ILY all; ILY, A.W.;TY, 
Mr. Bo! My best friend, 
Joe, ILY; Junior Prom; Lisa's 

Party' Mom: I DID IT! 


1. Dressed elegantly in white, Andrea Frith enters the ball room. 

2. After another first place finish, Lindy Ciliberto stops to catch her 

3. Leslie McLaughlin and Melissa Cuellar get ready to show their 
school spirit at their last rally. 

4. Ms. Farry and Greg Pickett review the steps to solving that difficult 
calculus problem. 

5. Sarah Dorsey and Lisa Kaczor show how much they enjoyed their 
junior prom. 

6. Renee Grenier draws some school spirit on Jen Almeida's face 
before the Pep Rally. 

7. Working past the bell, Cedric Josey shows his dedication to 

8. On an exchange visit from Switzerland, Andreina Wipraechtiger 
experiences American culture and American high school. 

9. Having worked for days on their project, Eric Steidenger, Justin 
Alexander and Victoria Mordas proudly reveal their roller coaster. 

I Natasha Tavares 

5 Hickory Drive (R) 

1-4; Unforgetable; Too 
I, Grendel; M.C., you made 
=LC. Brenda; GT w/ GF; 
j know who you are! J.M. 
dkill; Keep in touch; J.T., 
: .,TG.,A.S.,V.L.,I'II miss 
i; Mandy, thanks for al- 
js being there; Thanks for 
jrything, Nicole, Mom, 
Wi\ I love You !! 

John Pagnotta 

"Jerome Jackson" 

665 North Street (B) 

CC 1-3; B.P., J.W., M.G., 
D.L, B.D., N.S., D.C., MP., 
GT + GF; Rage + Steve 
Miller + Bush + Jumping @ 
GW; Conies; Bonneville; 
Mustang; Slow Game; Papa 
Ginos; Missy; Jen's House; 
Bosstone; Absent; " you're 
not cool"; Pawn shop; 
Pumpkins; Scavengerhunt; 
Golf balls; Good Luck Ev- 

Brad G. Pilling 


1260 North Main Street(R) 

Soc 1 -4, Capt. 4; 7/4/97 Ping 
Pong w/ J.H., T.M., J.M.; 
Sophomore year @ G.A., w/ 
Alex, Greg; getting caught w/ 
G.A., A.K., J.A., S.P., CO., 
T.M., G.A.; Tennis ball inci- 
dent w/S.T. -i-C.P; Brie, I love 
you; GL to all my friends; TY, 
Mom + Dad, ILY; Have fun, 
guys; Bye, BR. 


s w 



i -; t 






1. Seniors Mark Pero, Julie Cockerham, and Mike Roberson finish their home- 
work in study hall. 

2. Enjoying Thursday's chicken nugget lunch are Evan Brack and Rob 

3. With B-R painted on their faces, Christine Lavin and Leanne Caffelle can't wait 
for the Thanksgiving Sports Rally to begin. 

4. Dave Lacerda demonstrates how easy it is to soar over the hurdles. 

5. Danielle Lally and Shannon Rosenfield sort through vocabulary tests to see 
how they did. 

6. Katie Tarentino, Katie O'Brien, Erica Jaspon, and Lauren Maltby double check 
the senior pages. 

7. The proof is in the chocolate pudding according to Patrick Registre, Will Mattie, 
Mark Ryan, Brian Marvel, Jay Goodwin, and Chris Marvel of Mrs. Smith's Culinary 
Arts class. 

8. Mr. Phaneuf admires the work of Christina Lipus and Laura Hill. 

9. In Physics class, Sarah McLellan and Katelyn Driscoll test out their roller 
coaster design. 


Mr. Robert Faria 
■ ■ 


1 - M 



Ms. Mary Ann Silva 

Ms. Jean Farry 

Mr. Thomas Flangheddy 

- We Say good- (Bye 

Jj Through the years, our lives have 
■ been influenced by teachers who 
have stimulated our minds. Through 
I their efforts, we became eager learn- 
ers, willing to explore new ideas. 
Because of them, we learned to see 
the world differently, with greater curi- 
osity and greater excitement. Four 
such educators, men and women who 
expanded their students' horizons 
and encouraged them to strive for 
excellence in all that they attempted, 
have retired this year. They will be 
missed by all of us. 

Mr. Robert Faria: Spanish teacher and 
department head, will be missed for his 
enthusiasm for his subject and his delight 
in teaching others to appreciate another 
culture. As advisor to the National Honor 
Society, he challenges young minds to 

Ms. Jean Farry: Math teacher and de- 
partment head, she has taught students 
to see math as more than numbers. 
Mathmatics became an opportunity to 
learn how to think logically and to see the 
world fresh and exciting ways. In addi- 
tion, Ms. Farry is the nucleus of co-ordina- 
tion in her department and the maven of 
computers for the school. 

Mr. Thomas Flangheddy: English 
teacher par excellence, was famous for 
his dry wit and his insistance on proper 
usage. He encouraged his students to 
reach beyond the ordinary. His students 
learned to be original and creative think- 
ers who could never forget the man who 
demanded, and frequently got perfection 
from his students. 

Ms. Mary Ann Silva: Ms. Silva began her 
career at B-R as a gym teacher and later 
became a guidance counselor. As a 
counselor she helped many students plan 
their school schedules and organize their 
college applications. She also encour- 
aged students to challenge themselves 
and strive for excellence in their lives. 


al ff (T\ ff Tn ' s romantic comedy tells a hilarious entertaining 

Ji.CLLO DOlly tale of Dolly Gallegher, a matchmaker in Yonkers, New 

York, who is on a mission to turn Horace Vandergelder, 
the "well-known unmarried half-millionaire" into somebody's next husband. Simulta- 
neously she intends to bring joy and happiness to the chauvinistic miser's friends and 
family while spending his riches around town. "Money is like manure," Dolly says, "It's 
no good unless you spread it around." 

The remarkable Mr. Phaneuf, in his last year as set designer, and his crew worked 
hard creating the gorgeous sets which included an actual staircase for Dolly, played 
by Rachael Cantelli, to strut down into your heart. 

"It Only Takes a Woman" like that and an unforgettable song and "Dancing" cast 
of sheer "Elegance" to win audiences of all ages. All had to hurry to grab the tickets 
to the performances on March 26, 27, and 28th for "It Only Takes a Moment" for them 
to be sold out. 



1. Producer Lisa White checks the attendance list with Director David Goldman. 

2. "Stop your screaming, Minnie! You know I've only been in love with one man!" shouts Mrs. Molloy (Tamah 
Hunt) to Minnie Fay (Michelle Dempsey). 

3. "Now, you just wait one minute, Mr. Vandergelder!" Cornelius Hackl (Athan Mantalos) and Barnaby (Matt 
Noblin) protest. 

4. Choreographer Kelly Moore explains the new dance moves to Greg Adams. 

5. "The new Hello Dolly! shirts are in! Get them 
while they last!" announces Director David 

6. The cast teels the burn during a pre-rehearsal 

7. Jessica Murphy looks on as sophomore Kurt 
Hartwell plays a little ditty on the piano. 

8. "All Aboard!" call the wealthy women of Yonkers. 

9. "Mrs. Molloy! Don't talk of such provocative 
things!" Minnie Fay squeals. 

10. "Did you just say 'Horace Vandergelder'?'' 
gasps Cornelius Hackl. 

11. "Close your eyes and see it glisten, Barnaby!" 
Athan Mantalos exclaims to Kelly Moore who is 
standing in for Matt Noblin. 

12. "Will I ever remember all my lines?" Greg 
Adams sighs. 

13. The hardworking Mr. Phaneuf carries the set 
over to its position. 

14. Horace Vandergelder (Greg Adams) flexes his 
"enormous" muscles to impress Dolly Levi. 

15. "Do you see him on the bridge at Gettysburg?" 
Minnie (Michelle Dempsey) asks Horace 

16. "Did he see me, Dolly? Holy cabooses!" 
Barnaby Tucker (Matt Noblin) screams in fear. 

17. Dolly Levi (Rachael Cantelli) warns Barnaby 
(Matt Noblin) and Cornelius to hit the floor for fear of 
Horace Vandergelder. 

18. Athan Mantalos and Katie Moore practice the 
polka for the big dance scene. 

19. Lead actors Michelle Dempsey. Greg Adams, 
and Tamah Hunt dream of one day becoming Broad- 
way stars. 


...putting it together 

20. "Would you care to dance?" 
Matt Noblin offers Michelle 

21 . Bosom buddies, Becky Norris and Julie Adams try to form the 
perfect archway to the Harmonia Gardens. 

22. "Waiter, may I have refill on my soda?" Becky Norris yells as 
she tries to hail a waiter while Dave Comis, Jim Kirkcaldy, Chrissy 
Maxwell, Rachel Boyden, and Kristen Felton watch with amuse- 

23. "I look like Pippi Longstocking, don't I?" whines Jill Coleman 

21 ^^^^^^^^^^^^ 



m> \ 



as Nicole Clapp and her fellow hairdressers try a new style before rehearsal. 

24. Mrs. White eyes Jen Grunin's money as she exchanges it for tickets. 

25. "Come here, Dolly! Oh, how much we have missed you!" Kurt Hartwell, 
Darrell Copeland, Dave Comis, and Andrew Leahy call with open arms. 

26. "I went away from the lights of 14th street...." Dolly (Rachael Cantelli) 


27. The fab five (Greg Adams, 
Rachael Cantelli, Matt Noblin, 
Michelle Dempsey, and Tamah 
Hunt) stage the perfect photo. 

28. Miss Ernestina Money (Lia 
Macrina) rushes to complete last 
minute homework during a short re- 
hearsal break. 

29. Suffragette women line up for 
the 14th Street Parade. 

30. Nervous Andrew Leahy prac- 
tices with Katie Moore who plays 
Ermengarde, in preparation for the 
big dance competition. 

31. Junior Melissa Hetherington 
snoozes during a long rehearsal. 

32. Jill Coleman, Nicole Clapp, and 
Rebeckah Sergi dream of the day 
when they will be given real food. 

33. "Look at the old girl now, fellas!" 
shout waiters Andrew Leahy and 
Jim Kirkcaldy at the Harmonia Gar- 

34. The chorus belts out their lines in 
perfect tune. 

35. Program Designer Jennifer 
Grunin discusses corrections with 
Director David Goldman. 











Student Qovernment 

Student Government Activities allow inter- 
ested students to participate in decison mak- 
ing that concerns the quality of their educa- 
tional life. Officers lead their classes, plan 
fund raisers and activities to promote class 
unity and spirit. The Student Advisory Board 
gives teens a chance to speak out on issues 
concerning B-R students 

1. Freshman Class Officers: Katie Barber, 
Treasurer, Emily Moray, Secretary, Class 
Advisor, Mr. Viera. Not pictured, Shawna 
Chafee, President. 

2. Sophomore Class Committee : Jen 

Pohl, Angela Fix (Secretary), Sarah 
Peabody, Danielle Dangoia, Maura O'Day 
(Treasurer). Not pictured Jeremy Laubinger 
(President) and Bill Nixon (Vice President) 
and class advisors Ms. Davis and Ms. 

3. Junior Class Officers: Seated: Tim 
Lawton, Vice President. Standing: Jay 
Rawlins, Treasurer. Jean McLaughlin, Sec- 
retary. Stephanie Casey, President and Mr. 
Folan. Junior Class Advisor. 

4. Senior Class Officers: Jen Schleicher, 
Jen Phaneuf, Greg Adam, Meghan Donovan 
and class advisors Ms. Holt and Mr. Capen. 

5. Student Advisory Board: Seated: Tim 
Lawton, Jen Schleicher, Mark Porell and 
Danielle Dangoia. Standing: Mr. Peabody, 



Children of the Eighties 

We are the children of the eighties. We are not the first 
"lost generation" nor will we be the last. Being young gave 
us all of what we are today and what we will be in the future. 
We think we know just where we stand, or are discovering 
it as we speak. 

We are the ones who played with Legos and gave 
Barbie crew cuts with safety scissors that never really cut. 
We are the ones who collected Garbage Pail Kids and My 
Little Ponies. All guys wanted to be as strong as He-man, 
and all girls thought She-ra to be a role model who kicked 
butt. Big wheels were the way to go, and side walk chalk 
was all you needed to build a city. 

Imagination was the key. It made the Ewok village big 
enough for you to be Luke and have a table and an old sheet 
dark enough to build tent in the forest. The back door was 
always open and only red Kool-aid was served. Girls with 
their pink portable tape players sang Debbie Gibson tunes, 
and everyone wanted a glove like Michael Jackson's. 
Entertainment was cheap and lasted for hours. The Sit 'n' 
Spin made you dizzy but never made you want to stop. 
Pogoballs were dangerous weapons and Chinese Jump 

Ropes never failed to 
trip someone. Under 
your bed tent you could 
dream of far off places. 
In your Underoos you 
were Wonder Woman, 
Spider Man or R2D2. 

We sing along to 
Bruce Springsteen and 
Billy Joel perfectly and 

Left: Little Katie 
O'Brien is delighted 
with her gift of a 
Cabbage Patch 

Kellie Buczek 

Leanne Caffelle 


Jessica Campbell Jennifer Candito 

Rachel Cantelli 


David Fortune 

Andrea Frith 

Tara Gannon 

Erin Gillen 

Jennifer Gorman 


Alicia Hackenberry 

Lora Hill 


Kimmy Howe 

have no idea why. We flip through TV stations and still stop 
at the A-team, Knight Rider, and The Dukes of Hazard. 
Webster and Punky Brewster can make us laugh to this 
day. "What you talkin' 'bout Willis?" was one of the most 
commonly used phrases of that time. We recite lines from 
Goonies and still look to The Never Ending Story for a 
great adventure. We hold strong affections for the Muppets, 
The Gummy bears, Rainbow Bright, Strawberry Shortcake 
and why did they ever take the Smurfs off the air? I always 
wanted to be a Thundercat when I was little!!! 

After school specials were only about cigarettes and 
step-families. ZooballyZoo was nothing like Barney, and 
aren't the Power Rangers just Voltron reincarnated?! We 
are the ones who still read Nancy Drew and the Hardy 
Boys, the Bobbsey Twins, Beverly Cleary and Judy 
Blume, Richard Scarry and the Electric Company. 

Friendship bracelets were ties you couldn't break and 
friendship pins went on shoes - preferably high top velcro 
Reebok Pumps. Pegged jeans were in, as were Units 
belts, layered socks, jean jackets, jams, charm necklaces, 
side ponytails and flat top hair cuts. 

In the eighties we redefined the American dream, and 
those years defined us. We are the generation between 

strife and facing strife. 
The eighties may have 
made us idealistic; but 
it's that idealism that 
made us the way we 
are today. We will 
pass our values to our 
children-the children of 
the 21st century. 

Left:Christine O'Neil 
and Adam Silva plan 
to join the circus right 
after they eat their 
Halloween candy. 

David Lacerda 

Danielle Lally 

Christine Lavin 

Colleen Lindquist 

Rebecca Linhorst 




± iir 

1 f 


» »Wr» 


*J Jl 


A ^B 

Rebekah Madden Michelle Marshall Adam McGovern 





..ST ^M 

Sarah McLellan 

Alicia Meaney 

Alicia Moore 

Jennifer Myers 

Leigh Nathan 

Erica Newby Charlotte Nihan 

Vicki Mordas 

Christine O'Neil 


Left: Dawn Estano 
and her mother 
Bonnie share a ten- 
der moment in July 
1980. Below left: 
Renee Grenier 
shows off her larger 
than life baby doll 
while her mother 
Pauline holds a 
Cabbage Patch 
doll and sister 
Jeannette enjoys 
wearing her ET pjs. 
Below: Tamsin 
Zimbone pretends 
to zip around her 
yard and mow the 

John Walsh 

Jen Waterman 

Melissa Weatherby Kate Weingartner 


This year's sports pep rally held 
on Wednesday, November 
25th, is one that no one at B-R 
will soon forget. An excited as- 
sortment of Freshmen, Sopho- 
mores, Juniors, and Seniors, dressed from head to toe in red and 
white, took over the gym. Cheerleaders, football playsers, flag 
squad, and the band led the crowd in a show of school spirit. The 
enthuiasm carried over to the footgame the next day, our first 
contest against Silver Lake, when B-R took the victory in the second 
half and came out on top. Then it was on to the Super Bowl. 

rN l 


1 .In perfect formation, the cheerleaders of B-R perform at the Pep Rally. 

2. The football team and the cheerleaders entertain the crowd by dancing to "Men in 

3. Artie Sharp blasts his marching baritone. 

4. Supported by two football players, Meg O'Brien rises above the rest. 

5. Ms. Regional, Meghan Donovan, 
shares her school spirit in a speech to all 
the classes. 

6. The football players have a pile of fun. 

7. The B-R Trojan (Danielle Dos Reis) 
battles the formitable foe, the Lakeman 
(Andy Folmar). 

8 With his face painted red and white, 
Abe Bascom bounces to the beat. 

9. Seniors Stacey Bullock, Becky 
Cruckshank, Nicole Chouinard, Melissa 
Weatherby, Kelly Maddock, and Rachel 
Cantelli, enjoy their last pep rally. 

10. Ms. Carmella Ferioli, Ms. Susan 
Kinney and Ms. Donna Holt enjoy the 
flag squad routine. 

11. B-R football's greatest fan, Andy 
Maynard and Mr. Buron slap high five. 

12. Jen Cavaleri waits for the music to 

begin her color guard performance. 

13. Josh Poh and Katie O'Brien "shoe 
together" during "Men in Black." 

14. Supported by Ken Lomba and Mark 
Nixon, Stephanie Casey excites the 

15. Playing the marching French horn, 
Brad Clark plays "Maleguena" during the 

16. Mr. Urban congratulates all the fall 
sports teams on their season. 

17. Cheerleaders rise to the top once 


For the second straight 
year, B-R clinched a 
superbowl spot. The Tro- 
jans led by captains Mark 
Nixon and Tim Pauline, had 
only two defeats in the regular season and were undefeated in the 
OCL. After a Thanksgiving Day blowout of Silver Lake, the team 
went on to face undefeated Everett. The first half of the Superbowl 
was dominated by both teams' defense. In the second half. 
Everett's offence took control. B-R fought hard, but lost twenty-one 
to zero. It was a disappointing finish, especially for the B-R seniors. 


Mark Nixon drops back to make a pass for his teammates. 
Artie Sharpe starts "Go B-R" for the band and cheerleaders. 
"Set, hut," Mark Nixon takes the snap from Dave Gomes. 
Darnell Kuykendall starts the game with a kick. 
Steve Woodruff is able to shake off a block. 

6. Jeff Moyer, Josh Poh, and 

Darnell Kuykendall break into the 


7. Doug Bessette sprints for a first 

8. Sean Lennon, John Laubinger, 
and Jeff Moyer are in hot pursuit of 
the Everett ball carrier. 

9. Steph Casey and Meghan 
O'Brien cheer on the Trojans. 

10. Sean Lennon and Tim Pauline 
open a hole as Doug Bessette 
breaks a tackle. 

11. Buiel! 

12. Sean Lennon rumbles by the 
defence to gain yardage. 

13. Coach Buron, enough said. 

14. Ken Lomba gets the punt off. 

15. "Cue" gets his groove on. 

16. Returning the punt, Abe 
Baskin attempts to gain yardage. 

17. First down! 

18. Moyer awaits the offence. 

19. B-R defense, Justin 
Bettencourt, John Laubinger, Jeff 
Moyer, Doug Bessette, and Tim 
Andrews, throw their weight into 
the tackle. 



On May 30, 1997, the Jun- 
ior class held its prom at 
Lantana's in Randolf. The 
prom king, Eric Rich, and 
queen, Megan Donovan, shared a dance as "I'll Stand by You" 
blared in the background. The Prom song was "These are the 
Times to Remember." The memories and people will make it a 
"Night to Remember." 

1 . During the theme song "These are the Times" Steve Dorr, Sherie Cote, 
Mary Aeillo, and Mike Sullivan move to the music. 

2. Best of Friends Artie Sharp, Diana Tatro, Nick Briggs, Christina Tatro, 

and Michelle Dempsey enjoy listening to the music. 

3. Joy Flannery, Gerry Auger, and Alana Pellechia party the night away. 

4. Newly crowned King Eric Rich and Queen Meghan Donovan share a dance. 

5. Best friends Lauren Dowd and Andy Folmar engage in a hug. 

6. Elizabeth Thompson and Neil Roza strut their stuff onto the dance floor. 

7. Toasting the Senior Class of 1998 are Abe Bascon and Nancy Lockary. 

8. Good friends Lauren Maltby, Nichole 
Chouinard, Allison Litos, and Erica 
Smith share a night they will never forget. 

9. Just as the dancing starts, Will Mattie 
shouts "Hey, that's my favorite song!" to 
Maryanne Terruso, Jenny Wilson, and 
Chris Mantia. 

10. The fabulous five: Amy Fisher, 
Katelyn Driscoll, Kellie Buczek, Sandra 
Pacheco and Jen Waterman can't wait 
for the music to begin. 

11. These two girls stop their night to 
remember for a photo. 

12. As they make their entrance, Mike 
Dinapoli and Tracy Haynes show every- 
one how to have a good time. 

13. Mike Stafford and Heidi Swale hurry 

onto the floor at the start of "Dancing 




*\ [1 


ft ~~ ^^1 

W 1 


\ Ny J 



14. Sleeping Beauty, Nicole Doherty, 
waits for her prince to arrive. 

15. After a long night at the ball, Brian 
Shimkus helps Cinderella remove her 

16. Gerry Auger and Rachel Boyden 
share a special moment in their lives. 

17. Tonya Cranston, Leanne Caffelle, 
and Christine Lavin pose for snapshot. 

18. As he makes his way out the door, 
Vince Cranston makes sure he grabs 
his party favor. 

19. Adam McGovern and Eric Rich 
show off their suave personalities. 



Ms. and Mr. 

The Semi-Formal is an an- 
nual event in which all 
classes participate. Each 
year Mr. and Ms. Regional 
are selected from the senior class. Timothy Pauline and 
Meghan Donovan were chosen for the honor this year. 
We danced to a variety of our great hits like "Brown Eyed Girl", 
and "Dancing Queen." It was a night our feet will never forget. 

1. The royal couple and their court. 

2. Taking a break , some good friends lounge on the bleachers. 

3. Elaine Sullivan, Stacey Bullock, Katie O'Brien and Sarah Gonyea know how to 
have a good time. 

4. Leigh Nathan and Rich Rogers dance the night away. 

5. This group anxiously awaits the next dance. 

6. The perfect couple, Keith Gironda and Jen Courcy , shows everyone how to have 

a great time at their last semi. 

7. During " YMCA", Lori Atkins and 
Chris Chiappinni take a breather. 

8. We are all set to dance to "How Do 
I Live". 

9. Paryting at the semi, Mike Stafford 
gets down. 

10. Together forever, seniors Alicia 
Meaney, Jess Campbel, Kelly Buczek, 
and Katelyn Driscoll gather for a pic- 

11. Mr. Buron crowns Meagan 
Donovan Ms. Regional. 

12. Mrs. Holt pins Tim Pauline Mr. 

13. Sarah Cannon stands with Mel- 
issa Narcisso and Jess Murphy, who 
danced their shoes off. 

14. Becky Norris, Julie Adams, Sarah 
Noyes, and Melissa Mackiewicz, 
show us what it means to vogue. 

15. Jon Laubinger has a good laugh 
with Ryan Protz and Kim Correia. 

16. Rachel 2 +Jerry +Alex = a good 
time at the semi! 

17. This group of juniors is all smiles. 

18. "Let's rest our feet after that 

19. Newly crowned Mr. and Ms. Re- 
gional smile for a picture. 


Our Holiday Party was held on 
December 11. It was a night 
filled with costumes, dancing, 
and Karaoke. The Wizard of Oz, 
singing cows, time traveling hip- 
pies from the 60's, and daring women from the Wild West attended. The 
"Couple of the Evening" sang the love song "I Got You, Babe" as they 
professed their love. We concluded the evening with a tune of times 
remembered and a circle of friends. 

1 . Gina Palumbo, Melissa Ranney , and Sam Hoyo sprang from the convent 
to see what "fun" was really like. 

2. Between operations "Doctors" Jess Campbell and Lauren Canha enjoy 
the music. 

3. As Dennis Coyne stands between Shane Slater and John McKinnon, he wonders, 
"Who's the real Patriot?" 

4. Seth Silva and Dawn Estano stir up fun for the evening. 

5. On shore leave, pirate Tim McCrea looks forward to the party. 

6. In her camouflage jacket Julie Noyes fits in with the crowd. 

7. Rachael Cantelli brings a Mardi Gras flair to the festivities. 

8. Steve Dorr "Busts a Move" as Gerry 
Auger and Mike Sullivan sing backup. 

9. Dale Grenon shows Elaine Guasconi 
how to milk a cow. 

10. Katie Tarentino, Allyson Litos, 
Lauren Maltby, Erica Jaspon, and Katie 
O'Brien show that they have friends in 
low places. 

1 1 . Kim Anderson is cute as a bug! 

12. Catherine O'Brien lends her royal 
appearance to the ticket table. 
13."That's the Way I Like It!" agrees 
Dave Fortune as he teaches Holiday 
party participants how to dance. 

14. Molly Flaherty brings the Holiday 
Party back to Woodstock. 

15. Greg Adams and Adam Silva put 

Sonny and Cher to shame as they belt 
out "I Got You, Babe." 

16. Christine Smith looks very proper in 
her school uniform. 

17. Andy Folmar, Lauren Dowd, Laurie 
Principe, and Erin Gillen are off to see 
the Wizard. 

18. Elise Ohrenberger wonders, as she 
contemplates Brendan Carney's cos- 
tume, "Do rainbow stripes and plaids co- 

19. Steve Jaques, Ryan Kerrigan, and 
Nick Yafrate let the seniors enjoy their 
harmonious vocals. 



Most Likely to Succeed 

Andy Folmar and 

Megan Donovan 

Most Athletic 

Tim Pauline and 

Erin Noyes 

Most Talkative 

Gerry Auger and 

Erika Jaspon 

Class Clowns 

Bob Buckley and 

Danielle Lai ly 

Class Couple 

Jamie Fleck and 

Julie Cusack 


Tom Holmes and 

Andrea Estes 

Class Actors 

Athan Mantalos and 

Rachel Cantelli 


Scott Halpin and Janel McGrath 

and Elise Ohrenberger 

Most School Spirit 

Vince Cranston and 

Danielle Dos Reis 

Most Flirtatious 

Sean Lennon and 

Jen Almedia 

Class Musicians 

Neil Roza and 

Julie Bacon 

Most Mischievous 

David Fortune and 

Stacey Bullock 


Most Likely to be Tardy 

Greg Pickett and 

Katy O'Brien 

Best Dancers 

Abe Bascon and 

Rachel Boyden 


The Class of 1 998 is comprised 
of many outstanding individu- 
als: some shine in sports, some 
in writing, some in solving com- 
plicated problems in math or 
science, some at speaking an- 
other language. These stu- 
dents were voted by their fellow 
seniors as the best in these 
imaginative categories. 


Eric Rich and 

Becky Cruckshank 

Most Likely to be on Jeopardy 

Dennis Coyne and 

Sarah Clapp 

Best Friends 

Nicole Chouinard and 

Melissa Weatherby 

Most Confused 
John Ciulla 

Best Friends 

John Noblin and 

Adam Silva 

Most Confused 
Sarah Pohl 


•■••— -J7 = 

■ ' '■• ' I' f l 1 . 1 • fr ' . ' A ' friJ I.C ' I ' j ' lv a aii '■•■ 

Cass Artists 

Mark Pero and 

Rachel Maloney 

Worst Drivers 
Adam Winger and Maureen Tardanico 



Although the seniors seem to grab the most attention 
around the school, B-R underclassmen are also 
known for some unforgettable moments and wacky 
antics. Almost dwarfed by the "gigantic" 1 2th graders 
in size and confidence, the apprehensive freshmen 
walk timidly through B-R's doors with mixed looks of 
sheer terror and wonder on their faces. Back in junior 
high, they shuddered at hearing rumors of the infa- 
mous "freshmen-beating" seniors who stuffed inno- 
cent 9th graders into lockers. Yet the newcomers 
quickly discovered it was a complete hoax and found 
that B-R was a friendly learning environment for all. 
But as they became sophomores, the "wise fools" 
truly felt a part of the B-R family as the more enthu- 
siastic students joined athletics and extra curricular 
activities. Sophomore year was characterized by the 
first try at the PSATs, a brief look at future career 
opportunities in the Harrington-O'Shea Interest In- 
ventory. Oh, and no one can forget all those enter- 
taining hours of Drivers Ed. However, Everyone 
seemed to warn you that Junior year is THE YEAR 
when it comes to performance. As the last of your 
friends get their licenses, you are busy with loads of 
homework, running to practice, working a part time 
job, acing the SATs, and visiting your top college 
choices. Don't forget that prom dress or tux either. 
Will senior year bring us better things? We can only 
wait and see. 


1 . Freshman band member Lia Macrina marces her way onto the field during the Super Bowl. 

2. Meghan Kelliher asks Brendan Harman and Heather Dacey. "Do you have a better way to 
solve this stoichiometric equation?" 

3. Smiling politician Tim Lawton campaigns for president of the junior class with the help of his 
campaign manager Peter Joyce. 

4. During lunch with Renee Bumpus. Kristen Lozzi, Kristen Spellman, and Doug Bumpus 
hunrgily eye Michele Bates' chicken nuggets. 

5. Ed Casabian serves up another ace. 

6. With serious concentration, Pamela Ring works on her math assignment.. 

7. Avid fans Jen Pohl and Colleen Hennessey shout amidst a pack of ecstatic B-R fans. 

8. Friends Diane Tatro and Katie Moore share a bright moment in style. 

9. Jon Boyd adds zest to his work of art. 
10 After a roll in the mud during the football game. Andy Crossman quenches his thirst. 

11. Flying with ease, Maura O'Day launches theTrojans in the OCL Spring Track season. 

1 2. In study. Nicole Conlen ponders a chemistry worksheet while Adryon Domenico completes 
her English theme. 

























While Anthony Douglas looks on, Amanda Snow 
points out key features of the southern hemisphere. 




■i ii 





Rose Ann 







Timothy h { 

Bumpus Cj| ( 









During her word processing class, Sarah Carr 
practices her keyboarding skills. 






























Daily Jr. 









Christopher Lindsey 

Dempsey Desgrosseilliers 















DeLorenzo 3 



Dowd Jr. 







Cousins Nicole Sly and Jackie Sly flute the fast 
rhythms of the Latin tune "Malaguena." 













Mark McGuire and Steve Thetonia work co-opera 
tively on their reading project. 





G rosso 























John Tara 
Kenney Jr. Kenney 









Stephanie Kerry 

Ladue Lane 












Freshmen girls enjoy the inspirational 
message of Rudy. 






Daniel Shannon 

MacKinnon MacKinnon 





Stefan ie 










Nikki Chris Dempsey ponders the tragic implications of 

Mazenkas Romeo and Juliet 












Munise III 





Noone Jr. 














Tina Marie 















Eager to show off his knowledge of earth science 
Ian Rollins raises his hand. 














Working creatively, Jill Buckley improvises a desk 
in her auditorium study. 


















'atty Follet beams her enthusi- Brett 

asm for B-R. Wri 9 nt 




















Concentrating at her keyboard, Lee Nevens 
practices for her upcoming Word Processing test. 

Buckley II 





Callahan IV 






In math class Jamie Wood listens to Mr. Dillon's 

Robert Daniel 

Chambers Champagne 





















Nicole Matthew 

Conlon Connors 












i i 








Jennifer M. 


















Looking for sophomore football stars, Jon Treloar, 
Aaron Sesin, Jeff Moyer, Mike Paul and Eric 
Mulholland, choose pictures for the yearbook. 














Erin Lori Cyr, Ally Battistini, Lori Doris, Corrine Clifford and Katie 

Harding Powers agree that the IMC is a great place to study 




















- i 



, \i 

















Marshall, Jr 



i i 


, ■ 

' 44 









Tara Olivera and David Gomes work co-opera- 













'What books do we need next period?" ask Katie 
Collins and Mike Krovitz of Jason Lavigne. 























Helping themselves to barbecue sauce, Danielle 
Dangoia and Keith Gill savor the chicken nuggets 







Tyisha Sarah Kelley, Sheri Bradford and Karen Chouinard 

Wilmore practice their algebra skills. 

1. Darnell Kuykendall runs the ball 
past his Taunton opponent. 

2. As the all powerful Nurse Ratched, 
Nina Henderson issues orders and 
reprimands to her patients. 

3. Katie Asiaf twirls her flag in time to 
"Children of Sanchez." 

4. Mr. Casabian's class enthusiasti- 
cally discusses the thematic implica- 
tions of Julius Caesar. 

5. In diligent preparation for the Winter 
Concert, Brad Clark practices "The 
Halleluia Chorus." 





Kristen Spellman celebrates the Day of the Dead 
with her very own skeleton. 







Ducinatto Jr. 






Doug Bessette waits for the ball to make a 
touchdown play. 






▼ \ w * ** #n»^ -v 




John Anthony 

Dechaves Decristoforo 

"9 I? 





Emord Jr. 















Hardiman Jr. 











Deep in thought. Doug Wenson conjours up an 
answer for his worksheet. 











'Go, B-R!" cries Karen Wilcox as the Trojans kick 
afield goal. 

George Krystle 

Mackinnon MacGibbon 



















Ken Lomba enjoys the world from a 
different view. 









Stephen Michael Thomas Tim Lawton lends the team a 

Woodruff Jr. Woodworth Worthington hand by moving the equipment. 



Through the years, our teams leave 
the impression of our hard work and 
dedication. Sports are an important 
part of B-R students lives. From 
freshman to senior year, students 
work hard to become a team. The 
athletes of B-R give all of us a sense 
of pride and accomplishment. 

1. Amy Innocenzi gets ready to catch a 
ground ball. 

2. NickYafrate makes his way to the finish 

3. As usual, Jarred Aranda pins down his 

4. The girls' track team practices for their 
next race. 

5. Girls' field hockey player Becky 
Cruckshank takes a corner hit. 


6. Tearing through the defense on the way to the goalpost, Doug 
Bessette goes for a touchdown. 

7. " Remember, girls, push the ball up the court," advises Girls' 
Basketball Coach Gerry Cunniff. 

8. Jeff Saunders chips the ball onto the green 

9. Kevin Pacheco keeps the ball away from his opponent. 

10. Challenging her opponent, Leianne Best runs for posses- 
sion of the ball. 

11. Jay Micozzi squints into the sun while waiting for a catch. 


1. Coach Buron gives instructions to the offense. 

2. Tim Pauline runs with the ball following blocker Sean Lennon. 

3. Josh Poh pursues the quarterback. 

4. Abe Bascon awaits the punt. 

5. Tim Andrews is congratulated by Coach Flowerance. 

6. Mark Nixon gets ready to handoff to Doug Bessette, with blocking from Tim Andrews and 
Adam Crossman. 

7. After receiving the play, the defense waits for the opposing offense. 

8. QB Mark Nixon relays the play to the offense. 

9. Ken Lomba hands off to Sean Lennon with a block from Dan Harding. 

10. The coaches await a measurement. 

11. David Gomes. Jason Korske, and Adam Crossman discuss strategy. 

12. Andy Maynard cheers on his team. 

13. Doug Bessette runs for a touchdown as Ray Wilcox. Josh Poh, and Sean Lennon 
follow him. 

14. Team Picture: Row 1 : R. Wilcox. J. Poh. Co. Capt. 
T. Pauline. Co. Capt. M. Nixon. B. Buiel. S. Lennon. A. 
Maynard. Row 2: K. Lomba. P.I Cifuni. D. Harding. A. 
Bascon. D. Bessette. G. Wasik. D. Lacerda, J. Rawlins. N. 
Avitabile. J. Bettencourt. Row 3: B. Botelho. J. Laubinger. 

B. Mckenna. T. Lawton, T. Andrews. J. Katz. J. Korske. A. 
Asadorian. J. Preus, S. Woodruff. T.Pigeon. Row 4: Z. 
McGovern. M. Marshal. P.Yelle. D. Kuykendell, J. 
Cucinatto. M. Whitman. J. Moyer. J. Leclerc. B. Nixon. S. 
Robison. C. Chiappini. Row5: M. McKlusky. E. Callahan. 

C. Elfman. D. Gomes. J. Laubinger. J. Mead. B Berry. J 
Davidson. J. Korske. A. Weifer. M. Brolin. M. Malone; 
Row 6: A. Crossman. K. Walsh. Jo. Bascon. Adam Howe. 
J. Hartford. E. Casabian. S. Barnard. 

15. From a hold by Ken Lomba, Jesse Mead kicks 
an extra point. 



As the 1997 season began, the only 
thing on the mind of the B-R Trojans was winning 
the OCL championship. Under the leadership of 
Coach Buron and Co-Captains Mark Nixon.Tim 
Pauline, and the running ability of Doug 
Bessette, the Trojans accomplished their goal. 
With a season record of 9-2, and 8-0 in the OCL, 
the Trojans became only the second team to win 
the OCL back to back in eleven years. 

Led by Coach Casabian and captains Erica Smith and Elaine Sullivan, the senior- 
dominated Trojan Field Hockey team finished with a record of 4 wins, 8 losses, 
and 6 ties. The forward line, led by seniors Nicole Doherty, Melanie Correia, Erica 
Smith, Becky Cruckshank, and Jen Almeida, put forth an outstanding scoring 
effort throughout the season. The defense led by seniors Allyson Litos, Lauren 
Dowd, Natasha Tavares, Janelle McGrath, Juniors Lora Marden and Kara 
Moran did a great job supporting goalkeeper Elaine Sullivan. Plagued by games 
ending in frustrating ties, the girls remained tenacious in their efforts for victory. 


1 . Team Captain and Goalie Elaine Sullivan warms up for the big game. 

2. Nicole Doherty passes by the opponent en route to the ball. 

3. Positioning to shoot in the net, Becky Cruckshank looks to the ball. 

4. Kara Moran deftly maneuvers in an attempt to steal the ball from an opponent. 


5. Team Picture: Row 1. E. Sullivan, E. Smith. 
Row 2: E. Fitzgerald, S. Pohl, J, McGrath, N. 
Tavares, M. Correia, J. Almeida, L. Dowd, B. 
Cruckshank, N. Doherty, S. Gonyea, A, Litos, L 
Coulter. Row3: K. Halon, A. Petrucci, K. Grady, M. 
Sharp, L Marden, K. Chase, E. smith, E. Muise. 
Row 4: Coach Flaherty, D. Dangoia, A. Oman, K. 
Correia, T. Haynes, T. Hunt, E. Serlinga, L. 
Cardoza, Coach Casabian. 

6. Anticipating the pass, Lauren Dowd moves to 

7. The team gets together and shouts, "Tenacity!" 
before the game begins. 

8. Lora Marden skillfully sweeps the ball from in 
front of the net. 

9. In her traditional red visor, Coach Casabian 






Field Hockey 

gives advice before the game. 

1 0. Sarah Pohl contemplates the coach's words. 

1 1 . The B-R forward line struggles to win the ball. 

12. Sophomore goalie Danielle Dangoia gets 
ready to take the field. 

13. Kristen Grady proudly displays her school 

14. After their last game, the team gathers to 
celebrate their victory. 

1 5. Team Captain Erica Smith calls for the pass. 


Boys' Soccer 

Once again the Boys' Soccer team performed successfully. Finishing second in 
the OCL. the team compiled a 10-5-3 record. This record allowed the team to 
participate in postseason competition: the team was eliminated in the second 
round of competition. Memorable moments during season's play were P.J. 
Joyce's four goals to defeat Barnstable and Kevin Pacheco's six goals against 
Taunton. Allfourcaptains were named OCLAIIStars. Inaddition. Kevin Pacheco 
was named All State and Adam McGovern was named Eastern Mass. All State. 
There are great expectations that the team will continue its winning tradition next 
year, as there is great depth and many seasoned players returning. 

5 Sitting: Captains A. McGovern. M. Johnson. B. Pilling. K. Pacheco. Kneeling: S. 

Halpin. S. Ford. J. Noblin. T. McRae. D. Grenon. S. Slater. R. Casey. M. Porell. Standing: 
J. Matthew (mgr.) . M. Narciso (mgr.) B. Gill. K. Gill. M. Dembro. S. Nelson. M. Jones. O. 
Tiliakos. D. Carroll. Coach Crane and Coach Pacheco. 

1 . With Kevin Pacheco poised in the background. Adam 
McGovern contains his attacker. 

2. Tim McRae heads the ball away from his Weymouth 

3. While looking for someone to pass to. P.J. Joyce 
dribbles the ball. 

4. Coach Pacheco directs the team from the sidelines. 

5. The Soccer Team picture. 

6. As Bob Laubinger watches. Dan Cavell clears the 
ball away. 

7. Bob Laubinger looks for his opportunity to score. 

8. Mike Johnson pulls his defense up. 



Girls' Soccer 

The Girls' Soccer Team finished a strong second in the OCL. Losing to 
Silver Lake in their second match up cost the team first place, but winning 
their first game against this strong rival was one of the highlights of the 
season. The team qualified for the state tournament and easily defeated 
Whitman-Hanson in the first round. The second round was disappoint- 
ing. The game was tied 0-0, leading to a shoot out that lasted two rounds 
and ended in a 1 -0 defeat for the Lady Trojans. The team included OCL 
All Stars Jess Tracy, Jen Schleicher and Erin Noyes; Jen Schleicher and 
Jess Tracy were also Brockton Enterprise All Scholastics. The team 
expects to have another winning season next year. 

Sitting: Captains J. Schleicher, E. Noyes, J. Tracy. Kneeling: L Cyr, A Broadbent, A. Monn, A. Machado, J. 
Rawlins, L. King, A. Innocenzi, J. Hayes. A. Lamson, K. Powers. Standing: R. Carter, M Golden, A, Innocenzi. L. Best. 
S. Mclellan, E, Ohrenberger, J. Phaneuf. K, Maddock, J. Flaherty. A. Wright, S. Hoyo. Coach John Heslin. 

1. Joy Flaherty crosses the ball. 

2. Sarah McLellan throws the ball to 
resume play. 

3. With her opponent in hot pursuit, 
Elise Ohrenberger retains possession 
of the ball. 

4. Jen Tracy beams proudly after suc- 
cessfully heading the ball. 

5. Jen Schleicher fights for possession 
of the ball. 

6. The Girls' Soccer Team. 

7. Heading towards the goal, Amy 
Lamson dribbles down the field. 

8. The team savors another victory. 


Boys' Cross Country 

Lacking the depth of previous years, the Boys' Cross Country 
experienced a disappointing season. Finishing sixth in the OCL, 
the team posted a 3-5 record this fall. The team experienced its 
most satisfying victory over Plymouth South, and its greatest 
disappointment in a tough loss to Barnstable. Both Ryan Kerrigan 
and Jim Emord were named OCL All Stars. Jim Emord was also 
nominated Brockton Enterprise All Scholastic. Sophomore Ryan 
Morin distinguished himself as a cross country runner. 

t" ^m'Jm' 

4 4>dtac 

mm ] 

5 Kneeling: J. Delgado, N. Yafrate, D. Erbeck, J. Emord, R. Kerrigan, B. Dupuis, J. 
Walsh, M. Bolotin. Standing: R. Prince, J. Bachand, T. Chiapinni, E. Curry, M. Owens, G. 
Dillan, B. Harman, E. Mulholand, J. Beshansky, M. Krikorian, J. Orosz, R. Morin, B. Baird. 

1. Weaving their way through the pack, teammates 
Mike Bolotin, Doug Erbeck, Eric Mulholland, Nick 
Yafrate, and Jon Orosz pull each otherthrough the race. 

2. Captain Ryan Kerrigan leads the Trojans to victory. 

3. Jack Walsh jovially joins his teammates at the finish 

4. Exhausted from the grueling race, Ryan Morin 
concentrates on the finish line. 

5. The 1997-98 Trojan Boys' Cross Country team. 

6. Captain Jim Emord proudly displays his trophy, his 
efforts proving worthwhile. 

7. Surging off the starting line, the Trojans take an early 


Girls' Cross Courtry 

The Girls' Cross country team enjoyed its most successful season 
in its history. Finishing fourth in the OCL, the teamwon five and lost 
three meets. The team was thrilled to defeat its rival Silver Lake 
but fell to powerhouse Barnstable, their toughest opponent this 
season. Seniors Kim Anderson, Cheryl Silva, Jen Courcy and 
Meghan Donovan helped lead the team to victory. Also aiding in 
this season's campaign were Swedish exchange student Anna 
Svane and Laura Karns who was named OCL All Star. The future 
of the team looks bright. Up and coming Underclassmen show 
great promise, suggesting a strong team next year. 




Sitting: L. Nathan, J. Courcy, M. Donovan, K. Anderson, C Silva. E. Guasconi. A. 

Estes. Kneeling: C Cote, A 
Courcy, C Doody, S. Perry. 

Svane, S. Rothman, E. Pucillo, L. Karns. Standing: L. 

1 . Preparing for their meet against Taunton, Eva 
Pucillo and Laura Karns warm up. 

2. Captain Kim Anderson battles her Barnstable 
opponent for the lead. 

3. Captain Meghan Donovan expresses enthusi- 
asm for the Trojans' victory over Silver Lake. 

4. Stacey Perry and Cailin Doody stretch to- 
gether at Franklin Park before the State Coaches 

5. An exhausted Emily German recovers from a 
strenuous race. 

6. The team picture. 

7. Cheryl Silva, Jen Courcy, Leigh Nathan, 
Elaine Guasconi, and Anna Svane celebrate the 
Trojans third place victory at the Spindle City 


The Bridgewater-Raynham golf team followed up a successful '96 
season with a strong 13-5 record this year. Finishing third in the 
O.C.L., the Trojans were set back by league rivals Falmouth and 
Barnstable. With the help of senior co-captains Mark Caron and 
Greg Adams, and juniors Greg Williams, Ryan Derosier, Mike 
Rich. Bobby Jose, and Gerry Theriault, the team placed 5th in the 
state qualifying round. With a strong junior line up returning next 
year, the '98 season promises to be a successful one. 

5 The B-R Golf Team Standing: Kneeling: Mike Rich. Bobby Jose. Capt. Mark Caron. 
Capt. Greg Adams. Greg Williams. Gerry Theriault. David Stelmach. Brendan Casey. 
Ryan Derosier. Kyle Quimby. Keith Quimby. Dave Ozug. Jeff Saunders. Adam Derosier. 
Coach George Pimental. 

1 . As Bobby Jose tries to locate his shot, he shows the 
crowd his trademark followthrough. 

2. Mike Rich eyes the ball as he prepares to hit his 3-wood 
down the middle. 

3. Greg Adams plays it smart as he hits the fairway with a 3- 
iron shot. 

4. Dave Ozug finishes his swing and watches his drive soar. 

5. The B-R Golf Team poses on the fairway. 

6. Jeff Saunders eyeballs his putt as it rolls towards the cup. 

7. Awaiting his tee shot on the first hole. Adam Derosier hits 
a put. 

8. Mark Caron splits the first fairway with his 3 iron. 


'-• W. 




With nine seniors returning as varsity starters, the 1 998 Trojan Wrestling 
team had high expectations and fulfilled them. Ranking in the top ten in 
the state, the Trojans earned their second consecutive Old Colony 
League title with a big win over Plymouth South. Graduating senior 
wrestlers can take pride in four years of accomplishment. They can 
remember winning 75 dual matches while losing only 18. They helped 
their head coach Mr. Holmes achieve his three hundredth win and 
witnessed their assistant coach Mr. Jeff Francis become Assistant Coach 
of the Year. Led by tri-captains Andrew Folmar, Dana Grenon and Josh 
Poh, the 1 998 wrestling team went 1 9-6. Next year they plan to perform 
as well or better. 

Row1: J. Azursky, A. Silva, D. Grenon, J. Aranda, R. Martineau. J. Fleck. S. Halpm, J. Poh, B. Buiel, A. Folmar Row 
2: P. Veracka, R. Mastria, R. Costa, C. Blanchard, P. Cleary, J. Abrahamson, B. Nixon, J. Mead, B. Berry. S Lennon.C. 
Josey. Row 3: A. Furey, P. Lincoln, T. Wenson, J. Simpson. K. Thetonia, R. Mohn, D. Gilrein, A. Sesin, A. Weafer. J 
Dolan Row 4: A. Derosier, B. Cole, M. Moseley, A. Hamilton, D. Doherty, T. Killea, M. Colombo, B. Ruehrwein. Row 5: 
C. Elfman, B. Davidson, P. Sullivan, T. Bumpus, Z. McGovern, J. Dowd, M. Noblm, P. Dinapoli, R. Ricciardi. Row 6: 
B. Francis, M Malone, A. Hoyo. 

1 . Scott Halpin holds on tight while trying 
to put an arm bar on his opponent. 

2. Senior tri-captain Josh Poh wrenches 
his opponent's arm, inflicting a little pain. 

3. Senior tri-captain Dana Grenon pins 
his opponent using a half nelson. 

4. Using a tilt, Steve Dorr attempts to pin 
his westfield opponent. 

5. The 1998 wrestling Team. 

6. Taking a little pain, Ray Martineau 
prepares to drop his opponent. 

7. Senior tri-captain Andrew Folmar pins 
his Southeatern opponent with an arm bar 


1. With speed and agility, Brendan Gill drives baseline to the hoop. 

2. By making a pass into the low post, Steve Woodruff starts the offense. 

3. On his way to the hoop, Kevin Pacheco looks for an open teammate. 

4. As Kyle Quimby watches, Keith Quimby puts up a shot in traffic. 

5. Ken Lomba surveys the defense. 

6. Brenden Gill falls back after saving a loose ball. 

7. Kyle Quimby sticks a jumper in his opponent's face. 

8. Jon Cucinatto, Keith Gill, Brendan Gill and Cory Simmons cheer on 
the team. 

9. In a split second, Kyle Quimby makes a move on his defender. 

10. While in a defensive stance, Jon Cucinatto eyes hia opponent. 

11. Coach Fisher and Coach Kearney 
intensely watch the action. 

12. John Noblin receives the long 
outward pass.. 

13. Cory Simmons hustles for a loose 

14. On the fast break, Kyle Quimby ex- 
tends for the dunk. 

15. John Swanson and Jon Cucinatto get 
ready to follow Kevin Pacheco's shot. 

16. The 1998 Boys' Basketball team. 

1 7. John Noblin drives around his defender 
to the hoop. 


Boys' Basketball 

The Boys' Basketball team with 20-3 record 
broke the school record for most wins. They 
finished first in the OCL beating both Durfee 
High and Brockton high for the first time in 
regular season play, winning the OCL title. The 
team also won the Matt Tourney. In post season 
play the team won the first round, defeating 
Hyde Park, but lost in the second round against 
Brookline. With only three seniors graduating, 
the team should have another outstanding sea- 
son next year. 


"* I 

Team Picture: 

Kneeling: Co-captains John Noblin 
and Kevin Pacheco. Standing: Head 
Coach Larry Fisher, J. Cucinatto, B. 
Gill, B. Barry, J. Swanson, K. Quimby, 
K. Quimby, M. McDermott, C. 
Simmons, S. Woodruff, K. Gill, J. 
LeClerc, M. Rich, E. Casabian, Assis- 
tant Coach John Kearney. 





1. Coach Cuniff shows his frustration at a referee's call. 

2. Jessica Tracy pushes the ball up the court. 

3. Erin Noyes looks to get the ball in bounds. 

4. Amy Innocenzi plays intense defense 

5. Amy Innocenzi fights for a loose ball. 

6. April Morin goes up for a shot over her opponent. 

7. Jen Schleicher attempts a shot from the line. 

8. Katelyn Driscoll and Sarah Peabody box out for a rebound. 

9. Jess Tracy looks to get the ball inside. 

10. Lori Cyr concentrates on her foul shot. 

1 1 . Jenn Schleicher drives the lane for two points. 

12. Lori Cyr and April Morin battle for 
the rebound. 

13. Team Picture: Seated: Tri-cap- 
tains: E. Noyes, J. Schleicher, J. Tracy. 
Kneeling: L. Pinkerton, A. Morin, R. 
Carter. Standing: D. Dangoia, S. 
Peabody, L. Cyr, K. Driscoll, A. 
Innocenzi, K. Roy, A. Lamson, M. 

14. BR players go in for a team huddle. 

15. Erin Noyes blows by her opponent 
for a lay up. 


Girls' Basketball 

The Girls' Basketball team had another successful season under Coach 
Gerry Cuniff. Led by captains Jen Schleicher, Erin Noyes and Jessica 
Tracy, the team's four returning starters and a strong bench compiled a 
18-4 record, bringing them to a second place finish in the OCL. Once 
again the team returned to the state tournament losing in the semi-finals 
of the South Sectional. Although many key players are graduating this 
year, next year's team will be a contender due to the strong bench and 
fighting spirit of the team. 

r ^K 


Ice Hockey 

After a late season surge, the B-R Ice Hockey team finished the 
year with a 7-11-3 record. The team was led by captains Greg 
Pickett and Alex Karahalis, along with assistant captains Mike 
Roman and Chris Murray. Sophomore Shane Carney made all 
the stops as the starting goalie. The future looks bright for these 
hardworking Trojans. Hopes are high as the team continues to 
improve. Upcoming seasons should show those efforts paying 


Front: C. Murray, S. Harding, N. Jamoulis, A. Karahalis, Coach Jones, M. Harris, G. 
Pickett, M. Roman, S. Carney. Back: J. Cantelli, D. Chaffee, S. McGovern, M. Quirk, s. 
Wanner, O. Tiliakos, R. Whitney, S. Brown, D. Mcgovern, G. Lusky, J. Daly, R. Andrea. 

1. Captain Greg Pickett looks for a pass. 

2. Going for the goal, captain Alex Karahalis searches 
for a clear shot. 

3. As his Barnstable opponent tries to hold him back, 
Greg Lusky goes for the shot. 

4. "Score!" An excited Mike Roman celebrates his goal. 

5. The B-R Ice Hockey Team Picture. 

6. A vigilant Shane Carney guards the net against his 

7. Coach Jones gives explicit instructions to Orestes 
Tiliakos as Nathan Jamoulis looks on. 



The Girls' Gymnastic Team had its best season ever in the history of the 
school. The team was undefeated in League competition with a 9-0 
record. They won the South Sectional and placed third at States. The 
team set a new school record for a meet, scoring 1 35 points. The team 
owed its success to the talents of Amy Freedman, Stacie Freedman, 
Stacey Cummings, Tony Lemon, Nikki Longo and Elaine Guasconi. Amy 
Freedman was named Boston Globe All Scholastic and Brockton 
Enterprise Athlete of the Week. Next year looks to be another spectacu- 
lar season, with only one member of the team graduating. With a well 
seasoned squad next year's team plans to continue its success, culmi- 
nating with a win at States! 

Row 1: T. Lemon, A. Freedman, S. Cummings, E. Guasconi, S. Freedman. 
Row 2: Coach K. Gill, A. Paul, H. Costa, K. Chouinard, C. Clifford, S. Jackson, 
A. Ayers, N. Longo, A. Chandler, Coach Tim O'Leary 

1. Toni Lemon exhibits tremendous 
strength and agility . 

2. All smiles, Stacie Cummings, Toni 
Lemon and Amy Freedman demonstrate 
their poise on the beam. 

3. "I believe I can fly!" says Stacie Freed- 

4. Elaine Guasconi and Amy Freedman 
show off their perfect balance. 

5. The B-R Gymanstics team poses on mat 
and beam. 

6. Amy Freedman leaps the beam. 

7. "Party of Five" Karen Chouinard, Shan- 
non Jackson, Stacie Freedman and 
Corinne Clifford strike a pose. 


Boys' Tennis 

For the second year in a row, the Boys' Tennis team emerged as OCL 
champions, defeating Barnstable in a hard fought match to retain the 
honor. The team ended the season with an 1 8-2 record and went on to 
the State Tournament. There the team suffered a disappointing loss to 
Boston College High in a close match. Captains Johnny Noblin, Ryan 
Casey, and Mike Homer set the standard for playing hard, bringing their 
enthusiasm and dedication to their sport. The team believes it has the 
spirit and depth for another strong season. The team plans work hard to 
extend their OCL championship to a third year. 

Sitting: E. Lee, J. Noblin, M.. Homer, R. Casey, T. Jakubec. Kneeling: A. Georgantis 
M. Giovanoni, A. Malik, E. Horrocks, M.Rich. Standing: S. Francoeur, K. Mahoney, T 
Kelson, D. Ozug, E. Casabian, M. Mantalos, Coach George Pimental. 

1. Johnny Noblin gets ready to crush a return. 

2. With his smashing forehand, Ryan Casey hits 
a winner. 

3. Mike Rich volleys the ball at the baseline. 

4. Ed Casabian returns the serve with a powerful 

5. The OCL championship BR Boys' Tennis team. 

6. Showing great nonchalance, Andy Georgantis 
hits a lob. 

7. Dave Ozug surges foreward as he returns his 
opponent's serve. 


Girls' Tennis 

With an 8-8 record and a fourth place finish in the OCL, the Girls' 
Tennis team felt some disappointment in their performance. The 
team did qualify for the state tournament but lost in the first round 
of the competition. Highlights of the season were Amy Kirkcaldy's 
nomination as OCL All Star and Erin Noyes's winning the Sports- 
manship Award. Most of the team will be back for next season, 
since only one member was graduating. ErinNoyes, Natalie Porto, 
Beth Ann Giovanoni, Christina Pelletier, Katie Simmons and 
Tamsin Zimbone all look forward to future success. The team is 
determined to defeat Barnstable in next season's play. 

Kneeling: M. Ranney, S. Sullivan, A. Kirkcaldy, E. Noyes, A. Ajemian, T, Zimbone. 
Standing: K. Powers, C Smith, N. Porto, C Pelletier, B. Giovanoni, K. Simmons, H. 
Robertson, Coach Richards. 

1 . Captain Erin Noyes eyes the ball as she 
prepares to slam it cross court. 

2. With fierce determination, Katie 
Simmons rips the tennis ball down the line. 

3. Looking for some pregame feedback, 
Amy Kirkcaldy looks for Coach Richard. 

4. Leaping to the sideline, Natalir Porto 
successfully returns a difficult slice serve. 

5. With great extension, Christina Pelletier 
follows through with her backhand 

6. The Girls' Tennis Team. 

7. After winning their matches, friends 
Christine Smith Beth Ann Giovanoni and 
Natalie Porto congratulate each other. 



Led by the remarkable pitching of Shaun Sullivan, and the bat of 
Brian Ronayne. the Trojans finished the season 13-7 (13-3 
league), capturing the OCL Title for the second time in three 
years. However, in the first round of the state tournament, they 
suffered a heartbreaking loss to North Attleboro. With returning 
starters Brendan Carney. Rob Francis. Mike Johnson. Sean 
Lennon. and Jon Ryan back for another season, this year's team 
should finish strong. 


1, 1 

Sitting: A. Kavanaugh. D. Albon. T. Kelly. B. Ronayne (capt 
M. Cassidy. Kneeling: R. Francis. J. Micozzi. G. Adams. S. 
Lennon. B. Stanley. D. Bessette. J. Ryan. Standing: Coach 
S. Blake. Coach D. Rodriquez. M. Johnson. B. Carney. M. 
Kulibaba. M. Brolin, Head Coach Stan Holmes 

1. Having signaled the pitcher, durable catcher Sean Lennon 
gets ready to receive a strike. 

2. Shaun Sullivan shows his bat can speak just as loudly as his 
curve ball. 

3. Shortstop Mike Johnson focuses on the work at hand. 

4. Scott Silva is all set to send the base runners home. 

5. The OCL Championship Baseball team. 

6. Brian Ronayne says. "Buh-bye!" to a fastball down the 

7. After fielding the ball. Jon Ryan hurls it back to his cut-off 



Girls' Softball 

Boasting an almost impeccable record, the tenacious B-R Softball team 
had a spectacular season, finishing second in the OCL. After hours of 
drilling, running, fielding grounders and perfecting strategies, the disci- 
plined squad tore up the league in spectacular fashion. Led by Amy 
Innocenzi, Ally Machado, Denise Barry and Katie Driscoll, the team 
dazzled fans and opposing players with their talent and sportsmanship. 
The only down note in an otherwise perfect season was the loss to rival 
Taunton. Next year, victory! Although the team is losing many of its 
experienced varsity players, it is expected that Lisa Carroza and Danielle 
Dangoia will lead the team to another winning season and a possible OCL 

Front Row: Renee Silvia, Katie O'Connor, Denise Barry. Row 2: Leslie Pinkerton, 
Katelyn Driscoll, Danielle Brown, Katie Berry, Lyndsay Thompson, Kelly Sears, Heather 

Whitman, Jenn Phanuf, Jess Tracy. Row 3: 
Michelle Graham, Amy Innocenzi, Rachel 
Carter, Alison Machado, Christina Roy, Krissy 
Foster, Lisa Carroza, Elisa Paparo 

1 . Jess Tracy throws the ball to first for another 

2. Hoping for a home run, Jen Phaneuf steps up 
to the plate. 

3. Eager to stop her opponent from reaching 
first. Amy Innocenzi hurls the ball. 

4. Determined to strike out her opponent, 
Katelyn Driscoll releases her fastball. 

5. After waiting out the pitcher, Alison Machado 
takes first base with a walk. 

6. The Softball team. 

7. The team gathers in a circle in order to focus 
on the upcoming game. 



Boys' Spring Track 

For the second year straight the Boys' Spring Track team finished first in 
the OCL. Undefeated in league tournaments, the team has posted a 
twenty three game winning streak which they plan to continue this 
season. Three school records were broken this season: Ryan Kerrigan 
in the mile; Scott Kimball in the 100 meter; Darrin Kuykendall tied the 
record in the 200 meter. Scott Kimball and Ryan Kerrigan also competed 
in the All State competition; Kerrigan also ran in the New England 
competition where he finished eigth in a six state competition. Coach 
Kearney and Assistant Coach Zarella expect the winning ways of the 
track team to continue. 

1. Shane Slater clears the first hurdle with ease. 

2. Darren Kuykendall races to another victory in the 200. 

3. Forcefully, Scott Kimble leaps to victory in the triple jump. 

4. Ryan Kerrigan captures second place in the mile at the State 
Class Meet. 

5. Team Picture: 1st row: K. Bradshaw, D. Smith, A. Bascon, B. Day, D.Lecerda, K. 
Barnard, D. Lin, R. Tatro, D. Kuykendall, K. Pacheco, M, Nixon, R. Kerrigan, M. Roman, S. 
Slater, D. Harding 2nd row: R. Seiger, T. Gramazio.S. Nelson, N. Sesin, J.Gaudette.M. Bena, 
K. Hendershot, S. Hile, T. Holmes, F. Furr, B. Jacques, C. Clement, P. Mafeo, D. Coyne, J. 
Hartford, K. Barber 3rd row: A. Hamilton, Mr. Kearney, Mr. Zarella, R. Prince, M. Bolotin, 
J.Emord, J. Delgado, B. Prince, J. Walsh, N. Levesque, K. Ledin, S. Kimball, T. Resmini, J. 
Smith, T. Pigeon, S. Hagerty, J. Orosz, D. Buckley, B. Ruhwein, D. Kuykendall, S. Johnson. 

6. Chip Clement pushes the last 400 yards to pick up key points 
in the mile. 

7. Darnell Kuykendall soars over the high jump bar. 


Girls' Spring Track 

Under the guidance of Coach Paul Urban, Jr., the Girls' Track 
team posted a winning season, placing second in the OCL. 
Working together and cheering each other on helped win this 
successful campaign. Leadership and strength were shown by 
senior captains Laura Clement, Janel Comita, Christine Campbell 
and Brie Wentworth. A great effort in track events was shown by 
Lindy Ciliberto, Sarah McLellan, Laura Karns and Lori Doris. Lori 
Doris also excelled in the high jump and participated in the All Star 
meet. Although the seniors have graduated, the underclassmen 
have shown great promise for future success. 

1st row: M. DelSolio, S. McLellan, T. Moniz, B. Kuykendall, C. Silva, A. Wright, B. Wentworth, C.Campbell, J. Comita. 
L. Clement, K. Anderson. M. Cuellar, L. Cileberto, M. O'Day , N. Nihan 2nd row: A. Gilbody, J. McGrath. A. Broadbent, 
P. Donkers, L. Karns, M. Mickiewicz, L. Doris, K. Chouinard. E. Pucillo, A. Batistmi. N. Doherty, L. McLoughlin, C. Clifford, 
A. Merriam, A. Robak, C. Cote, C. Dougherdy, K. Halon, H. Coelho 3rd row: S. Perry, J. Hayes. J. Hamilton. M. Sharpe. 
S. Bissonette, L. Nevens, E. German, S. Pacheco, S.Guarino, N.Lockary.S. Boston. J.Keay. A. Estes, K. Gale, K. Beals. 
M. Venuti. C. Hennessey, S. Cuellar 

1. Melissa Cuellar jumps into first 

2. Maura O'Day scores points in the 
long jump . 

3. Leslie McLaughlin cheers on her 
teammate, Nicole Doherty. 

4. Kim Anderson and Brie Wentworth 
exhibit speed and endurance in the 2- 

5. A determined Emily German focuses 
on placing in the javelin. 

6. Team picture. 

7. Showing teamwork and determina- 
tion, milers Jen Hayes and Laura Karns 
easily beat their opponent. 

8. Intent on attaining a personal record, 
Nancy Lockary concentrates on her 


Boys' Winter Track 

The 1998 Boys' Winter Track team completed its most outstanding year ever, 
taking home its first ever OCL title. Led by coach Paul Urban Jr., the boys kept 
a perfect 7-0 record defeating even the new Barnstable winter track team. This 
season, three school records were set: Senior Ryan Kerrigan in the 1 000m run, 
Junior Scott Kimball in the 55m dash, and Sophomore Darnell Kuykendall in the 
high jump. In addition, these three also qualified to compete in the New England 
meet held this year at Harvard. Other outstanding performances were given by 
Jim Emord, Tim Resmini, Dave Lacerda and the undefeated sprint relay teamof 
Doug Bessette, Brian Jacques, Darryl Kuykendall and Scott Kimball. The team's 
success is largely credited to the determination of each member all of whom will 
return next year to defend their hard earned title. 

1 . Darnell Kuykendall easily clears 6'4" in the high jump. 

2. Sprinting the straightaway, Scott Kimball takes another first 
in the 55M dash. 

3. With speed and agility, Jerry Linden hurdles toward the 
finish line. 

4. Tim Resmini completes a successful pass to Keith 
Hendershot in the 4 x 400 M relay. 

5. Peter Maffeo heads for the finish in the 300 m. 

6. Leading the pack, Ryan Kerrigan focuses on winning the 
1000M race. 

7. Getting a running start, Doug Bessette is ready to receive 
the baton in the 4 x 200 M relay. 

8. Jim Emord, long distance runner, sets the pace for the 2 

9. In a close race, Dave Lacerda closes in on his opponent. 


Girls' Winter Track 

This year's Girl's winter track team had some outstanding team as well as 
personal performances. Led by new coach Mr. Tim McDavitt and captains April 
Wright and Sarah McLellan, the team fell short of an undefeated record (5-1), 
losing only to Silver Lake, and beating Falmouth for the first time in 20 years. In 
the league meet, the girls placed third. The team's significant contributions came 
from Laura Karns and Kim Anderson ( 2- mile), Cheryl Silva ( 1- mile), Sarah 
McLellan and Jill Buckley ( 1 ,000), Anna Svane ( 600) ( High jump), Jess Rawlins 
( 300), Lori Doris ( 300) (high jump) and Lindy Ciliberto and Anne Broadbent (55). 
The team's 4 x 200 meter relay ( Doris, Rawlins, Broadbent, Ciliberto) and 4 x 400 
meter relays ( Buckley, Carr, Svane, McLellan) had consistant wins throughout 
the season, setting records in both. With such an outstanding season, we can only 
expect the best from the rising underclassman. School records were set in the 
300 meters by Jess Rawlins, Sarah McLellan in the 1000 meters. 

1 . Anna Svane successfully clears the bar in the 
high jump. 

2. Maintaining her lead, Kim Anderson stays 
ahead of her Falmouth competitor in the two mile 

3. Sarah Carr smoothly hands off the baton to 
Cheryl Silva in the 4 x 400 relay. 

4. Sarah McLellan receives the baton from Laura 
Karns in the 4 x 400 relay. 

5. In the 300 meter race, Lori Doris flys by her 
Wachusetts opponent. 

6. Lindy Ciliberto anchors the 4 x 200 relay. 

7. Annie Broadbent breaks from the pack in the 
55meter dash. 

8. Coach McDavitt offers advice to Melissa Curry, 
Sara Bissonette. Cory Buckley. Anne Broadbent. 
Angela Robak, Cheryl Cote and Kristina Beals. 



Through the years B-R has offered stu- 
dents a number of activities to enhance 
their high school experience. The wide 
variety of organizations gives interested 
students opportunities to explore new 
ideas and develop new interests. Those 
who enjoy physical activity can join the Ski 
Club orthe Weightlifting Club. Those who 
want to explore other cultures or travel to 
foreign countries join the FLC. Those who 
prefer intellectual challenges can find their 
niche in the mock trials of the World Affairs 
Club or in solving difficult problems for the 
Math Team. Science students find TJ 2 or 
the Science Olympiad the place to be. For 
the creative student, there is the Art Club, 
the Chorus. School Musical or Band. Writ- 
ers are always needed for the newspaper 
or Unitas staffs. For those who want to 
help make the world a better place organi- 
zations like SADD. GSA. Diversity and 
Peer Leaders offer opportunities to benefit 


1. Pam Rabouin and Julie Craig can't wait to hit the slopes! 

2. Billy Bibbit (Gerry Auger) worries about displeasing Big Nurse. 

3. Mr. Hyman rehearses the chorus in the "March of the Wooden Soldier." 

4. TJ 2 mascot is "On the Road Again," and heading for New Jersey and Florida. 

5. Newspaper editor Jen Grunin smiles happily, as Ms. McGuire approves her work. 

6. As the Grim Reaper, Mike Dembro represents the deadly danger of driving drunk. 

7. Ms. Burton and Julie Bacon enjoy reading and typing those blurbs! 

8. Standing in front of St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal are Meghan Gilrein. Laurie 
Principe, Rachel Boyden. Gerry Auger, Erin Farrel and Erin Gillen. 

9. Nick Yafrate does his leg presses, as Mark Whitman spots for him. 

10. Ariana D'Sousa and Jessica Julius cheer on the basketball team. 

11. Danielle Dangoia, Jen Pohl and Janel McGrath pack boxes for delivery to local 
food pantries. 



1. Dennis Coyne performs one of his 
favorite sections from "Children of 

2. For an added flare, Adam Lucia points 
his trumpet to the sky. 

3. Ready for the step-off, Jill Coleman, 
Michael Murphy, and Maureen Lee play 
"Gospel John." 

4. Christina Tatro and Abby Serlinga take 
a moment to demonstrate to the Under- 
classmen what is fun about Marching 

5. During extensive training at the Drum 
Major Academy, the 1 997-98 Drum Majors 
and Color Guard Captains still have time to 
spend time together. 



This year was a year of change for the B- 
R Trojan Band. A new band director, Mr. Gary 
Hyman arrived on the B-R scene. He has 
increased the amount of dedication, fun, focus, 
and musical selections that have kept the 
audience coming back for more. This year the 
band didn't compete, instead it focused more 
towards the community and how to become a 
closer family. Thanks to everyone who partici- 
pated this year and good luck to all the upcom- 
ing Freshman! It was a phenomenal year! 

This year's Latin theme kept the audience 
enthralled. The show included "Gospel John," 
"Children of Sanchez," "Tiger of San Pedero," 
and the closing piece "Malaguena." These 
songs and the pep band songs provided 
energy and dancing not only for the fans, but 
also for the cheerleaders and the football 
players on the sidelines. 

6. Tired from Christmas Caroling, Nicole 
Coyman, Julie Bacon, Brad Clark, and Mary 
Reardon take five in a nursing home lobby. 

7. Time for a trumpet fanfare. 

8. Julie Bacon conducts the opening song, 
"Gospel John." 

9. Nothing like a good Saxophone group hug to 
spread the holiday cheer. 

10. Nicole Coyman has fun conducting 
"Malaguna" for the last time. 

1 1 . The B-R Trojan Concert and Marching Band 
take a break in their schedule to show their pride. 

1 4m * 

w$ % 

to> y 



>7j ^^^Jl 

f yi§ 





1 . Will Parker (Artie Sharpe) tries to win Ado 
Annie's (Katie Perkins)heart. 

2. Andrew Carnes (Athan Mantalos) and 
Aunt Eller (Tara Lucchetti) tell the audience 
"The Farmer and the Cowman should be 

3. Athan Mantalos and Michelle Dempsey 
striking a pose backstage. 

4. Adam Thompson and Ray Perkins add the 
low pitch to the brass section of the pit band. 

5. Curly (J. Wright Witcher) lays out the law of 
the land for his fellow towns folk. 

6. Nicole Kelso and Maryellen Anderson 
dance for Will (Artie Sharpe) as they try to 
make Ado Annie (Katie Perkins) jealous. 

7. Michael Tokarz holds Katie Moore as the 
cast gives a big finish to "Oklahoma." 



The Raynwater Players' recreation of 
Oklahoma was a musical success in spring of 
1 997. Due to the hard work of over 70 cast 
members and many adults, the show was a 
hit on each of the three nights it sold out. 

David Goldman directed the play and 
made sure all went smoothly during the pro- 
duction. Mr. Phaneuf and his set crew were 
challenged to build a running windmill, a 
house (which when rotated became a barn), 
and Jud Fry's smokehouse, complete with 
dirty pictures and paper mache' meat hang- 
ing from the ceiling. They completed each 
with skill and artistic ability. 

Janice Issa directed a talented pit band 
through songs such as "The Farmer and the 
Cowman", "Kansas City", and "Oklahoma!". 
With choreography by Kelly Moore, each 
song was sung and danced with talent and 
spirit. Also with help from producers Mrs. 
White and Mrs. Steeves, the show was a 
huge success. 

8. Curly (J.Wright Witcher) tries to console, 
Laurey (Katie Armour), as they're having love 

9. Tony Pecorelli "plays that fiddle to pieces." 

10. Lori Hubble and Tony Pecorelli two-step 
across the stage. 

11. Mr. Phaneuf and the set-crew are proud of the 
house/barn they built for the show. 



Under the direction of Mr. Gary Hyman, the 
B-R Chorus is truly incredible. Chorus 
teaches students the basics of vocal projec- 
tion and harmonizing without the use of a 
piano. This year the chorus performed 
selections from muscials, foreign language, 
classical pieces, present day pop songs, 
and humorous selections. Some of their 
more popular selections were "When I Fall in 
Love," Halleluia Chorus," and the French 
love song "My Heart is Offered to You Still." 
This combination of songs created an enter- 
taining performance. The chorus has be- 
come an excellent and determined group of 
students who will stop at nothing to perfect 
their vocal talents. 

1. This year's chorus flashes their pearlly 
whites for the camera. 

2. Lia Macrina and Andy Maynard share 
different opinions on "Selections from Les 

3. The altos and tenors harmonize during 
their daily warm-up to create an angelic 

4. Mimi Takeno and Jessica Murphy double 
in a duet with Jason Long for "When I Fall in 

5. This goes to show that even with a busy 
schedule, students still have time to clown 
around with the director. 


Cotor Quard 

This year's Color Guard continued its 
show of excellence. Under the instruc- 
tion of Jen Bacon, the Color Guard prac- 
ticed their drop spins, butterflies and 
figure eights until they achieved perfec- 
tion. These enthusiastic and talented 
girls devoted themselves to producing 
the best half time shows and parades 
that they could. Their bright red and 
white uniforms promoted school spirit 
and their energetic routines added to the 

band's performance. 

1. Color guard Captains, Becky 
Briggs, Carrie Pritchard,and Kristen their stuff at Autumn Fest. 

2. Beth McGuire twirls her flag to "Jingle 
Bells" in the East Bridgewater Christmas 

3. Kristen Felton and Shaela Thomas 
pause for a moment in "Gospel John". 

4. Durring "Children of Sanchez", Bar- 
bara Quinn concentrates on her routine. 

5. After a hard day of practice and 
competition, members of the Color 
Guard pause for a group picture. 



Student Council 

The B-R student Council is an organization 
whose mission is to promote the ideals of 
the high school and to help in both the school 
and the towns of Bridgewater and Raynham. 
The Student Council spnsors a food drive at 
Thanksgiving. More than $2,000 was raised 
to buy turkeys and other holiday foods. 
Mountains of staples like canned and boxed 
goods were collected for the shelves of food 
pantries in Bridgewater and Raynham. The 
Council also sponsored a Heart to Heart 
computer match up and raised over a thou- 
sand dollars for the Jimmy Fund. On March 
24, the Council will sponsor a blood drive for 
the Red Cross. The Council also volunteers 
to usher at all school functions. 

1. Danielle Dangoia, Jen Pohl and Janelle 
McGrath help to place collected food in carton. 

2. Steve Jaques, Janelle McGrath, Mark Porell 
and Nick Yafrate load donated food for delivery. 

3. Mr. Moscardelli lends his support to the food 
drive, as Mr. Cunniff beams proudly at the drive's 

4. Jen Schleicher examines the boxes to make 
sure they're properly packed. 

5. Members of the Student Council: Janel 
McGrath, Jen Schleicher, Nick Yafrate, Danielle 
Dangoia. Standing: Advisor Mr. Gerry Cunniff, 
John Laubinger, Mark Porell, Ashley Rodrigues, 
Jen Pohl. 


\w ^ ^H 

# 1 W ' *■ W 

'~-X£_ '*=> M 

> ^l^te f ^ 

__ H ^^K ^^"^^H* 


S(<i Club 

If you wanted signs of a typical New 
England winter, you weren't going to find 
them in Massachusetts. After several 
years of record breaking snow fall, Mas- 
sachusetts experienced virtually no 
snow at all. However, to the north, Jack 
Frost had a great time bringing record 
amounts of snow and ice to New Hamp- 
shire, Maine and Vermont. In fact ski 
club members complained about the 
frigid weather. "It was so cold we stuck to 
the chair lifts." Fortunately, the intrepid 
members of this enormously popular 
club surmounted the cold and enjoyed 
their skiing and snowboarding activities. 

1 . Freshmen Brian Lyman, Patrick Cushing, Brian 
Robinson and Melissa Boudreau look forward to 
a day of schusshing down the mountain. 

2. Exuberant senior Seth Silver, Kim Anderson, 
Leigh Nathan, and Nick Yafrate get ready to 
return home after a great day of skiing. 

3. Beaming happily after an invigorating run down 
the slopes, Mr. Moscardelli and Mr. Heaslip enjoy 
the crisp cold mountain air. 

4. Geoff Churchill, Julie Craig and Kyle Marden 
head for the chair lift and a final run down the 

5. And they're off!! Ski Club members eagerly 
head for the slopes. 



B-R Cheerleaders support the school's ath- 
letic teams; they promote school spirit and 
sportsmanship. Cheerleaders encourage 
fans to attend games; they organize the 
Thanksgiving sports rally; and they compete 
in local competitions. They spend many 
hours practicing their routines and develop- 
ing their strength, agility, and co-ordination. 

1. Football Cheerleaders: Sitting : April 
Silva, Katie Tarentino, Megan O'Brien, 
Nicole Morast, Chrissy Maxwell. Melissa 
Whitty. Kneeling: Amanda Curry, Katie 
O'Brien, Nicole Beatrice, Tara Olivera, 
Ariana D'Sousa. Standing: Stephanie 
Casey, Karen Wilcox, Alicia Moore, Jessica 

2. Melissa Weatherby and Nicole 
Chouinard show some of theirTrojan enthu- 

3. Bubbly Nicole Beatrice and Kim Pacheco 
inspire the fans. 

4. During the half time break, the B-R 
cheerleaders dazzle the crowd with their 
daring and strength. 

5. Basketball Cheerleaders Row 1: Jes- 
sica Julius, Jennifer Almeida, Kim Pacheco, 
Nicole Beatrice, Valerie Vernaglia, Nicole 
Nihan. Row 2: April Silva, Jamie Wilcox, 
Janel McGrath, Tara Olivera, Stacey Bul- 
lock, Natasha Tavares, Ariana D'Sousa. 
Row 3: Nicole Chouinard, Melissa 
Weatherby, Alicia Moore. Karen Wilcox, 
Christie McKinnon. 


■ 7\U 


On November 19 th and 20"\ the B-R Drama 
Class put on two performances of Ken 
Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. 
Student director Vicki Mordas oversaw the 
rehersals with the help of Mr. DeCastro. The 
class spent months learning the difficult 
roles and developed a well prepared cast 
who managed to show both the humor and 
the tragedy of the play. The stars of the play 
were Nina Henderson as Nurse Ratched, 
Brian Buiel as Chief Bromden and Josh Poh 
as Randle McMurphy. The play was a great 
success in another way as well. It brought 
the drama class together and made them 

1. While the doctor (Brian Heavey) listens in- 
tently, Nurse Ratched (Nina Henderson) lists al 
of the reasons McMurphy (Josh Poh) should not 
be rewarded for his disruptive behavior. 

2. Nurse Ratched (Nina Henderson) berates, 
belittles and threatens Billy (Gerry Auger) for 
daring to defy her authority. 

3. A seemingly catatonic Chief Bromden(Brian 
Buiel) leans on his broom as he contemplates Mc 
Murphy's ideas for change. 

4. McMurphy urges patients ( Mark Pero and Eric 
Horan) to vote to change theTV schedule so the 
men can enjoy the World Series. 

5. The many enthusiastic members of the B-R 
Drama Class. 

frrt Club 

The Art Club is a brand new organization 
which has proved enormously popular with 
those students who like the idea of learning 
about art and who enjoy doing creative art 
pieces. As part of its mission, the club has 
painted murals and provided other decora- 
tions for the cafeteria. Students plan to 
begin painting more murals on the walls of 
the hallways. These scenes should beautify 
the school and inspire others. The club is 
trying to raise money by selling candles and 
incense holders in the school store to fi- 
nance a trip to New York City so that mem- 
bers can explore the many museums and 
galleries it offers. 

1. Karyn O'Connell, Jen Flannery. Lisa 
DiLorenzo, Candace Croteau and Michelle 
Holmes sculpt with clay. 

2. Sarah Kowalewski and Amanda Rudolph 
put the finishing touches on their kitty cookie 

3. A smiling HeatherGlynn puts the finishing 
touches on an art room mural. 

4. Sarah Kowalewski and Melissa Krappe 
prepare the art room wall for a new mural. 
5.The creative members of the Art Club pose 
with their advisors Ms. Brown and Mr. 



Once again, Mr. Lennon's weightroom 
proved to be a popular place for students 
to tone muscles, gain strength and im- 
prove over all fitness. Whether the mo- 
tivation is to get in shape for a sports 
team or to get in shape for the swimsuit 
season, the weight room is the place to 
be. All who are interested in physical 
fitness are welcome! 

1. As Jason Gaudette looks on, Tim 
Pigeon bench presses under the watch- 
ful eyes of Mr. Lennon. 

2. "Go for the burn! You can do it!" 
urges Tim Andrews to encourage Bil 
Nixon as he works on his pectorals. 

3. Nat Begley concentrates oncounting 
his repetitions, as he works on his biceps 

4. Chris Lavell works on his lat 
pulldowns, while being spotted by 
Zeeshan Abid. 

5. With intense concentration, Cara 
Sypher works on her leg presses. 

r %- 



1. Future Teachers of America : Under advisor 
Mr. Capen, the FTA participated in Read Across 
America to promote literacy by reading to elemen- 
tary school children. The organization also orga- 
nized a food drive and bake sale to aid local food 
pantries and joined the Band and Chorus to sing 
Christmas Carols at area nursing homes. 

2. World Affairs Club : In addition to attending the 
Model U.N., the focus of the World Affairs Club this 
year has been the Mock Trials. Team members 
Jan Smith, Gina Palumbo, Dennis Coyne, Rob 
Francis, Liz Coulter Brian Heavey, Megan Gilrein 
Jim Kirkcaldy and Brendan Harmon have won 
three rounds of their competition and hope to 
continue their string of successes beyond the state 
level. With the help of advisor Mr. Powers and 
Attorney Steve Elliot, They have spent weeks 
preparing their case and have arguing before the 
Supreme Court as their goal. 

3. GSA: The Gay Straight Alliance attempts to 
promote understanding of the issues and turmoil 
faced by gay students. Members have gone to 
Boston to discuss problems shared by gay stu- 
dents and have published and distributed informa- 
tion about resolving issues of differences. 

4. Peer Leadership: This year's Peer Leaders 
sponsored a Giving Tree to help the needy, partici- 
pated in Team Harmony 4 and acted as role 
modelsforDARE. Peerleaderstrytohelpyounger 
students learn to resolve issues in a positive way. 
As mentors they try to create a comfortable envi- 
ronment for students to feel safe in asking ques- 

5. The Diversity Club: In a multi-cultural society 
it is important to engage in dialogues among 
different groups in order to promote harmony and 
understanding. The Diversity Club under advisors 
Mr. Stanton and Ms. Gill-Bass encourages stu- 
dents to join and learn about the rich cultures that 
surround them. 


1. National Honor Society: Induction into the 
Nippennicket Chapter of the National Honor Soci- 
ety is one of the highest academic honors a B-R 
student can earn. Students who qualify for this 
honor have achieved scholastic excellence. They 
have proven themselvesacademically by taking 
and excelling in the school's most challenging 
courses. As members of a service organization, 
they give back to the school by tutoring students, 
and ushering during Parent Conferences. In addi- 
tion, the organization raised money to sponsor a 
Teacher and Staff Appreciation Reception. 

2. Photography Club: Open to any student who 
wishes to learn more about taking pictures, using 
a camera, and learning to develop and print film, 
the Photography Club fosters an interest in the art 
of picture taking. 

3. Math Team: Math Team members, with the 
help of their advisor Mr. Moscardelli, pit their 
intelligence against that of other teams in their 
league as they solve challenging mathmatical 
puzzles. This highly competitive team once again 
enjoyed a rewarding and successful season, fin- 
ishing second in their division and ninth out of 24 
teams overall. They also qualified for the playoffs 
of the State tournament. 

4. SADD: Students Against Driving Drunk pro- 
mote awareness of the dangers of driving while 
intoxicated. During the holiday season, students 
created posters urging students to drive safely and 
soberly. On March 1 3, SADD sponsored a "Day of 
the Dead." Members of the group dressed totally 
in black and spent the day in silence. In addition, 
every 32 minutes a bell sounded, reminding stu- 
dents that someone had died in an alcohol related 

5. SADD members Katie Lucas and Rachel 
Maloney completely dressed in black symbolize 
the needless deaths that result from driving drunk. 



Science Otympiad 

The Science Olympiad team members 
placed third in the overall team meet. Team 
members competed in a variety of science 
activities including Chem Clue in which stu- 
dents identified chemicals and elements 
based on properties tested in a lab setting. 
The Naked Egg Drop was another popular 
activity. Students dropped a raw egg into a 
container, specially designed to protect the 
egg from cracking. The most popular and 
exciting activity was the Bottle Rocket. A 
two liter soft drink bottle with a small amount 
of liquid in it is placed in an air compressor; 
pumped up and released. The bottle which 
soars the highest wins. 

1. Team Members prepare to launch their 
bottle rocket. 

2. As students watch, the naked egg de- 
scends. Will it survive the drop? 

3. Brendan Harmon and Druvah Shah fuel 
the rocket by pouring water into it before 

4. A close up view of the rocket before it is 

5. Members of the Science Olympiad: Row 
1 : Jimmy Moore, Jen Sousa, Megan Gilrein, 
Brian Heavey. Row 2: Ms. Anania, Jeff 
Bashansky, John McCann, Druvah Shah, 
Jan Smith. Row 3: Tim Resmini, Brendan 
Harmon and Jim Kirkcaldy. 


US first 

The First team continues its collaboration with 
Johnson and Johnson, designing its third robot 
for competition. On January 11, the Moakley 
Center hosted the 1998 kick off meeting. At the 
meeting goals and rules of the competition were 
unveiled. The hexagonal playing field has an 8' 
central goal with three rail goals extending from 
the central goal base upward 7' to the field perim- 
eter. Cross stops attached to each ramp keep the 
balls equally spaced so they will not roll towards 
the central goal. The arena consists of three 
human-player stations anqj three driver/coach 
stations centered on each side of the hexagon. 
Each player station is divided into a human zone 
and an interaction zone where contact is made 
between player and robot. Each team has nine 
balls to place on the rails or in the central goal to 
score points. The position of the balls on the rails 
determines the number of points. Placement on 
the central goal doubles the number points deter- 
mined by the placement of balls on the side rails. 
The TJ 2 team believes its robot, drivers and 
players will overwhelm all competitors. 

1. Mr. Morrison, Lee Machado, Bryant Tanguay and 
Sarah Moore put the finishing touches on the practice 

2. Sarah Moore measures out the base for the hexago- 
nal center goal. 

3. After countless hours of work, the finished product - 
-TJ 2 ! 

4. Mr. Sal Caldarise and Mr. Glenn Morrison mill down 
one of the robot's arms. 

5. Team members try out for the human player position. 


foreign Language 

Under the enthusiastic support of advi- 
sor Mr. Diaz, the Foreign Language Club 
enjoys numerous activities. They spent 
a weekend in Montreal, where they 
could practice their knowledge of 
French. At Christmas they planned a 
fiesta where members and guests could 
enjoy a wide variety of foods. A trip to 
the Museum of Fine Arts allowed stu- 
dents to study the culture and art of a 
variety of nations. 

1 . "Yum! Everything is so delicious we'll have 
to get seconds!" agree Alyssa Asack, Mike 
McDermott, Andrew Leahy, Jen Pohl, 
Cheryl Cote, Corinne Clifford and Maura 

2. Gerry Auger plays flag pole in Montreal. 

3. As the bus to Montreal refuels before 
crossing the border, Julie Adams and Kelli 
McLaughlin also stock up on snacks. 

4. Ryan Kerrigan, Jennifer Waterman, 
Meghan Gilrein, Jill Bellavance, Melissa 
Mackiewicz and Kelli McLaughlin admire the 
architecture of Notre Dame Cathedral in 

5. The many members of the FLC surround 
Mr. Dias. 



With central headquarters located in the haven of 235, the 
publications at BR educate, entertain, and influence the faculty and 
students. Perhaps the most vital to the smooth functioning of our 
school is the weekly calendar, which not only informs everyone of 
every soccer game and FTA meeting, but also entertains us with a 
quote of the week or a seasonal graphic. 

For those forgetful students who often leave notices 
crumpled in the bottom of their lockers, never remember to tell their 
folks about conferences or somehow misplace their "impeccable" 
report cards, Ms. Diane McGuire, the head juggler of every BR 
publication, created the Parents' Newsletter. During a brief reading 
of this informative pamphlet, parents learn more in thirty seconds 
than they have from their children all year. 

Also, the publications headquarters manages to create 
unique programs for the different ceremonies and performances 
occurring throughout the school year: Hello Dolly!. One Flew Over 
the Cuckoo's Nest, Sports and Academic Awards Night. 

Perhaps the talk of the school is the recent revival of the 
BR school newspaper, The Regional Sound, which was headed by 
Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Grunin. Thanks to advisor Diane McGuire 
and a wonderful staff of contributors, The Regional Sound took the 
faculty and students by storm in showcasing BR's finest talents. 

1.B-R's many activities, sports, and special events are printed on 
the weekly calendar prepared by Brooke Lunday and Lindsay 

2. Mark Pero and Scott Kimball always come up with creative 

3. Ace reporter Brendan Harman interviews Ms. Morgan for the 

4. Hot-shot Editor-in Chief Jen Grunin smiles after meeting another 
Regional Sound deadline. 


1. Cutting senior pictures requires care and 
precision, according to Tracy Haynes, 
Stephanie Smith and Jen Stack. 

2. Cheryl Silva, Lauren Dowd and Kim Ander- 
son select pictures that represent team ex- 
cellence for the Girls' Track page. 

3. Yet again, Nicole Coyman and Jen Myers 
pore over the senior messages searching for 
errors and making correction 

4. "Can we use this picture? Does it fit the 
space?" Sarah McLellan asks Jessica 

5. The Yearbook staff poses for a picture. 

6. Because this is their second year on 


Unit as 

The purpose of the yearbook is to provide 
students with positive memories of 1998. 
The yearbook tries to highlight achievements 
in sports, activities, special events and the 
ordinary routine of school life. Producing 
such a book requires a great deal of time and 
effort on the part of the yearbook staff and 
their advisors. Hardworking students meet 
during Journalism class, free periods and 
after school to write text and crop pictures. In 
addition, time has to be spent proofreading 
copy. Equally important dedicated students 
spend hours typing in senior messages. 
Sales staff advertised the yearbook through 
poster campaigns and sold yearbooks in the 
cafeteria. The yearbook staff works to pro- 
duce a book they and the school can take 
pride in. 

captions continue: 

the yearbook staff, Sandra Pacheco and 
Kellie Buczek are old pros who know exactly 
how to label pictures for publication. 

7. After selecting pictures for the golf page, 
Greg Adams crops them to size while think- 
ing about captions that will tell the picture's 

8. Andy Folmar and Rob Francis sort 
through a new batch of pictures, searching 
for those that best represent student life at 

Our Supporters 

The Unitas staff wishes to thank all those who gave their financial support to the yearbook. Your 
help and generosity are greatly appreciated. 


Lois & Ed Boyington 

Carol Burton 

Mr. &. Mrs. Everett Chadwick, Jr. 

Kathleen Cribben 

The Dowd Family 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis Ferioli 

Diane McGuire 

The O'Day Family 

Op-Tech, Inc. 

George & Joan Pacheco 

Lisa L. White 


Philip Ashley Capen 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Cardello 

Wesley & Barbara Peddie 
Kathryn & Bill Tripp & Family 


Larry & Sharon Anderson 

Barbara Cook 

Mr. & Mrs. Fisher 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Johnson 

James & Wendy Lucia 

Barbara Murdoch 

The Oman Family 

Bill, Helene, Christine, & Nicholas O' Neil 

Deb Robbins 

The Sargent Family 

Mrs. Kathleen Swann 



Ted & Laura Brassard 

Jim & Laura Campbell & Family 

The Daly Family 

Sefior Diaz 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael DiBenedetto 

The Jaspon Family 

Maureen & John Kelly 

Jennifer Kelly-Tulay 

Mr. & Mrs. Warren G. Kelson 

Dianna Lacerda 

The Lindseys 

P. Litos Family 

John & Cheryl Noblin 

The Oakes Family 

Mrs. Paterna 

Mrs. Perron 

The Powers Family 

The Schettini Family 

Linda Shadley 

The Shuman- Groh/Caetano Family 

Nick Vardak 

Jeff Werner 



Class of 1998 


E.W. Grenon & Sons, Inc. 

42 Tosca Drive 

Stoughton, MA 02072 

(781)344-5071 (781)344-5037 

"Best "Wishes to the 
Class of 1998 


Michael's Hair Salon 

the image for you 

1 Oak Street 

Taunton, MA 

(508) 823- 9900 

To the Class of 1998, 

Congratulations on your graduation from 
high school. This accomplishment marks 
your passage from childhood to adulthood. I 
hope that your future will be filled with 
happiness and success. 

Best Wishes, 

Mr. Richard Scarano 


Attorney At Law 

628 Pleasant Street 
New Bedford, MA 02740 

Office (508) 984-7289 
Fax (508) 984-1471 

c B c ES c I ( WlS < >i ( LS "TO 

CLASS 07 1998. 


Title Page 1 

Through the Years 2-3 

Student Life 4-5 

Friendship 6-7 

Class of 1998 8-9 

Learning 10-11 

Special Moments 12-13 

Sportsmanship 14-15 

Activities 16 

Dedication 17 

Faculty Divider 18-19 

Faculty Pictures 21-29 

Senior Divider 30-31 

Senior Pictures 32-67 

Senior Candids 68-69 

Play Production 71-73 

Collage 74-75 

Student Government 76 

Baby Pictures 77-81 

All Sports Rally 82-83 

Super Bowl 84-85 

Junior Prom 86-87 

Miss Regional 88-89 

Senior Class Party 90-91 

Senior Superlatives 92-93 

Underclass Divider 94-95 

Freshmen Class Pictures 96-103 

Sophomore Class Pictures 104-111 

Junior Class Pictures 112-117 

Sports Divider 118-119 

Football 120-121 

Field Hockey 122-123 

Boys Soccer 124 

Girls Soccer 125 

Boys' Cross Country 126 

Girls' Cross Country 127 

Golf 128 

Wrestling 129 

Boys' Basketball 130-131 

Girls" Basketball 132-133 

Ice Hockey 134 

Gymnastics 135 

Boys' Tennis 136 

Girls' Tennis 137 

Baseball 138 

Softball 139 


Boys' Spring Track 140 

Girls' Spring Track 141 

Boys' Winter Track 142 

Girls' Winter track 143 

Activity Divider 144-145 

Band 146-147 

Musical 148-149 

Chorus 150 

Color Guard 151 

Student Council 152 

Ski Club 53 

Cheering 154 

Drama 155 

Art Club 156 

Weightlifting 157 

Peer Leaders 158 

GSA 158 

Future Teachers of America 158 

Diversity 158 

World Affairs 158 

Math Team 159 

National Honor Society 159 

Photography 159 

SADD 159 

Science Olympiad 160 

TJ 2 161 

Science Olympiad 156 

Foreign Language Club 162 

Publications 163 

UNITAS 164-165 

Sponsors 166 

Ads 167 

Index 168 


"Kubie smells like the last page of the yearbook. Meow!" 



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